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Underestimated Danger

What you need to know about disability, and how you can secure disability is is a very unknown term for many people in Germany. But every fourth professionals is already berufsunfahig regular retirement. Unclear is however often when it is considered berufsunfahig, which causes and consequences has a disability. Center for Responsible Business has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition, the State in the event of an emergency offers little financial protection. What is disability and what causes has she? A disability exists when a worker due to an accident or a disease less than three hours a day may pursue his profession. The causes are many: steadily rising is disability as a result of mental illness.

Meanwhile, nearly 30% of documented cases on a depression are due a burnout syndrome or schizophrenia tendency rising. They are followed by physical ailments such as herniated or tendonitis (approximately 18% of BU cases). But also heart/circulatory problems and cancer are often cause. Strenuous occupations such as roofers and nurses are particularly vulnerable physically. But even professions that little on the body such as commercial jobs are immune from disability.

Here, psychological stress are main reason for a disease first and foremost. The disability must be determined in each case by a medical certificate. What does the State disability? A disability is determined, the State disability pension should intervene and absorb the resulting loss of income. However, the disability benefits for most recipients is barely sufficient and therefore viable. Because only about 30 percent of the previous gross salary is taken over by the State. The pension gap is extremely to the part. At a gross salary of 2,500 and a net amounting to 1,500 he gets Berufsunfahige for example, in the best case 750 State support. There are 750 to missing therefore previous net salary to reach. The pension gap means a significant loss of own life quality for most receivers. In addition to the physical or mental suffering, which has led to the disability, the State disability pension barely enough to maintain the hard-won standard of living? Going to the welfare office is inevitable for many Berufsunfahige without private pensions. The private insurance a must-have for every employed the State hardly helps to disability. The pension gap must be closed with a private pension. Here, a disability insurance policy should be completed. To to the gap in the example above in height of 750, a 30 year-old man with less physical exertion a good rate for example already receives 14 monthly net contribution (insurance coverage up to the age of 60). There but for the disability insurance some obscure clauses (waiting times, abstract reference), is a hasty conclusion of private disability insurance to dissuade. Therefore an independent consultant should be contacted before graduating, which explains all ambiguous terms easy to understand.

Government Schemes

The private old-age provision from the point of view of the female sex difference between women and men on the statutory pension is not reliable. This is arrived at to most citizens. Also and especially women need to note here that there is a high supply gap within the framework of financial provision for old age in most cases. Women receive less pension than men from the State average. There are 495 in West Germany compared to the average pension of 987 for men. Why is there a difference? Mostly this is due to the significantly lower number of insurance years, which will be applied in the framework of the State pension.

So include longer job breaks due to child-rearing grds. not to the beneficiary insurance years. In the context of child-rearing periods is however to note that for all the children who were born from 1992 onwards three years contribution period can be counted. The average income is based here. European Program of Work has similar goals. There is only a year contribution period for children born before 1992. Even the employment a part-time job can reduce the claims arising from the statutory pension.

The second factor in the significantly lower supply of women is that they get about 22 percent less content on average in their professional lives. Because the acquired rights are directly related to the income level. There are different ways how women can fill their gap through a private pension. A pension plan comparison by an expert is advisable here. There are special care products for women? No, women can use any forms of private pension schemes as men. The Riester pension belongs to the best-known form of private pension schemes. It can be used by persons in an employment relationship, because they belong to the Group of eligible persons. There is an allowance by the State and at the beginning of retirement up to 30% of the savings capital can be found. However, this form also has limitations. So during the accumulation phase, no capitalization of capital without this Government subsidies pay back to need possible. The private pension insurance is more flexible in this respect. The contributions to this form of private pension schemes first non State-promoted, which makes prevention very flexible. But then, a large part of the pension is tax-free in the retirement. What form of private pension schemes to a fit comparison must be tested in each individual case within the framework of a consultation and a pension plan, in detail together with a pension expert. It is certain: formerly started saving for retirement, the higher the subsequent retirement from the additional protection is then also in relative terms.

Retirement Provision

The Organization for economic development and cooperation (OECD) raises the alarm with regard to the financial security of German citizens in the age. Luxembourg, 22.06.2012: Although a meaningful step was to raise the age for retirement at 67 years. He made the State pension system in the long term once again viable. Meanwhile, more 27 of 34 OECD countries have followed this example. But not the last step could have been, so the OECD, facing Germany. Rather, it is necessary, stronger than so far privately to provide. Kroger Health is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The pension gap is in this country is particularly high in international comparison. Against this background, the OECD recommends three measures.

Firstly, additional private pension plans by law should be mandatory. Secondly, it is advisable in future according to the average statistical life expectancy in cycles continue to raise the retirement age. And thirdly the private efforts of citizens about a stronger State should Promotion are supported. “Andreas Wurscher, responsible for Germany and Austria of Munich FWU AG, to which also the ATLANTICLUX S.A. is part of life insurance, is however more sceptical with regard to the two latter premises: not least that currently shows debate of the parties represented in the Bundestag to greater promotion of Riester contracts, in what small steps you just prior to move.” But even with the best will to the saving for retirement, the citizens at borders meet. And this loud tax, tariff, Vertragsdschungel and last but not least uncertainty due to the financial and debt crisis.

Given years fallen capital market interest rates, also the conservative fair life insurance in the recent participation has known only the direction down. It is clear that years of messages of various kind in the media by declining participation up to ‘ legal fraud life insurance ‘ consumer confidence not just wake up. Center the 1990s was the guaranteed interest rate at 4.0 percent, including the participation we were arrived at up to 7.0 percent”, so Wurscher.

Schufa Loans

What caused years ago still negative emotions, is perceived today as a common alternative no wonder, because increasing the monthly searches for goods or services with the labels ‘without Schufa’ and as a target of the advertising media meaningful Marketingsttrategie. Thus advertise many well-known companies with Prepaidangeboten, loans and accounts that are associated with the synonym ‘without Schufa’ in conjunction. All consumers that one or even multiple negative entries in the Schufa, get no credit from most German banks and savings banks. Before a loan commitment is regularly obtained information at the Schufa? This digital information is negative, the desired credit application is rejected. There glucklicherwesie current alternatives, which allows people with negative Schufa entry to record a major credit.

Some online banks from abroad and private lenders, you’ll find special Internet platforms, loans with negative Schufa. Foreign online banks In the Internet advertising online banks from abroad so that they are sufficient and credits with negative Schufa to German borrowers. Diabetes). This is to a large extent actually reputable credit offers that can be used without any concerns. But all consumers who want to borrow such ‘ with negative Schufa’ should be aware, that they have only one chance on a loan, if you have an otherwise excellent credit rating. This requires that they have a steady income at sufficient height that is sufficient to the due rates for the repayment of the loan without having to bring up problems. As well, customers at these offers for loans with negative Schufa need to know that here only relatively small amounts of loans are granted to keep a manageable risk for the lender.

Because the height always significantly depends on interest rates by the creditworthiness of the borrower, in addition of customers must negative Schufa also rather high interest rates in order to be taken. Loans from private to private on the Internet you can find some agency portals for loans, which bring together private money lenders and issuers. Here, you can also try to find partners for loans with negative Schufa. Just when the entry in the Schufa to an involuntary personal plight is due, is a certain chance here to get the desired loan. Because the circumstances surrounding the financial difficulties as well as the intended purpose and the planned repayment of the loan can are discussed in detail in the publication of the credit request. When private lenders, consumers can have even happiness, that they require only very moderate interest rates for loans with negative Schufa and agree with a long-term period of repayment.

Champion Despite Debt

Although no other country has such high reserves per capita on the account, the savings many Germans seems hard to fall. Germany is a world champion when it comes to the topic of saving. No other country in the world has such a high savings reserves on the account such as the Germans. In reality it looks frequently but not quite. But often leaves hardly any money at the end of the month. The consumer is subject to several temptations every day.

But an easy money there is to spend if advertising, point programs, as well as sales including installment. In addition, it allows large sums and amounts to settle the plastic money in just a few seconds. Far too often, the eyes to the reality be closed however. The border between plus and minus will be broken. For all the offers the overview of the own spending loses quickly. It will therefore not be surprised, that in Germany despite saving world champion overall, 243 000 young people are in debt.

The young with an average of 7000 euros in the big is already before the professional life. The does, however, draw any conclusions on the generation, which is equivalent to paying only only 1.92 percent of all young people. However, there are very many young people, which apparently appears completely alien to the proper handling of the money. So how does the German to save? For many issuers, there’s only one: book. What first overhauled and old sounds, in fact is the best method to keep track of the own finances. Statistics support this thesis and stipulate that 20 percent of the savings be with the household book of durcgschnittlich or at least 50 euros a month. The budget book allows to keep the own spending at a glance. This developed a conscious dealing with the money. By writing down the own spending this shape in the memory.


Credit card debt management programs debt consolidation loans “there’re number of reasons for this, which would be thrashed out in the paragraphs which follow. There’re even few things you need to be careful regarding choosing a non profit organization to assist you with your debt trouble. You should’nt carry out your homework prior to any company you opt to assist you with this. “However there’re non profit credit card debt consolidation companies out there which can Facilitate you to get your head above water.” You have to go through many hassles, if you’re having a serious credit card debt problem and you’re not capable to repay the loan. Learn more at this site: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . There is only one way that search sets you free from situation and that would be a helpful and practical solution to your debt problem. If you take the right approach, there is nothing much to worry.

There are a few ready-made solutions for your debt problem which are classified under broader aspects ie bankruptcy and debt consolidation. David Delrahim takes a slightly different approach. Credit card debt consolidation loan are available if you want to get debt free fast. Bankruptcy is one of the most traditional forms of credit clearing. There’re guide lines that you need to be follow, and conditions you might have to undergo, if bankruptcy filing is preferred. Professor of Internet Governance is open to suggestions. Even though your credit problem come to on end by filing bankruptcy, the ramifications of the whole procedure are not simple to deal with. There’re times when, your assets would be seized for your debt clearance. Your creditor will settle on the structure of repayment. Your credit reports for the next 10 years would carry a blot of bankruptcy and you will not be allowed to take credit for the next some years.

If your debts are unsecured, you can go for unsecured debt consolidation services. Likewise, in the case of secured credit card debt, you must choose credit card debt consolidation. Debt consolidation the most general technique to get rid of debts is through bad credit debt consolidating. You have to get registered with a debt consolidation firm debt after which a consultant will get in touch with you. Your consultant would negotiate on your behalf with the creditors and get the total amount on your debt reduction up to 40-60%. Late fees and taxes are thus eliminated. Debt consolidation loans are at affordable option for those who want to get debt free easily. Unsecured debt consolidation loans services are available. Debt consolidation has helped millions of people by giving them debt struck the fastest and simplest solution for their credit problem. You should’nt stop worrying and opt for a good debt consolidation program which will benefit you to a great extent.

Internet Save

How can I save with an online purchase? Shopping on the World Wide Web is becoming more popular: now there are over 42 million Germans who ever ordered something online. It plays no major role more, what kind of products or services it is. Why shopping on the Internet is so popular the Internet is a huge shopping centre. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Here everything is, what you want is available and nobody must search long and run through countless shops finally find what is on your shopping list. In addition to the convenience of shopping on the Web with it brings, there are of course still more advantages: A huge selection of products and/or services which can be found in any retail business.

A fast and now often free delivery. Nieman Foundation is full of insight into the issues. A 30-days return policy, which is increased by many providers voluntarily. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger oftentimes addresses this issue. In many online stores, there is a competent support on issues related to the product. The prices when shopping in the Internet shopping network is cheaper than shopping in the Filialhandel” was a few years ago even the motto of the shop operators in the network. This is not quite correct: the prices in the Filialhandel and in the online store barely differ.

In both cases, inexpensive and less cheap articles/services can be found. At the Internet shopping there but the advantage of the wide range of shops and service providers, including many possibilities of price comparisons and the cheapest provider using a search engine to be. To an online purchase, to have a price savings, should be searched for a possible discount for the product / service will be a shopping at a chain store, really. To get the benefit of discounts a coupon or a voucher code is necessary, which will be offered for free on the corresponding Web pages. Coupons and codes are offered by the most popular and well-known online stores: the customer has, for example, the choice whether it’s a Zalando voucher, a Otto coupon voucher or also an H & M should be. In addition to clothing, there are also vouchers for travel Electronics, restaurant visits and much more. Important: When using a voucher or coupon code is the legally set Exchange rights not affected. The use of such certificate, or of such code is usually very easy. The customer visits the Web page of the coupon provider and selects the gift voucher appropriate for him. From here, it goes directly into the preferred online store to purchase. After the shopping stops and all important data entered, the coupon code during the payment of the product / service in the field provided for this purpose will be typed and the amount will be deducted from the total. The online purchase with coupon code brings only benefits and is no risk for the customer. Who really wants to save when shopping on the Internet, which should to look for coupons and codes, which granted ordinary discounts for the requested services or products!

Special Health

Services of the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance benefits are regulated 20 SGB V. The benefits of the statutory health insurance lays flat rate for all insured persons. Individual agreements are not possible. However, the legally insured has the ability to hedge in addition certain risks with a supplementary health insurance. Many statutory health insurance companies here work together with partners from the private health insurance and offer this supplementary insurance to its members. Of course additional costs the public member. Health insurance exchange in the statutory health insurance who is not satisfied with its statutory health insurance, has the possibility to change the health insurance fund. The prerequisite for this is that at least an 18-month membership in the existing health insurance.

Here, the notice period is two months. Learn more about this with BSA. If you want to join a new health insurance company for the 1, the termination as of 30 Sept. with the previous health insurance must be. The notice must be received to the previous checkout to 31.07. The statutory health insurance, which should make a so-called supplementary contribution, there is however a Special right of termination. The 18-month membership is no longer necessary.

The private Krankenversicherung (PKV) all workers whose earning last year has exceeded the year work remuneration (49.950 in 2010) and is expected to again exceed this in 2011 (49.500), have the possibility of a private health insurance to join. Still, self-employed and freelance can choose whether they are private or statutory sick would insure. Cost of the car the individual contributions to the car are contrary to the statutory health insurance income. The individual contribution is here depends on several factors. This includes: age sex occupation health elected tariff (E.g. with 1 bed room, chief physician treatment, etc.) The contributions to the car are thus dependent on the personal conditions and the desired services. Since here but significant differences between the private health insurance, always a more extensive is advisable Comparison of the provider.

Underestimated Risk

Consumers should check whether they need a long-term care insurance the time care is some family on the ordeal. Yet financial concerns come to the emotionally difficult time. In the case the plaintiff while completed a long-term care insurance, but not thought, that in the event of an emergency, he is in the nursing home and his wife want to still live in the common house. Fixed costs remain. The average pension of women is currently just 500 euros.

Costs for housing must be paid more. Insurance, tax, petrol also continue to fall Furs car and workshop costs men and women should check and so on., whether the private insurance creates more quality for the care case: who sets it apart, know that is provided for emergencies, maintain the life’s work and the next is not financially exposed. On the other hand the assets can then be applied again targeted or used. There are different solutions. The contributions to a Long-term care insurance increase next year by up to 40% in men. Then, men and women of a year pay the same contribution.

With this Kostenangleich, it is clear that the main risk is the care for women. Because to be probably very old and in the last phase of life on assistance from foreign persons to be instructed, is significantly higher for women. Recommendation of consumer advocates who needs a long-term care insurance, should now complete, so consumer watchdogs on the subject of conversion to uni-sex rates of the insurance industry. This applies to men, because here the contributions increase extremely. It remains open: how consumers can assess his personal care risk is how much or whether the time of care represents a financial risk for him or his family members. Generalizations here use nothing, statements of advisors in the financial industry are rarely considered neutral”, but rather as a success say completion-oriented.

Nations Pension

What are the grounds to terminate your life insurance? Many savers now worry about a pension. There are other ways for the ages to provide as a life insurance policy? It is worth to go financial crevices, then to shift? These questions deal with a wide variety. Reason enough to do what the facts are and how it best can prepare here even clever. A life insurance policy is the Nations most popular pension improvement. Because nothing has done despite falling guarantee interest first. The motives for this are obvious: some black sheep in the industry keep praising this form of interest about the facts across and are seemingly unaware of their responsibilities to their clients or unfairly simply ignore them. The ordinary citizen is often overwhelmed when it comes to a sound and forward-looking decision.

Declining guaranteed interest rate if you have an existing contract, should be lucky and hasty dismissals carefully checked, by an expert check (see below). Still falling yields of warranty (most recently decided to 1 January 2012 only still guaranteed 1.75%) make difficult decision to safeguarding additional pension potential new insured? But also for contracts concluded before long the insurers come up with new chicanes and leaves so the neck are thick with something else: administrative costs! The height is decisive! While the one or other life insurance with less than 1% are satisfied, some with well above 4% long already very strong. And that gnaws at the return on total capital. Because the yield depend on the contributions paid and the amount of the payment to the end of the insurance period not only the contributions paid. First of all, the costs will be deducted. Including fall once the commissions, which in the first years of insurance ensures that the repurchase value virtually indistinguishable exists. In addition the cost of death insurance, of course come what is calculated individually.