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Creativity Divine Treasure

From time to time we all have an idea (think) great. It is clear that there are people more creative than others, as there are people who draw well because it has that gift, and others not so have. However, creativity depends on other factors, can be grown, and there are various techniques for generating ideas. As he pointed out the other day Concha Barber of Dompablo in his Super active Blog silence, to generate possible solutions, in many cases it is convenient to distance themselves a bit of the problem without cutting wires, distancing us from the objectives without discarding them, and the solution can be present. If we do not do so, it is possible that in many cases the trees don’t let us see the forest. On many occasions it happens that I am engaged in a problem and can not find solution, for many laps to give. I’m going home, keep thinking on this, and that night, or the morning of the next day, the idea emerges as if by magic.

Creativity has, as they say, a lot of sweating and a little inspiration (no more remember what he said the great Pablo Picasso). The classic phrase that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident is simply a myth, the only thing you could say is that he had a bit of luck, but he had spent many years working in that area. And when he saw the effect that produced penicillin fungus, he researched with curiosity and persistence, motivated also by its past as a military doctor in World War I, in which was impressed by the great mortality caused by infections. Many of the techniques to generate ideas are based precisely on the pre-work on idea, individual and/or team. I’m going to discuss one of the techniques that particularly worked me in some cases to the search for solutions to a problem, collective Notepad (Collective note book). It is to provide a number of people (preferably with different profiles, to ensure greater variety) the definition of the problem. For a longer or shorter period (depending on the time available, but) It could be between two weeks and one month), each participant will scoring in his notebook at least one idea a day in relation to the issue at hand.

This perseverance requires a good dose of self-discipline which, together with the natural maturation of the matter in that period, are the keys to this method (work more inspiration). At the end of the period, each participant indicates that he considers better idea which they had, but nonetheless passes all ideas Coordinator project. This examines the ideas and chooses;normally I recommend that once analyzed, meet participants to discuss it all, because there they can emerge better solutions. Obviously, although here it speaks of a Notepad notes, there are who prefer to use new technologies and possibilities that offer us here some applications. From my point of view, despite usually being an advocate of the benefits of computing, paper Notepad is not bad in the sense that you can carry in your pocket and point the idea wherever you are, and translate it either way (words, drawings, graphics). Of course, anyone with a PDA can make use of this appliance Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in business sciences, postgraduate in auditing accounts and master MBA, passionate about the world of Economics and business management.