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Alexander Rosenbaum

Honored and People's Artist of Russia, a doctor, an officer, actor, singer, songwriter, candidate for master of sports of boxing, a State Duma deputy, owner of a chain of beer – all this is not a complete list of achievements of the indigenous Petersburger Alexander Rosenbaum. Once in an interview the singer admitted: "I am not a typical artist, and the entire biography and creative activity Povzner to become worthy of confirmation. Despite the widespread public recognition, state awards and the fact that Rosenbaum has made a significant contribution to the perpetuation of the name of St. Petersburg in his songs and poems, he has not yet been awarded an honorary citizen of St. Petersburg.

Although Many of St. Petersburg and the Russian Alexander Rosenbaum name is inextricably linked with the city on the Neva. In a series of Leningrad Rosenbaum in a unique, peculiar to him alone manner performed a series of songs about Leningrad. This have already become legendary "," On the street of Marat "," Returning to the city, and many other works of Leningrad, and subsequently of St. Petersburg. Rosenbaum, thoroughly imbued with this city, and still prefers to call it the old fashioned way – Leningrad. The singer admits that some used to old name, as he considers himself still a Soviet person, but there have this habit, and other background, as recognized by Singer correspondent of the newspaper "Neutral" – Leningrad – a town of Lena, my wife. " Today, Alexander Rozenbaum is actively engaged in social and business activities, certainly not at the expense of basic, creative and concerts.

Very Talented Composers

But, unfortunately, our show business is not looking, not teaching and educates the new composer, author of talent, not help them in their growth. And this leads to the fact that the vast majority of potentially beautiful new music and lyrics just do not is born. To a wider audience for their way only the young songwriters, composers who either have a huge financial support (eg from parents), or "Dodging every fate" have talent not only in composing music and songs, but playing music, arrangement, accompaniment, vocals, management, promotion, promoutinga, programming, advertising. The latter, fortunately, there are but few of them. Among become familiar on television and radio singers, songwriters, composers, many "blown" A lot of the same stars in show business, the very ones my mother's and father's sons and daughters. Percentage of talent among them about the same as among others.

But the absolute number of them are much smaller, since much less the very wealthy compared to others. Seek the same in the "star" children of rich just as poor. Just the rich have more opportunities for good education and promotion of their children. And because almost all the children of wealthy parents, who wished to become "stars", they are regardless of inclinations, talents, knowledge, skills, etc. I'm afraid to be wrong, but I think that among become familiar on television and radio singers, songwriters, composers, etc. – more than half of just such stars.

For them, buying air time, conduct ad campaigns. And consequently, we do listen, see, get used to them. We have not established a system for selecting, training and promotion of talented young songwriters, composers, lyricists, arrangers By and large, the degree of talent of some of their creations equal to the average level of talent of all our people.