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Research Institute

The online advice service website design with the online guide on the topic of website design can free a consultation tool each of ratgeber.website-award.net, that allows to maintain a free and neutral entry consultation for professional website design in just a few steps. As a result companies can use to verify whether your website meets the most important artistic, organizational, technical, and legal requirements. Thus, the advisor represents a location with recommendations for action. This site is a service of the network of e-commerce, a funding programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi). The network of e-commerce since 1998 advises and supports the network of e-commerce, in 28 regional competence centres spread across the country and a Industry competence center for trade, SMEs and crafts in the introduction of E-business solutions. During this time, independent and unparteilicher controller for the subject area of E-business in SMEs and craft has become the network”established. The network is the only nationwide offering of its kind, and verezcihnet every year around 30,000 visitors in discussions and events.

It provides information in the form of guidance, studies and guidance, which can be downloaded on the Central performance. The work of the network is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology. The E-Commerce Centre commercial (ECC trade) the ECC trade (www.ecc-handel.de) was launched in 1999 as a research and consulting initiative under the direction of the trade Research Institute of the University of Cologne in the life. The goal is to inform small and medium-sized trading company on the subject of E-commerce. The ECC has numerous aspects of E-commerce in the trade trade in own studies investigated. It is sponsored by the BMWi and is integrated into the NEG as industry competence centre with focus trade. The competence center e-commerce Rhineland-Palatinate click the competence center e-commerce Rhineland-Palatinate click is one of the nationally distributed regional competence centres, which were launched on the initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology (BMWi) in May 1998 in the life.

Deutsche Telekom

The new app search results are displayed via the integrated maps directly on the TouchPad. The user selects on three different display options. Depending on the needs, he receives the view as map, a satellite image or as recording from a bird’s-eye view. This facilitates orientation local landmark and places the photo representation can be detected again better. By using the integrated route planner app users directly is the route to the selected destination. The route function offers a convenient navigation in particular pedestrians.

In the recent past it was turbulent around the topic of WebOS. The provider of Hewlett Packard (HP) has announced to set the Smartphone and tablet development, as well as support for the operating system. However, to WebOS are supported in the future by using partners and licensees with software updates and enhancements. (1) the local product manager Andreas BAIS sees the future optimistic: we have the app in close In a very short time relationship with HP has developed and are excited by the possibilities offered by WebOS. There no doubt, that the platform in the future will play an important role.” This confidence is underpinned by the reports that even a new edition by p.

HPHHufHP is planned after the radical reduction of the touchpad on 99 and the subsequent run. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out AGDQ 2021. (2) the local app is available for all common smartphones and Tablet PCs. More information on mobile /. technologie/software/0,39044013,41555485,00/webos_ist_tot__es_lebe_webos.htm mobil/meldung/HP-Touchpad-kehrt-noch-einmal-zurueck-1333855.html about the local the local is the leading German Telecommunications directory, when it comes to local search. More than 90 percent of Germans know the local. What’s wrong with every second without o, because he uses the local at least once every month. The local media is of about 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom given out. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies. In addition to 1.047 book spending, there are the local on the Internet (www.dasoertliche.de). Online das ortliche belongs with 18 million unique visitors per month to the leading suppliers at all and, of course, to the most important pages in the scope of local online search. On the go, you can search through the local. With each at least WAP enabled cell phone or Smartphone, you can search the desired telephone numbers and addresses of firms and individuals also mobile in the local. Contacts: Dasortliche service and marketing Gesellschaft mbH Dirk Schulte Bamlerstr. 1a 45141 Essen phone + 49-201-43948-30 PR agency Xpand21 GbR Gregor Wessely Kiebitz Court 9 22089 Hamburg Tel. 091 716

Ross Antony Very Private

Entertainer, presenter and singer Ross Antony gives insights into his private life of VIP on Smash247.com immediately, Ross Antony keeps his fans two to three times a week to date, what happens backstage in his stage performances, films and in the recording Studio. After the first “meet & greet” on Smash247.com were his fans accompany him already in his own bed & Breakfast hotel “Little Gables” after Wallingford (England) and got even insights into his private home, where he lives with his husband, Paul Reeves, opera singer. But of course Ross does not stop even before his celebrity peers: Lucy Diakovska and Monica Ivancan had Ross’ tricky questions and his buddy and ex – ‘ BRO’SIS ‘ colleagues Giovanni Zarella Ross paid even a spontaneous visit in his restaurant kitchen. Smash247.com exclusive shows Ross’ video diary. Where he is on the ground, Smash247.com is included.

For example, in the German comedy award 2010″, prominent at the event” Charity Gala for Dunkelziffer e.V. or the 1live Crown “on December 2. Here, United Way Worldwide expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Exciting and funny details of Ross’ everyday life, backstage at photo shoots and movie premieres or on vacation, be divided exclusively and only on Smash247.com. What you always wanted to know about your stars Smash247.com has it and it shows! The video-celebrity Portal stands for the hottest and most exciting video news.

Now All Over Europe Under Lerminiaux.eu

Blue line launches the new website for Dominique Lerminiaux since October 1, 2009 in Offenbach-based advertising agency blue line marketing + communication has in addition to a new information brochure for customers and interested parties designed the new website lerminiaux.eu for Dominique Lerminiaux and implemented. The newly developed corporate design is subtle and restrained. In doing so, it associatively accesses the Dutch national colors and sets the framework for the modern, internationally-oriented imagery. The newly created claim make you it is easy “this relaxed people in relaxed situations eye-catching underpinned. A strong performance for the internationally-oriented languages service providers from Rhaunen in the Hunsruck. University of Arizon has firm opinions on the matter. Dominique Lerminiaux is authorised translator for notaries and courts of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate as well as member of the BDu Federal Association of translators and interpreters e. V. As translator (master) English German Dutch, he has on specialized legal, economic and technical texts.

Born in Belgium and educated in Belgium and Germany, he lives for more than 20 years in the Federal Republic and knows very well therefore the language practice in both language areas. For more information about Dominique Lerminiaux, see the blue line marketing + communication gmbh, founded in 1998 by Martin Debus in Frankfurt am Main, has its headquarters in the city of Offenbach. As an owner-run advertising agency for dialog marketing you cared above all customers from the fields of software and IT, financial services, publishing houses, education and tourism. For example companies like the i.syde Informationstechnik GmbH, cluetec GmbH, Sage software, Lufthansa AirPlus, Mouzon capital holding, Rudolf Haufe Verlag, WEKA MEDIA, Best Western hotels, Condor or Thomas Cook. More information about blue line your partner see Martin de bus blue line marketing + communication gmbh, Kaiserstrasse 28 63065 Offenbach am Main Tel.: 069 469 30 44 fax: 069 469 30 54 E-Mail:

Paul Wagner

You offer a gift of supposedly high value and not one that you get on every corner, otherwise is nobody ready explained, register to obtain more information from you. 4 If you can offer anything unique, try quantity offer – to excite potential customers for your amazing offer, offering a whole range of products and information, when they log on. One of my partners going on according to this principle, and it works surprisingly well, because the view’s customers are, that it doesn’t hurt to announce their email address if they get free for so many things. 5. adequate graphics – marketing professionals debate is whether it makes sense to integrate a graphic image (either a product image or a header) in the Web page. Some believe that graphics distract visitors from the essential – namely the heading and the bullet points. I personally believe, that is a picture of the product that you get when you register, a potential customer impression of the quality of the Product gives you.

Do what you think best suitable for your industry and your visitors. 6 Video sells – a good text is the basis for your online success, if you are not a good copywriter, but instead turn a video of yourself where you explain what potential customers you may find. In a short video, you represent the main benefits of an application, and you can see you as a real person who wants to help and not as Internetvermarkter, which only on the fast money is. 7 we talked already about quantities delivery – how quantities delivery on free gifts can lead to more applications. This concept is then just as important. While quantities delivery on great content in your email of the following months is important for your online success, it does not directly affect your current conversion rate (from visitors to customers). Paul Wagner online-erfolg.de

Kochmuetzen.NET Re-launches Complete Page In January

Kochmuetzen.NET relaunched complete page in January all new may, in the case of portal of chefs arrives that also on the January makes. The network for chefs from around the world, launches this year in January (10 January) a completely new page. We have rebuilt everything and revised and we allowed plenty of time, it was worth it as we think and we have current trends from the social network industry with the new pages design integrate, so Henrik Schellhoss of the portal operator. It reflects not only a search, also the blocks and the news are presented now significantly to be reader-friendly. The second webcam follows in a few weeks from the Switzerland and the third party then from Berlin. The recipes be recategorized and sorted here we have brought us professional help. Not only the members grow steadily and consistently the team grows, in addition to the fixed programmer, design is now also soon be a fixed editorial a new employee in the area of communication. kochmuetzen.NET for chefs by chefs. Read our special soon Baroque delicacies and recipes from the time of Sophie Charlotte

Web Page

Whether you set up a website for your company, yourself or professionally create can be. By the same author: Borgen Project. To better promote your company, you want to create a Web page? In the following sentences, we have summarized some information to do so. Whether it is the first website or an existing Internet presence should be revised. Often been colloquially known as domain name is highly crucial for sustained success. This should itself sound good, easy to remember, as also to write. Once the key name is determined, the domain should be secured, of course also all possible domains that sound so similar as the main domain name or the company name. Only in this way can be put ahead domain grabber the craft. No one does this, can a subsequent purchase or override to verwechselnder domains are expensive. You may find GiveWell to be a useful source of information.

Concept to the create the Web page according to the choice of the name, it can go further with the concept. If it is not in writing, it should be recorded in writing. Only in this way can other people quickly an overview of this project catch up, if you want to create a Web page! Be it through a convenient Web Designer or high-quality advertising agency. When requesting such service provider, can according to the concept with texts and pictures are taken further. These can be created and collected so that you the necessary material for the site only the Web designers to the integrate must pass. Of course, you can create a Web site independently. There are also cheap providers that enable something.Which one decision often depends on the required quality, as well as the budget of the Web page. Alex Finker

Flagbit Creates New Web Site Ffn.de

Flagbit completes ffn development of TYPO3 website by radio, which is available online now. Karlsruhe. Since last Monday, March 09, 2009 radio presents ffn, Germany’s third-largest private radio station itself, with a new Web site on the Internet. The website has been implemented by the Flagbit GmbH & co. KG, one of the leading TYPO3 and Magento service providers in Germany. With the relaunch, especially the growing technical requirements were taken into account by higher numbers of users.

Flagbit has put in the implementation on the content management system TYPO3. This is suitable especially for the implementation of the Web site for the following reasons. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out NYU Stern Center for Responsible Business. TYPO3 is ideal especially because of the extensive possibilities to capture content editorially as well as the extensive functionalities, to create complex Web pages, from a technical standpoint. Due to the high technical challenge of 10 million page impressions per month (IVW tested) on the Web sites of radio ffn the caching mechanisms have been revised by TYPO3 and through intelligent Advanced solutions that automatically respond to changes in content. Special extensions of Flagbit thats backend much easier to use than the previous version and also the changes are visible immediately.

That the cache of TYPO3 delivers obsolete page content, problems no longer on \”, noticed Katrin Wulfert, online editor and webmaster radio ffn. With the new Web site, radio ffn also lays the foundations for future developments in the direction of rich media content\”such as music, video, sounds and games as well as interactive, user-generated content. The new Web site offers us the opportunity to present our listeners new content and to expand our editorial offerings into new areas. The new website allows us in a hitherto unknown way with our listeners to interact. \”, so Katrin Wulfert. In addition a high functional diversity within the Web page has been realized, such as automatically updating traffic news and a connection of TYPO3 to the Transmission control radio ffn.

Against Anonymity

A survey of the Personensuchmaschine Yasni (www.yasni.de) shows that despite the supervision of Prism and tenses only a third of Internet users in the network wants to remain anonymous. Frankfurt, July 30, 2013: Yasni questioned 1,000 Internet users from Germany on the subject of anonymity in the network in the course of the known online monitoring by the United States and the United Kingdom. 52% of respondents want is active in the network show, but protect in certain areas of the own privacy. 15% of respondents are even for a prohibition of anonymity in the network and only 33% are like some privacy advocates – for the total invisibility of personal data. Increasingly, we find people – aware make quite mature certain data in the network, so better to be found. It exchanges other information, however, deliberately only with friends.

If intelligence agencies now have complete access, this sovereignty of the individual is attacked sensitive”, explains Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of first. The results of the survey in the Detail: would you agree with what statement about the anonymity on the net? 15%: Anonymity on the net is cowardly and should be strictly prohibited. 52%: You must protect in some areas to just his privacy. 33%: It anyone’s, who is outside of the Internet. About first names with the first search engine anyone can free Internet far right people key words such as company, profession, location, and all the information about one’s own or other people.

Registered users can consolidate their information even with an own free Expose and actively present themselves to matching keyword in the search results. Yasni is management with 50 million queries a month the most popular starting point for people search and reputation.

New Portal Of Commercial Value For The Craft

Over 300 downloads for controlling, finance, and management the business magazine ‘ craft magazine ‘ is now online with a new website. Under craft-magazin.de craft entrepreneurs will find immediately a modern, clear commercial value portal that helps them run their business more successfully. To each new article from the resort market, operation, taxes + law or finance holders get practical working tools such as interactive calculators, checklists, sample forms or tables. So you can directly calculate the advantages or disadvantages such as new tax laws, at GEZ fees changes immediately see the impact on the operation, or when company drops quickly calculate how much the company is worth. Several hundred of these job aids available today, and there are more every day.

The editorial uses, always the best formats: text, tables, PDFs, audio streams, image galleries or videos. Dr. Neal Barnard pursues this goal as well. The Internet page in a separate box points to the most popular downloads of the UN ternehmerkollegen. Who is “a topic comprehensively would devote, takes on topic pages” Compact information packets to areas such as rating, audit, or disability. In addition, the new craft-magazin.de offers online encyclopedias, to quickly clarify concepts, event database for upcoming exhibition or training dates, as well as surveys on current topics. In a newly created forum, entrepreneurs with each other exchanging industry information, give practical tips, or draw attention to falling in the tax law. Who wish to get regularly important information directly on his laptop or mobile, enters in one of the craft magazine newsletter or the RSS feed. Owners who want to sell a machine, are looking for a business partner, want to rent warehouse, will find it in the Classifieds section.

In an own section, founder will find tools for their company launch. There are also separate areas for their information for the professional and business women, juniors, as well as the business of craft. Master student can test their knowledge in a new section. With the new Internet presence of craft-magazin.de craft entrepreneurs can implement important economic information instantly for them in monetary benefits”, so crafts magazine editor-in-Chief Holger Externbrink. Contact: Editorial craft magazine Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse 1 82166 Grafelfing Holger Externbrink phone + 49 89 898261-10 fax + 49 89 898261-33