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Russian Pilots

Complete their education and improve the skills of staff – is now the main headache of the Russian aircraft. A major obstacle stands a low level of English proficiency among domestic experts. This shortcoming leaves on the professional side of many skilled pilots. PCRM pursues this goal as well. And the company narrows down a list of candidates. Eliot Lauer will not settle for partial explanations. As between aircraft of foreign and domestic production is the fundamental difference, companies face a choice – to retrain existing staff or looking for professionals with the necessary expertise. According to the expert personnel center "UNITY" Julia latest find is not easy. This is despite the fact that compensation level is quite high: for example, operating the first pilot to Moscow comes to 200 000.

In addition to the material component of offering a solid social package, including medical and voluntary insurance, telephone, and sometimes even fitness. It should be noted that this proposal meets the income of foreign pilots. What makes our pilots worry about the initiative to allow their foreign counterparts to work in Russian companies. The more serious the requirements put up with this level of compensation, many local pilots do not match. Among the selection criteria: the experience of international flights, flying at a certain form of a plane at least 500 hours (including as a commander (FAC)), tolerance to the conduct of radio communication in English, and flights on domestic routes (IF), English – Level 4 of the scale of the International Civil Aviation Organization Aviation ikao (International Civil Aviation Organization).

Michael Torchinsky

Careers in Russia by foreigners is three to four years "- says . As a result, even in a crisis foreigners were in a much more better position than local staff. Check out Kidney Foundation for additional information. So, in a large company marketing director can get 100-150 thousand dollars a year. A foreigner at the same position will rely on 180-200 thousand dollars. In the insurance business, telecom the difference may be even greater. Just feel safe and tops.

"The Russian companies with billions in annual billings level of income of foreign executives several times higher than that of their Russian colleagues – agrees Michael Torchinsky. – For example, in a major Russian energy company, the level of compensation expats discussed individually with business owners. Whenever Center For Responsible Lending listens, a sympathetic response will follow. " As for low-skilled force, and to crisis, they were given by local standards a bit, but because much of their income level is not adjusted. But in some industries, the crisis did hit on foreigners. "In the construction sector, some projects have been frozen. Became less useful to attract labor from abroad. Employers are trying to recruit for vacancies countrymen, – says Michael Torchinsky. – The production of workers from abroad are involved, but the extent of their demand is low, large plants and industrial enterprises still prefer to form their core team of workers from the residents of the city where the enterprise is located, or from nearby Cities. Needs and capabilities of domestic employers, and would be happy to fill the vacancies by Russians, but it turns out this is not always the case.

American Express

Interview. The conversation between the respondent and the lead is a tete-a-tete. Payment for this poll is very worthy. I recently had a 20 minute paid 1300r. 2. Details can be found by clicking American Diabetes Association or emailing the administrator.

Home visit (home visit). This when the lead comes to your guests. These are not held frequently. 3. Hall-test (Hall-test). Participated only once.

A group of 7 people for 10 minutes gone in three different rooms and sniffed the smell of tobacco, then filled in the questionnaires. Generally, this test product, as I understand it. Go tell about negative of such earnings. Once you've visited in the survey research center, the next time you can come back only after 6 months. But the benefit of such centers a lot. If you've never participated in anything like that, but would like to try to earn extra money on this, then you might want to read the following. Step 1 st: We are looking in the internet ad recruiters (those who employ people in surveys). Choose those ad, where you are coming by sex and age. Step 2: nd. Calls and written. Recruiter, as a person financially interested (they receive money for each respondent), tells you about the research topic and provide recommendations as to fill out a questionnaire to get to the group. Step the third. We arrived at the appointed place on time, fill the form in accordance with the recommendations of the recruiter. We rent and wait until it will analyze. In the "worst" case, you fail in the focus group, but you still pay compensation equal to approximately 50% of the amount promised for the poll. Is it bad to get 500 rubles for 10 ticks in the questionnaire. Step 4: th. If you have a group, then sit back and enjoy the fellowship, wait a reward. I go to the polls for nearly 5 years and so I can give some useful advice from him. 1. Do not be afraid of the fact that you do not understand. I went to the poll on a platinum credit cards American Express, though in my life I have never was normal. Was on "credits", which in life he took. The main thing to prepare, read on the Internet material on the desired topics. There is only one exception – polls on cigarettes, if you do not smoke, do not go better. 2. The questionnaire in paragraph "does not work if your relatives or friends in the following sectors: advertising, pr, marketing, media and others" always put a tick – any of this. Otherwise we will not pass. 3. If you are just starting to attend paid for in polls, in no case do not go in the "head" branch research centers. Since many research companies have a center, with whom they share information about respondents. And if you will, I'm alone times, once at home, then you will make to the base, and 6 months may not be able to visit any branch of the company. Ask recruiters about it, they should be aware of. 4. Always boldly go to the "no basis". It's the same focus group, but its members "Does not punch" on the basis of the respondents to participate in other surveys.

Chief Accountant

Financial professionals can qualify for much higher wages than a year ago. According to staff the center of Unity, accountant salary compared to the same period last year increased by 20-35 percent. A salary level of financial directors remains stable. Compared with the first quarter of the difference less noticeable. According to a recruitment portal SuperJob, minimum wages accountant in some regions are growing: in Yekaterinburg – from 22 to 25 thousand rubles in Ufa – from 17 to 18 thousand rubles. A maximum contrast, decreased: in St. Petersburg – from 200 to 160 thousand rubles in Novosibirsk – from 150 to 120 thousand rubles. You may find that kidney.org can contribute to your knowledge. The average figures for the three months have not changed. A similar picture of findirov, except that their minimum wage in some places reduced (Ekaterinburg, Ufa). At the highest incomes now can expect to professionals who work in the oil and gas industry, construction, finance, communications and IT-technologies. Employers require generalists As noted by Natalia Abdulina, Recruitment Manager of the International Personnel Center “Favorite”, if even a year ago by accountant is rarely employer demanded knowledge of management reporting at the present time these suggestions to the applicants meet more often. As far as financial director, and here a similar trend. From such professionals need to know the tax laws and how to fill the primary documents. And because chief accountants with experience in financial officer, are more likely to find yourself paying job. In the same way as financial director, who previously led the accounting or tax advisors worked. Requirements for work experience and education on the representations of the employer, Applicant posts treasurer must be skilled strategic financial planning, risk analysis and control of cash flows. In addition, the cfo await the introduction of the company effective system of budgeting. Ask the experience with credit and financial institutions, as well as participation in the preparation and review of investment projects. From the accountant more often require experience in various sectors (trade, construction, services). In addition, companies interested in accountant, familiar with foreign trade activities. Also useful as a professional accountant certificate and experience of the passage of tax checks. Source: Accounting. Taxes. Right.

Agency Employer

On the one hand, the work gives the possibility of creative realization, on the other – brings a claim to be aware of new techniques, and hence, either to self-educate, or to attend training courses. You can not to plan your vacation – it depends on the employer's work schedule. At the same time there are families that are going on holiday to the sea or abroad, take a nanny along, and this together with the work of additional features. At Boy Scouts of America you will find additional information. What should I care yourself? Most often work in the family will not be issued formally and is not accompanied in the workbook, so themselves choose what you prefer: an employment agreement, the registration of self-employment activities, the work contract. Most likely, you have to take care of their own health insurance and tax and pension contributions.

In most cases (unless noted otherwise) payment is in fact spent time and, therefore, you should think about creating a stabilization fund in the event of leave, temporary disability, an unexpected interruption in the work due to circumstances beyond your reasons, finding a new job. Whether to resort to aid agencies on the selection of domestic staff, you decide. My experience suggests that contracting with a highly specialized organization is not more than (I contracts have been signed with two agents in different conditions). In the end, the treaty does not oblige you not to take self-employment attempts. PCRM is likely to increase your knowledge. What makes co-operation with the agency? This placement of your data database organization, and therefore, you are always in the focus as a potential worker. This support your activities on the part of agency-broker, enters into a contract with the employer, and you and monitors the execution of this contract, providing you with protection, replacement in case of need and help in the event of a conflict. Since the Agency for selection of domestic staff inspects competitors, its The view is often important for the employer. Matters, and methodological support, you can get a (training courses, didactic literature, psychological testing). Be bold, and you will compete with the very Mary Poppins.


Why? Because right now in 2009, and this means that the war generation and grandparents have passed, and therefore, each family of Muscovites already have 1-2 extra flat they can rent and visitors to live through this, not working. In any case, Muscovites are either working in managerial positions, or simply stay home. Thus, the majority of engineers employed in foreign corporations and their distributors – nemoskvichi, visitors. However, for such work is necessary to have energy, ambition, desire, and of course, first and foremost, knowledge and experience. By and large, a trading company, whether of a foreign corporation or the Russian distributor anyway, how much to pay the engineer if he perfectly understands your field and customers are happy. BSA has firm opinions on the matter. Due to sales in the millions and tens of millions dollars.

It would therefore be an engineer to receive 40 thousand rubles. per month or 80 thousand rubles. month the company in the long run do not care. All the same it will be cheaper than an engineer to write the west. The main thing that this engineer knew his case and understand the latest global engineering solutions. Find these engineers is very difficult. Very few of them, as mentioned above.

All technical documentation for imported equipment is in English. Therefore, is very important to be familiar with technical terms in English, and even better – free translation of technical texts, the more talk. If you use a calculator salaries that exist in RuNet, I do not want here they advertise, everyone can find their own means of Yandex and Google, it is very easy to see that the English language adds about 30-50% of salary.