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A Short History of Giving

Referring to Galilee where he came from and his main or first apostles, very poor land and away from the center of Jewish power in Palestine, where the main livelihood activity was fishing. This is the main reason why Paul has sought to detract to scroll through the cross, not only because the cross was the symbol that best quadrant a with its design but also as a direct reference to Galilee could become a constraint, for being too parochial, to the aspirations of universality a I entertained for his fledgling church. 2. The fish is a direct reference to food, not forgetting that it is a kind of a resent graphical two of the most significant wonders or miracles of Jesus, of great propaganda value: on the one hand, unveiled its first apostles while they were fishing: fishing had not gotten anything, and he told them where to drop their nets, the fish took out full at every opportunity, in that form these first apostles knew as true identity, or special character of Christ, and secondly the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fish … all an allegory in itself because through Christ feeds a hungry crowd … obviously not just physical food but spiritual food …

(it does not live by bread alone man)3. The fish, even in so simple and schematic representation is a living animal is part of God’s creation, is the first beings created by him according to genesis, a manifestation of his power grabs, just like love. The cross, in short, is a symbol outside the doctrine of Jesus, regardless of their true nature as to be historically real, at any time refer to or otherwise bound by its teachings, it is never mentioned in any of his sermons nor central element in any of his parables, all the essentials of his teaching is focused on concepts of peace, justice, solidarity, charity and compassion expressed as extensions of the central, fundamental, that is love. The use of the cross as a symbol of faith for many years after the death of Jesus and his choice is deliberate and manipulative as it is more an ominous reminder of a tragedy that a happy symbol of hope, is the result of the diametrically opposed Christ’s teachings because the end result as an exercise of love everyday can not be death but the creation of life, a manifestation of God’s power through us, the road to salvation is not death or torture represented by the instrument of execution but is compassion, solidarity and selfless dedication represented by the absolute love, pure and simple you are proposing an exceptional man, who did not need so many power hierarchy or dogma or material to convey its simple.