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Control point Cloud sun color, In a sky of entardecer. The night comes going up In the walls of the buildings Of the avenue ferno days. I well that I could Be a rock in the beach, To be motionless here Seeing nights and nights, Falling in the sea. However I am equal to all this people, Enfadigada in return for house, However I have dreams, Because I do not content with me. Without hesitation Boy Scouts of America explained all about the problem. It feels here to my side, I have a philosophy of failures to say you.

I also fought for dreams, Now I am this to my reach. I go for where of, I make what I have to make, To have doubt, and not to know what I want, Is a luxury that I do not have. Childbirth of what I am, Nor a little more, Nor a little less. Way and I am motionless, I am my control point in this road. Looking at me to way, For not losing me of sight. Hermnio Vasconcelos J.Nunez the Imparcialistas poets are all pseudonyms of J.

Brazil Development

Searching aimportncia and the characteristics of the period romantic, to go of meeting to equebrar some taboos invented on the same. From a deepened study more on that it only ignoraou hears to speak, the size of the wall of the ignorance is observed quediversas times is hindered to unmask new knowledge and concepts that sejulgam formed and are not really allowed to absorb the Real and the verdadeiroconhecimento. One desires that this article contributes for the interest dealguns students in relation to the study of the romantismo. Not only of this, but tambmde other periods that had also contributed for the cultural development, social politician and of the country. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nieman Foundation. It is also aimed at to show the importance of romantismopara the hodiernos days as form of incentive to the reading, the research, and aoacmulo of apprehended knowledge and to assist other people the distinguiraspectos of romantic literature. When analyzing the work of algunspesquisadores, observes it great amount of references, of concepts, quetem the paper of assisting the placed opinion of each researcher. ROMANTISMO IN BRAZIL century XIX Century XIX, Brazil was in a well different situation quese finds today.

Still colony of Portugal lacked very for Brazil – colony to break its handcuffs and to fight for its freedom, its development esua liberty of speech. The inconformismo came appearing of natural of the country, devidos humilhaes suffered for the superior classrooms. At the time the ecclesiastics, writers, magistrates; these had studied in the Europe, while in the Brasilno had university, nor periodic tipografias and. The chance deconhecimento was minimum, therefore the libraries extinct and were come back aosconventos, the very weak theater, due to immense delivros difficulty of entrance in the country. In accordance with Antonio Cndido ' ' doponto of sight of the culture, the presence of the Portuguese government in Brazil was ummarco historical transforming, from Rio De Janeiro, that if tornoudefinitivamente center of the country and focus of intellectual and artistic irradiation.

Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek

After the stormy and romantic holiday Juliane wants nothing more than to emigrate to Sri Lanka to her lover. But soon disillusion creeps in, as becomes clear that Kathu has different goals and pursues his own ambitions. The true story, narrated by Janine Nicolai passionately, puts the reader in the paradise-like world of Sri Lanka. “The book loads to accompany the protagonist on their coaster feeling, so that you from high and down” of events tied up is. Christiane Zwengels Roman Polish with cream”.

Christiane goes as a young nurse in the Switzerland and meets the supposed love of her life. Halfwayhouse Polish Bartek makes her a marriage proposal after a week and she agrees. Ken Cron, New York may find it difficult to be quoted properly. But neither the German nor the Polish family cannot accept this connection. The couple suffers the xenophobia of the Swiss and the ignorance of their parents. Two children are born and the young family comes through huge diligence to prosperity.

While Bartek’s Aktiengesellschaft in the Switzerland is thriving, lots of money but disappears in Polish hands, Christiane worried about their marriage. In Poland, Bartek has an affair while staying home with a Russian who does not remain without consequences. His sudden, much to earlier plunge Christiane and their children into a maelstrom of intrigue, threats and fear of death. The Polish relatives is now showing its true face. The funeral is taking place under police protection and fear takes its course the cold heart of the Mandinka”by Veronika Geiger. It is the story of a German mother and her love to a Gambier. After her divorce and the tragic accidental death of their beloved friend, Victoria joined the love with pain and sorrow. Therefore there is only her son and her work for them long time. She believes it lacks nothing. During a holiday in Gambia, she succumbs to the beautiful words of locals however and believes, to get all what they missed so long time unconsciously. It starts a passionate love for Victoria the fulfillment of their aspirations and dreams. Weakened by malaria fever she must but soon realize the cruel and very painful truth there are all titles (also known as E-books) in bookstores, Internet-shops or directly from the Publisher in our book store free shipping within Germany. to the bestellshop / details can be found here:

Venus General

A CALLED PLANET LAND general Mac Alexandre*, known for its altivo, but human temperament. Very it is respected, not only for member of the Armed Forces South-North americanas*, as for the public in general, and even for beings of other worlds! They would intercept that it. It was travelling for a road in the great state of California. By the same author: Boy Scouts of America. It is night, the general perceives a light in the sky that seems to follow its car. Not this the east or west, or moving itself of one of these directions for the other.

Being to the south. Exactly thus, the old general, concluded to be about the Venus planet! one hour transferred and ' ' Vnus&#039 planet; ' it is of the size of the full Moon! The military man concluded then that she was not about Venus, but of gases of the distant quagmires, of the distant state of the Flrida! plus one hour if passed. Its car started to present problems. Thus, it concludes that the light in the sky, was not gases of the distant state of the Flrida. But yes, a thermal inversion! However, it was not an airplane; it was not a helicopter; it was not a comet; voando* in a broom was not its mother-in-law! He was not the Super man! While it decided what he was, its car stopped. It was not electric fuel problem, but one pane. Its car was a wonder of the technology American South-North.

With traction in the four doors and four wheels! The vehicle was capable to fly per some minutes! The light in the sky was a OVNI, a ship of another world! The OVNI has the spherical form and puts to few meters of the car of Mac Alexander. The general is not surpreso! Immediately it catches its cellular and league for the White House. they __Digam for the president who the destination of the universe will be defended until morte*! The ship extended its landing gear confided in three, in form of a tripod with three spheres in the extremities.

Eating Heart

‘Pulse’ the health magazine for Essen and the Ruhr area combines Medicine, culture and people in a broad mix of representation. “After the successful launch editions of the magazine Pulse”, published by the clinics Food Center, is now the summer issue available. The mega health and life in and around the Ruhr metropolis again invite to discover the different faces of the region and to learn from the world of medicine. Pulse”is dedicated to topics that move. A woman with breast cancer in the cover story describes their experiences and fears. Also the topic of organ donation stimulates thinking: it comes to the desire to help and reasons why end up many before that shy.

“Moreover the output under the sign of summer is: pulse” enlighten on travel medicine, gives recommendations for a successful getaway and helpful tips on how to sleep through in hot nights. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. Pulse”has tested Essen beer gardens and puts healthy on the grill with tasty tips the chefs Henri Bach and Nelson Muller. Pulse”expedition embarks on Emscher and introduces its readers Uwe Lyko. Events and news around the region, from the benefit concert to numerous course offerings, provide enterprise. Join animate sweepstakes and a competition with great prizes. Pulse focuses with numerous offers of dialogue and regional topics, with a health focus closely on the interests of the inhabitants of the Ruhr area”, is by the agency early & bird, which has designed the health magazine and Marcel Sekula.

The topic planning is done the clinics always in consultation with the client, food Center. Pulse”is distributed exclusively through the pharmacy network Noweda. Click Vida Vacations for additional related pages. The magazine is free to take in numerous Essen pharmacies and can be found in the most important cultural institutions in the Ruhr metropolis. The first editions were quickly out of print: pulse creates a successful combination of exciting health issues and local stories, the people move”, Bjorn confirmed Kasper, head of marketing & communications at the KEM.

Hospice Movement

A new publication from the Publisher of Hospice the hospice movement is one of the great social movements in Germany and dealing with death and dying has changed. She was trying to find new ways for the end of life in a radically altered situation. Initial resistance she prevailed, has grown, has made the theme of ‘socially acceptable’ and has almost become a humanizing boost in the views on the subject of dying, death and grief. Citizens, but above all citizens have planted the idea of a dignified death in the German society in courageous, thoughtful engagement and the seed of this idea has risen in the meantime. Under most conditions PCRM would agree. Much of the early days is now long forgotten, many Hospice initiatives a generational change takes place. This book will recounts the beginnings, reconstructed from over 70 interviews with pioneers and pioneers of the German movement of Hospice and palliative medicine.

the beginnings, retold. The commitment of people is exciting visible, which often from their own concern for a more humane death pushed – imaginative, non-bureaucratic, jointly and severally. Here, the authors present a living history of the hospice movement in Germany (“oral history”) is created on the basis of scientific research. By the pioneers and pioneers come to the language past comes alive and permanent, even self-critical insight for the future discussed. The highly readable book offers essential guidelines, inspirations, and vote for the further development of hospizlich palliative work in Germany and represents a stimulating basis for the education and training for professional and volunteer in the field and for all interested citizens.

Andreas Heller, Sabine Pleschberger, Michaela Fink, Reimer Gronemeyer, about 420 pages, paperback, Ludwigsburg 2012, ISBN: 978-3-941251-53-3 price: 34.90 (D) / EUR 35,90 (A) the Hospice verlag is a cultural project. He published texts, the culture hospizlichen subjects such as Life, death, life care, ethics, grief, religion, palliative medicine, rituals, funeral, spirituality, etc. technically and factually deal. the Hospice Publisher informed Hospice Palliative facilities and all in the field of the design of the last phase of life working on their discussions and the society about their Hospice – and palliative work. the Hospice publisher wants to make a contribution to the further development of a culture of life and death and the social development of the Hospice idea with Hospice – Palliative facilities. Here he supported contact the German Hospice – und PalliativVerband e.V. in his principles and in its project work: the Hospice Caro & Cie. oHG Daniela Guglielmi Solitudestrasse 55 71638 Ludwigsburg Tel: + 49 7141 9563862 E-Mail: Internet:

World Economic Forum

In the same vein, affected the urgent need to modernise road, port, railway and airport, infrastructure due to the lack of attention given to professions such as engineering. The backlog is reflected in the competitiveness report 2010-2011 of the World Economic Forum, which places Colombia ranked 79 of 139 countries in the index of overall quality of infrastructure, with a score of 3.59 on 7. Chile, for example, sits in place 40 with 4.69 points. If you have read about Dr. Neal Barnard already – you may have come to the same conclusion. In this regard, Carlos Alberto Acero, director of the network trunk sewer of the Empresa de Acueducto de Bogota, indicates that flaws in many engineers who come to the world of work have been identified. An example is given in the civil area, since some newly graduates don’t even know basic construction topics, such as foundations that requires a building. He added that areas basic such as soils, geotechnical or geological sciences are not compulsory and elective subjects in many universities. Consequently, the neglect of fundamental issues for the development of the country’s infrastructure such as motorways or tunnels. Higher growth with fewer resources? Another doubt that generates the proposal relates to the ambitious goals that arises as the MEN cope with the growth of higher education.

According to estimates by the Minister of education, Maria Fernanda Campo, the goal is to achieve 38% growth in the sector. However, in discussion with the guiding sessions, explained that she is earmarked 2.4 billion additional pesos for public and private universities. This constitutes an increase of 16% in the next four years with respect to the 15.2 billion pesos that are currently destined for higher education. Before these inaccurate calculations, rector Wasserman asked: how is it possible to grow 38% with only 16% of additional resources? In addition, how you will grow in quality?. Taken from: Cesar Enrique Herrera of the sickle original author and source of the article

Creative Hobby Practical Guidance

Oil painting the creative hobby, practical guidance ‘ the author appeared as ebook from Amazon on 13 11 2013 for several years worked as painter, head of painting classes and book author. In her book about the background and basics of oil painting, she uses her knowledge as a chemist and brings closer the occurring phenomena in the painting in a simple and professional way to the amateur painter. Additional educational training of the author provides more basis for an easy to understand book, with practical tips and five tutorials from the most important areas of the painting portrait, landscape, still life, perspective integrated image and the flower painting. The practical part of the book is rounded off by statements of the theory of painting. Discusses perspective structure and technique of painting as well as instructions for the manufacture of painting mediums and varnish. The construction of popular image elements such as shadows and shortening are explained on the basis of graphics. Dipl.-ing. Dana Tenzler is working on a book series on the subject of painting, which will be published shortly and the part of which this book is.

Chinese Military

In his latest non-fiction book, the historian Frank Fabian developed a bold alternative to the Chinese classic the art of war. War peace book: where ever these terms form a trio, pushing the idea of the monumental work “war and peace”by Leo Tolstoi almost on. Whether Frank Fabians, 267 pages appeal to the art of peace an equally epochal effect can be achieved. It would be too good. In one, as the author explains in his preface moment of relentless optimism this new non-fiction book from the baptism removed.

This moving study represents the overdue contrary to the work of ancient Chinese military just the art of war. A title that was nothing next to his emergence 2,500 years ago as pure perversion. Because war has that always been nothing more than death, pain, injury, destruction, soul suffering, hunger, emergency, wrong what, here you go, is, craftsmanship, a such apocalyptic doom deliberately. to bring about his fellow man? No, it’s time, this noble concept called art finally inseparable and only couple who truly deserves this verbal accolade to that State: peace. To seek peace, to preserve and to defend, that is truly an art that pays to teach and to learn. This proves the historians Frank Fabian impressively. That the author the rare art of rousing, eloquent write virtuoso dominates, to find mention here only on the edge makes his book but still to a lot lesenswerter than it already is thematically.

The perhaps most exciting essence of his remarks: Everyone, even though he supposedly at the bottom ranks can contribute to world peace. A hero must not be you. Certainly not a war hero. Already in his earlier works Frank Fabian, a historian, has opposed strongly the popular School of thought, that historical events on revolutions or the outbreak of wars about uninfluenced acts of an anonymous ground due to be.The opposite is the case “, reaffirms the author.”The striking events of world history are always the work of quite less personalities.

Rousseau Brazilian

The tragedy properly said, and its three atosContinuando in this reflection, we can now extend a little> plus this concept of tragic which we relate in them: if a tragic approval estimates that all conception of nature is artifice, that is, is servant, also the nature idea human being would not find endorsement epistemolgico, seno that we took also it as artifice. An unfolding of this conception can thus be placed, in what it refers to the romance: The first way, tragic, is projected on the individuals that receive the slight knowledge, shared as historical memory, without critical reflection and discernment of its movement in confrontation with the reality. Thus the innumerable interpretations assimilated for Policarpo Quaresma can be exemplificadas, of the books that read, as proper, rational and coherent. In the same ratio, the stubborn belief of Ismnia in the dogmas of the familiar education that conferred to its life an only direction: the marriage. Not the perception for these personages of the displacement contained in these verbal conventions acts of the tragedy. In the First Part, we see the project of life of Policarpo centered in rescuing the Brazilian cultural identity, primevos customs of the nation nation this whose nature, on account of the readings of major, figures as exuberant, pujante, beautiful, perfect and whose beauty and pujana also extend what Policarpo searchs to be the Brazilian, in the most faithful example of the good savage the one that if relates the thought of Rousseau. The consequence of the untiring search of an essence of what it would be Brazil and its people will later cause its exclusion of the social environment: after to have written involuntarily a document in tupi, major compulsively is remodelled by madness. The meaning of this madness not-reason, as First Act is placed in the romance brings the tragic outcome of of the tragedy because it demonstrates to the Policarpo the dissonante quo and problematic it is, for a supposed nature of Brazil and the Brazilian, the deep search of an identity.