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Managing Director

Make a wish! Without wishes, our life would be boring and devoid of sense desires give us drive and hope. Livings launches therefore online one of the largest request wall- and collects your desires! “The Greek philosopher Epicurus of Samos knew how you could pleasure special people and wrote: If you want to make a man happy, then nothing add his wealth, but some of his wishes take him.” Faithful to this great attachment starts livings a great desire wall action now online and want to know; What do you want? Success in the job, a new love, better weather or just this a great chain? If basic things or something banal write your wish on the desired wall at of livings and win a lua wish bracelet! Wishes come true! The colourful desire bracelets of the German label lua with the followers of individually designed, are the perfect gift to give a special treat a loved. Give the bracelet a girlfriend or a boyfriend and it will tie them with three nodes around the wrist, while they make a wish at the same time in the secret. BSA has plenty of information regarding this issue. The Ribbon is worn affiliated so long until it falls one day by themselves. Then the secret is to be fulfilled! So, jewelry is beautiful to a warm gesture among friends. Allows wishes! Large projects and visions have ever started with a little desire. Needs is important, so that the room will give new ideas to develop. Harold Ford Jr, New York City has much to offer in this field. So the project was also Livings.de at the beginning only the great desire of the own online portal for special jewelry. But the dream was getting bigger and took more and more space in the life of the two managing directors, until the desire was finally implemented in reality. Sometimes means liking also, having the courage to stand by his dreams! Join in at participate in the great desire action of livings! With lua and livings go your desires in Fulfillment! Contact: Anja Kaldek, Managing Director livings GbR Lohesch 57 49525 lengerich / Germany fon: + 49 5481 903001 fax: + 49 5481 903002

So Many Scars Have The German

Germany wide survey delivers insightful results Berlin, July 28, 2011 the Germans hide under their clothes? Quite many scars! More than 58.6 million Germans have at least a scar are 85.8 percent of the population 18 years and older. This mystery has the Innofact market research Institute on behalf of bi-oil for the first time in the framework of a representative Germany survey * revealed. Women easily lead the scars statistics here: 29.9 million Germans with scars are female, 28.7 million male. Every fourth woman wishing away their scar and extremely bothered”about her. This 7.6 million women in Germany feel not comfortable in their skin. The men seem to be vain at their scars less, because only every tenth scars carrier feels his scar as unsightly blemish. Whether beautiful or not beautiful for 90.5 percent of all men and women the experience of formation of scar was so dramatic, they still exactly remember. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard.

Like Most do however: almost 40 million Germans connect their scar a bad or painful memories. * 1,043 women and men over the age of 18 were interviewed for their approach to the subject of scars. Background: / delta pronatura / Union Swiss cosmetics company Union Swiss from Cape Town began in early 2000 with the worldwide marketing of bi-oil. Today, millions of women in 22 countries already using the skin care specialists for mature and dry skin, scars, stretch marks, irregular skin tone. In may, bi-oil was introduced through the medium-sized branded company delta pronatura also on the German and Austrian market. The company employs about 200 employees at the production site in Egelsbach near Frankfurt am Main in the third generation. Pronatura today including the successful brands Dr. Beckmann and Bullrich and Blistex belong to delta’s brand portfolio. Acquisition of distribution license for bi-oil positioned the company in the segment of skin care oils and builds its health & Beauty care category further out.

Fashion Label

MAY YOU BE HAPPY: the new fashion label combines lively elegance with philanthropic spirituality Hamburg, August 2011. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: not only the name, but the DNA of the new fashion label from Hamburg, Germany. May you be happy. With the emphasis on you”. Because the cause of many problems in the world is this eternal I, mine, me, me, excessive self-centeredness. More and more people are aware of the situation and try to make their lives less self-centered. MAY YOU BE HAPPY, expresses a sense of life that appeals to them.

In August, the online store opens. with the first collection of his contemporary shirts: 12 styles for men and women. MAY YOU BE HAPPY stands for exuberant elegance. You reduced not on a certain age and also not to skim sizes. Top, tunic, shirt: they are inspired by Asian aesthetics and Mediterranean lightness. You are cool without ever cool designs for women, not girls.

Striking statements for men, the any guys want to be. MAY YOU BE HAPPY: combined innovative in cut and fabric design, while but always very good portable and versatile. The shirts are mostly made of high-quality organic cotton in Germany. At prices that can be cheap, are comfortable but fair calculated. Lieblingsshirts you want to wear everyday are MAY YOU BE HAPPY. They are made for people who enjoy fashion and beautiful things. And know this, that there are more important things than fashion fun. The quest creates happiness only if it includes other beings true satisfaction. MAY YOU BE HAPPY connects to this wisdom and wants to make a contribution, to spread it. The motivation MAY BE YOU make HAPPY each T-Shirt a wonderful gift. For others, for themselves. Because it makes happy to make other people happy. It is already happy to wish one another good luck. May you be happy”is a mood raiser for the man who says it, the it sounds. Want another being lucky is useful and beneficial for both sides. However, to alleviate suffering, there are often material support. MAY YOU BE HAPPY would help this. The mission is not to generate profits for only a few. Large parts of the company’s profits to be donated to charities. The Web Magazine MAYmagazine. beyond fashion (www.maymagazine.eu) promotes and supports MAY YOU BE HAPPY artists, entrepreneurs and organizations that have a human, ethical and spiritual healing requests. The Web Magazine is to serve them as network and stage. MAY YOU BE HAPPY is a creation of Hans Oberlander, 55, from Hamburg, who leads the company as a sole proprietor. Hans Oberlander is a highly experienced journalist who has worked in 28 years as editor or freelance for a variety of well-known magazines, among them star, Gala, Wirtschaftswoche, Lufthansa Magazin. O Brien practiced for many years Buddhism in the tradition the Zen. Contact: MAY YOU BE HAPPY Hans Oberlander Gertigstr. 14 22303 Hamburg phone + 49 40 9479 1533