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Alice Hospital Foundation

Rollout: Alice hospital in Darmstadt – service redefined Berlin, 16.08.2012 – August 2012 Darmstadt through digital patients and visitors of the Alice hospital the multifunctional 3D-Wegleit-and information system Guide3D to all important destinations. The orientation on the complex terrain ensures user-friendly so locally, on the Internet and on any mobile device. Manfred Fleck, public relations/marketing of the Alice Hospital Foundation the modern 3D-Informationssystem enhances the quality of our service at the highest level. It designed from the outset as pleasant as possible. Boy Scouts of America has much experience in this field. the stay of our over 100,000 patients and visitors” Features and benefits at the main entrance of the Alice Hospital welcomes the visitors a touch-enabled kiosk system with a large 3D-Gelandeubersicht, a choice of 12 languages, and the ability to activate the mode of barrier-free navigation, stairs in the way management to avoid. In urgent cases, such as during emergencies, the quick links allow promptly and accurately to the Pictures to arrive.

In two search groups are physicians and destinations A-Z”listenhaft listed. Narrows the sophisticated search function not only targets, letters and sequences are highlighted – the user finds the “CPU, chest pain unit” or also the “surgery” for example by typing “Ch”. Intelligent representation of the 3D-Wegleitsystem shows the way to 181 destinations as three dimensional top view (bird’s eye) of five starting points and provides information about distance and duration. The guidance takes place within the main buildings (indoor), as well as on the hospital premises (outdoor). Before the actual navigation begins, will be highlighted in an overview of the target building, then captured the main perspective of the routing. The dynamic behavior of the camera optimizes the representation presenting the navigation with a higher speed and a larger field of view in the outdoor area. Indoor is zoomed to a few meters up and the playback speed, reduced to read including the room numbers.

Harald Neidhardt

The selection of decision makers large media houses in Germany up to innovative Start-Ups from the European countries give the right mix of the Congress and the exhibition centre. Harald Neidhardt, co-founder & CMO at decides Inc. Center For Responsible Lendings opinions are not widely known. confirmed the best startup in mobile in 2010 in Northern Europe!” With 1,400 expected participants from all over Europe, the M-days are the largest central European Convention for mobile communications, sales and content solutions. On over 6,000 square meters of Convention and exhibition space, the M-days will present for the first time the subject areas of business solutions and application development. “” “” Topics including how mobile devices / application stores strategy “, business solutions” system integration “or broadband/solutions” are subject to special panels at the Congress. Samsung, HTC, Vodafone, Qualcomm, YOC, E-Plus Group, cellular, GS1 Germany, Sybase 365, fjord, comScore, smaato, SIC! hakromedia dailyme.tv, Cirquent, haase & martin, Cybits, gettings, Dimoco, IC3S, insertEFFECT, Madvertise, Corazon, BMW Group, M-way solutions and many other well-known companies are present at the M-days be.

With more than 120 speakers and 70 exhibitors Convention the optimal information and Exchange platform mobile offers on the subject”. You can enjoy all the highlights with a Congress ticket for both days for 450.00 euros. For more information about the Congress and the exhibition, see. M days Organizer – 11% communication 11 percent – communication with seat in Erding has established itself as a neutral communication platform between the brand and the world media and the mobile and digital entertainment world. The Agency advises and supplies companies with detailed and extensive information about the eGame-and mobile market. In addition the organisation of events to these subject areas (www.gfm-world.de,,). Communication additional competencies from 11 percent include the PR sector and the publishing of the GfM News (www.gfm-nachrichten.de) for the areas of eGames, IPTV, mobile and social media. Contact person for the press Angelique Szameitat, 11 percent communication, press, and program coordination Tel.: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955-625, fax: + 49 (0) 8122 / 955 627 E-Mail:, Internet: