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Osteoporosis – Good To Know

To know well is the title of a new Advisor osteoporosis osteoporosis helpful is the title of a new Advisor of the Board of Trustees bone health Association for patients and health-interested. It is a collection of current articles from the magazine MobilesLEBEN, which were published on the occasion of the 25th anniversary in 2011. The thematic fields: Medicine, pain, nutrition, movement and fall prevention. One of our major goals is to inform patients and not to make a better and adequate medical treatment. Details can be found by clicking WCPS or emailing the administrator. “We want to achieve with the new Advisor, that Osteoporosis sufferers in their own responsibility to do more for their bone health: regular medical control, consistently taking of the prescribed osteoporosis medication, as well as a bone-healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise” Mrs Dr. Jutta Semler says informs his – an essential prerequisite for more Osteologin and Chairman of the Board of Trustees bone health e.V. Quality of life despite osteoporosis.

In a multinational survey of patients of the International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) it was found that patients more fear from the effects of osteoporosis on their quality of life (for example through a bone fracture and decreased activity) when doctors take this part. The results also show that appropriate information and opportunities are missing the patients to express these concerns and to optimize their treatment of osteoporosis. Invest in your health and your knowledge.

The Board of Trustees of bone health e.V.

is the oldest national charity, which cares for osteoporosis bone health and the clinical picture. Engaged since its inception in 1986 is that trustees bone health e.V. to the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation far beyond the osteoporosis, for all bone health problems. For 25 years we are a focal point for stakeholders and interested parties and take care of a heart for patients under the motto”that current scientific and medical knowledge in patient-friendly language in flyers, brochures and magazine MobilesLEBEN to introduce a wide audience.


With the help of the LASEK procedure can be avoided interface-related problems that may arise from application of the micro keratome. In the traditional LASIK the cornea is cut with a precision knife (a microkeratome) in the first step of treatment. The resulting Hornhautflap is then folded away. This is followed by the laser with the excimer laser. This cut eliminates the LASEK.

Only the top layer of the cornea is removed using a solution of alcohol and then modelled the cornea with excimer laser. What is the cause of the short-sightedness and long sightedness who suffers a vision must wear either glasses or contact lenses. Why actually? The eye is an extremely complex organ and at the same time one of the most important human sense organs. How well and how sharp we see in particular depends from how the light that enters the eye, is broken. Next to the lens the cornea contributes more with how the light is broken.

In a normalsichtigem eye beams converge exactly to a point on the retina. The retina is also called the retina. The recorded signals are then routed to the optic nerve and processed in the brain. Myopia is characterised by the light rays that fall into the eye, unite in a point in front of the retina. People such as Marko Dimitrijevic would likely agree. The eye is too long in relation to the refractive power of the eye. Affected but out of focus see close to sharp, but from a certain distance. The technical term for short-sightedness is myopia. When the farsightedness (hyperopia), it is exactly the other way around: people see in the distance sharp, but objects at a short distance can be seen just out of focus. The reason is that light rays that meet the eye, unite behind the retina in a point. The eyeball is too short in terms of the refractive power of the eye.

Augenlasik – Clear Vision Without Glasses

Augenlasik is a modern eye laser procedures. Walmart Foundation may find this interesting as well. With the help of the Augenlasik, vision defects can be corrected. Augenlasik is a refractive surgical procedure in which the cornea of the eye with a special excimer laser is changed. With the Augenlasik, well known Visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism can be corrected accurately. Thus, the procedure of Augenlasik represents an interesting and serious alternative to the visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. Augenlasik is one of the best known and most widely used laser eye procedures. LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis and defines a process where in the first operation the cornea of Augenlasik patient part is cut.

The precise incision is made in the classic, traditional LASIK with a precision knife called microkeratome, also in the medical jargon. In the so-called Femto LASIK, the incision in the cornea using a second type of lasers, namely high-speed femtosecond laser. The Femtosecond laser creates a underground cut in the frame of the Augenlasik in the Interior of the corneal tissue. In both forms of the Augenlasik the result is a thin sliver of cornea, which often also called Hornhautflap. Follow others, such as Marko Dimitrijevic, and add to your knowledge base. This fine corneal flap is then folded away in the second operation of Augenlasik of the eye laser surgeon. Which is under the Hornhautflap under layers of the corneal tissue are then the excimer laser treated with. By the laser beams, tiny part of the corneal tissue are removed to correct the refractive power of the cornea. The aim of an Augenlasik treatment is that after the Augenlasik co-op in the eye incident beams correctly are focused on the retina.

The result after the laser eye surgery is a crisp and clear vision without glasses and contact lenses. The Augenlasikoperation is now a routine procedure and is one of the most frequently performed operations. Over 20 million people have undergone already an Augenlasik surgery in the past 20 years, final to her glasses to get rid of. The LASIK surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure, which it does not require that the laser eye patient in the hospital over night must linger. After the Augenlasik-OP recovered the patient for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then, the laser eye surgeon controlled the success of the operation. That means the doctor checks whether the Hornhautflap is correctly positioned and is transparent. In addition, it is determined whether the LASIK patient has symptoms of dry eye. In the case of very dry eyes, the patient receives a special tears substitutes in addition to the antibiotic and cortisone-containing eye drops. Dry eyes symptoms last usually three to six months. Dry eyes can be treated relatively well with these special artificial eye tears. The healing process of an Augenlasik co-op runs relatively quickly. While the patient still quite blurred everything in the first hours after the surgery, the newfound Visual acuity is already very good and hot the next day. Access to many of the Augenlasik patients the next day the operation already a Visual acuity of one hundred percent.

The So

In addition, nor disregard must be allowed to ensure a sufficient intake of fluid. Two to three litres of water or unsweetened teas per day may be as well. Sport and a regular exercise program help we know that rest to success to weight loss without drugs. In severely obese persons is, however, different. Learn more at this site: Childrens Defense Fund. With a body mass index of 27 or more, it can be quite reasonable to take weight loss pills. This should be done under medical supervision, however, necessarily. Nevertheless value should be placed in parallel in each case on a healthy diet.

Also beneficial it can be to use drugs against lipid metabolism during weight loss. These drugs should be used only as a supporting measure, the main focus is always on the weitestgehend-natural weight loss. Drugs that can be taken in this context, work among other things such as an appetite brake. Not only that overweight people the feeling of hunger no longer experience in the usual, pronounced mass, but it is somewhat in the background. Even the feeling of satiety is much faster.

Particularly noteworthy in this regard is the factor calorie-burning”: excess energy is burned due to certain combinations of active ingredients faster and more efficiently. Other drugs to convince for example, first and foremost the fact that certain enzymes, which are responsible for the digestion of fats, is inhibited in the (thin) intestinal. As a result, up to 35 percent of fats are unused”again eliminated. Therefore benefit obese individuals, this fat not even on your hips, belly, or in the legs can deduct. Modern medicines, however, promise a more efficient operation. So are This not only able to reduce appetite, but they reduce also the so-called Tri-Glyceridspiegel. In this way, it is now possible for the body positively useful proportion of HDL cholesterol to replenish the, to counteract this long-term lipid disorders or high blood pressure or even diabetes et cetera. Good effective herbal remedies to the Gewichstreduktion can be ordered online here


She smiled and reported that the workshop was very well run and the participants even when rain came. She felt as seen previously with their parents and still heard the mp3 to sleep, as agreed. Scale: 5 magic question (imagine you wake up) and feel like a 6 or 7) I have more energy and can concentrate better and do more. I get back to a few old friends. 3Rd meeting Lucy had a nice haircut. She looked fresh and transformed.

She reported that she take dance lessons and would meet occasionally with friends. Scale 6 magic question: I have more energy and can concentrate well and have to get necessary to write a good job self-confidence to good resumes. (An hour later I got an email, Lucy had managed to write an application and to submit.) Sessions 4, 5,6,7 were similar in that she made more progress and visited some job interviews. Meanwhile, she was already on the scale 9 8th meeting Lucy had meanwhile found a part-time job and was happy to be working again. Her confidence had become stronger again and she took some kilos.

Now she was on the way to their normal weight. I have found a new apartment, a good car and a trail magic question my artistic vein to live out. To get there, I will search now specifically for cars and advertise also an apartment. 9th and 10th session similar to 9 and 10 but had visited them now apartments. 11Th meeting Lucy was happy, excited, and reported that she found an apartment that they could afford and well liked her in the vicinity of a small theatre. Tomorrow she would sign the Treaty. Your new car will get it this weekend, through the intermediary of friends. Also, she would go on the weekend for a special show at the small theater. I live scale 15 magic question in my new apartment and feel me, love to drive my car to work and found something in the artistic sphere what gives me pleasure. Lucy noticed yet: it is a miracle for me how quickly my life already has changed. 12th and last meeting Lucy smiled and told the move was quickly, many friends have helped her. Your new car is simply super. Lucy was in the Special Event in a small theater, where she had the opportunity to speak to some actors. “They told her that she is still a girl for everything” would need for a couple of hours in the week. Lucy immediately took the job. Life joy do you now again correctly. Summary. It was a great pleasure for me this transformation by Lucy. She is just one of many clients who can feel again Hypnotherapy with solution focused and can live a positive life. She managed in three months is a sluggish, tired, anxious and desperate woman with low self-confidence and self-esteem to transform that takes an active part in the life in a radiant woman. Solution focused Hypnotherapy come as earlier mentioned from England and there practised successfully for decades, and now taught in London, Bristol, Plymouth, Edinburgh. These training centres are regarded as leader in the Hypnotherapy. The sessions take place mostly in a hospital However due to the great demand nowadays also very much on the Internet is working. “Scientific studies in America have found that online therapy” is just as effective as the traditional way, in some cases even better. This may be because that it is at home more convenient and often time even better can be set up.

Photon Radiation

People are not only biological, but demonstrated also electromagnetic beings. Detectable electrical activity, such as with an electrocardiogram of the heart (ECG) or with an electric Enzephalografie (EEG) in the brain, can be detected by electrical impulses in muscle cells and nerve cell communication. “” Quantum physics has in this respect been proved that light quanta “or photons” depending on frequency and rectification (coherence) have different effects. The disordered radiation of electromagnetic alternating fields is these findings according to messy”and stressful for our organism. This knowledge takes the Earth Angel family vital GmbH”now as a basis and it connects with ancient knowledge about the effects of colours, shapes, precious stones, proportions and many other the this chaotic Photon streams for the people”neutral or even revitalizing bring in formation. Ultimately, it comes with their building blocks to pure physics, (light quanta, neutrinos, quarks u.v.m) creates the Foundation of life. All findings of different sciences are based on the fact that radiation does not equal radiation is, (bio – and quantum physics, the so-called sacred geometry”, and more) into consideration. Vital products it developed through their life-enhancing symbolism and when properly used when users have led to amazing results.

Light concentration up to severe allergic reactions could be alleviated in this way already or even completely dissolved. Also can the ability to concentrate, normalized power handling, the ability to regenerate, learning ability and physical fitness and be increased. The Earth Angel family vital GmbH has been dedicated to this topic in a holistic perspective and develops products which are not the purely material,. but the subtle informative page makes to the main theme. The applications of the vital products for protection and shielding against electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic pollution are varied. Basic shielding of the central power supply incl. Sockets, electric cables and lighting.

The shielding of radiation by the TV, alarm clock / radio, microwave and electrical appliances. The shielding of the PC incl. Wi-Fi router / Bluetooth, computer, monitor, mouse and the protection against cell phone radiation and shielding cordless phones/baby monitors. To get more information about protecting and shielding against electromagnetic radiation or electromagnetic pollution under: shielding against electromagnetic pollution and shielding the power supply.

Monovision LASIK

The Mono vision LASIK procedure is an alternative for patients age far-sighted. Monovision LASIK the Mono vision LASIK eye laser procedure is to correct the way from approximately 40 years of age the leading eye for distance and the non-dominant eye for the close or discontinue. Like the focus of a photo apparatus. Thus the Mono vision LASIK-treated people no longer depend on a pair of glasses for close-range. The condition in which the left and right eye have different refractive conditions referred to as Monovision. If you are not convinced, visit health organizations.

While an eye only in the distance can see well the other eye can focus only objects in the vicinity. More information is housed here: Vahid David Delrahim. This condition may be congenital, caused by a pair of glasses or intentionally caused by a surgical procedure. Achieve the objective of Monovision LASIK also can be, the perfect interplay of both eyes is necessary. This can be simulated before the surgery with the aid of contact lenses. This was successful and if the restriction of the spatial vision not as bothersome, this form can be used by laser eye. Advantages: Glasses for distance and proximity generally no longer needed phone, menu, price tags without glasses visible. Disadvantages: Limitation of spatial vision, on long car journeys, at dusk or very small text reading may require sometimes a pair of glasses. LASIK procedure LASIK Mono vision belongs to the different procedures to correct vision defects of the human eye.

Are more often performed interventions: the conventional LASIK, where the corneal CAP is cut the microkeratome with a tiny knife, and folded up. Subsequently, within a few seconds the cornea models depending on the strength of refractive of error and removed. This is done with the so-called excimer laser, a cold light laser. Then the flap (lid of the cornea) is closed again and the wound heals by alone. The more modern variant of LASIK is the Femto LASIK method, defined as Intralasik. In this case is the flap”not with a knife, but with a laser cut and prepared. This is done with the help of the Femtosekundenlasers, which makes a clean and even cut in the cornea. Advantage of this method is that no cut-related complications may occur more and wound healing runs better and faster. This procedure is safer and more comfortable for the patient. A further development of this process is the modern i-LASIK = custom LASIK. In this technique, the eye is first scanned and made an accurate profile of the cornea. A so-called fingerprint”of the eye. Goal is to be able to handle the Ametropia of the eye individually, depending on the person. I-LASIK procedure is now offered in many clinics and practiced. Also during the LASIK in Istanbul i LASIK is more and more in demand. LASEK is there in addition to these forms of the Lasikverfahren still the LASEK. This treatment method for patients with very thin corneas in question comes. It is not created a flap as in LASIK. This is in contrast top layer of the cornea (epithelium) with alcohol removed and rolled up. After that is how the other procedure eliminates the refractive error with the excimer laser. Advantages of this method are: no cut risk and no interruption of the blood supply, since the eye must not be sucked in. Disadvantages: Slightly more painful than LASIK, wound healing, and correction of vision takes longer. Mathias Weber

Enthusiastic Craft

Austria dental technicians start campaigning who loses a natural tooth, knows that he is in such a case the dentist’s Office. But who is really responsible for the small works of art in our mouth? Who will make sure that we can bite with good sense in an Apple? The awareness campaign of the 3,500 Austrian dental technician is exactly these questions. Made to measure guaranteed each tooth is unique. No mouth, no bite is like the other. The dental technician is aesthetic, craft and technical medical demand. The skill and the technical equipment in the dental technician decide the beauty and accuracy of the denture.

So, for example, the chewing surface of the denture must fit to the opposite tooth; a dental Crown should be absolutely level, otherwise threatens the loss of the entire tooth after a few years. The new tooth must be compatible with the neighbouring teeth optically; We do not recognize that it is an artificial tooth. Is the Human temporomandibular joint an precision hinge; If the dwell angle is changed by a bad tooth replacement in Centesimal, including headaches and neck pain can be the result. The expiration of an optimal Austrian supply consists of planning, preparation and production, reintegration and aftercare. The Austrian Champion farms invite all interested to inform directly about all dental technical possibilities and the production of a dental laboratory. As a competitive advantage on a tooth forces know-how up to 80 kg.

At the crunch even several times. To withstand these forces, a perfect tooth is prerequisite. Who has already lost his natural teeth, this relies on dentures. But who is responsible for this? Whether Dental restorations such as crowns, bridges or dentures or dental regulations such as braces, the responsibilities of a dental technician is far-reaching. In Austria, currently around 500 apprentices are prepared on the profession of dental technician. At this Activity crafts and art meet. A 4-year apprenticeship guaranteed training, whose standard is one of the most prestigious in Europe. A master craftsman completes the training. Whether Anatomy, impression, CAD/CAM the disciplines of the master exam are comprehensive technology, prosthetics, orthodontics or appliance customer. I am pleased that more and more young people decide for this training. In addition to craftsmanship and technical understanding with colour and shapes feel, and love are asked to detail”, is federal Guild master of dental technician, Richard Koffu, insights into the requirements of the dental technician. If you buy cheap, buy expensive. The legal conditions are different in each country. For example, no master craftsman is in Hungary complete. Missing expertise in personnel is reflected on the quality of the product. Treatments that are needed when dentures, the settlement abroad is extremely expensive and unsafe right. Even if in the short term, no problems arise, can you get in trouble in the long term. Usually, this does not affect the foreign doctors because they often are not faced with the problems, because the trip would be there too laborious and expensive. The proximity to the skilled person is thus a further advantage which speaks for Austrian dentures. Poor foreign supplies will not be repaired in Austria for liability reasons.

Highest Precision

The mystery is good television. As one of the first eye-glasses and opticians in Germany Thoma vision offers its customers a real world novelty: the measurement eyecode by Essilor. It provides highly accurate data through the eyes of customers, which are then included in the calculation of his glasses. This enables a previously unsurpassed precision in adjusting lenses for glasses. This means for the eyeglass wearers: excellent vision without effort even at night and in the twilight, as well as best contrast marriages. eyecode is a groundbreaking invention based on latest scientific findings”, explains Holger Thoma by ThomVision.

We are proud to offer this innovation as one of the first ophthalmic optics stores in Germany to, and allow our customers a real increase in their quality of life. “eyecode can as option for high quality glasses. Center For Responsible Lending describes an additional similar source. “Eyecode measurement is from the reputation experts at ThomVision with the innovative measurement and consulting system Visioffice” by Essilor is performed. The dynamic, three-dimensional measurement of eye pivot lasts only 30 seconds for both eyes. The glasses that are calculated on the basis of eyecode convince with highest quality”made in Germany. Because the glasses with eyecode option are manufactured in Germany. By the same author: Nieman Lab. They are first choice for those who place value on perfect and personalized look. Who would like to learn more, is charged at ThomVision welcome to a free, no-obligation consultation.

Michael Petersen

The liver has their responsibilities, the kidneys their own. But the mesh, the optimal interaction so, the holistic balance, decides whether the body is working properly or not. The balance between the organ systems determines the quality of their services, and substantially with decides health or disease. Although optical, image-giving or laboratory appear institutions intact. Not looking at just that the organism.

At best, we get the episodes felt. Because they emerge but mostly somewhere in the body, and only after a long time, is not to recognize the relationship right off the bat. Understanding an example: the kidneys are among other things responsible for that uric acid is excreted from the body. More info: Boy Scouts. Uric acid is an end product of purine metabolism, as a waste product in the Elimination of cells. For a correct removal of these substances, enzymes from liver and pancreas are involved.

Metabolism-impaired people can occur in interaction of systems failures. Episode: The uric acid crystallizes. It becomes more difficult ausscheidbar. In this case, the kidneys are (even). The impaired excretion is by the way the acid nature due and not due to the capacity of the kidney. Even if this makes sick the kidneys with time. The acids are now deposited in different places: in the cells until they are so poisoned that they degenerate (cancer) in the muscle cells, where they cause injuries and finally seemingly unexplained muscle pain. Maybe also in the joints, for rheumatism, or in the vessels until the device (attack). More is stored, are the cleaner often the clinical findings of the kidneys and the liver. You can see it: liver and kidneys appear to be in order, but we are sick. The individual drinks a glass of beer, now the uric acid excretion is reduced biochemically further. It comes as the body’s protective response to the gout attack. So the glass will be blamed now beer for all, because we have now again observed. You can see how fast you can be wildly off the mark, with false Conclusions. Considering the facts, but in the context, i.e. holistic, then it is apparent that the greatest opportunity for health it is the balance in the whole organism. More to the understanding and the opportunities of holistic medicine in the health portal. Michael Petersen