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OldFashioned Taffy Pull Party

Want a unique party idea for your child’s birthday, or even when her friends sleep over for the weekend? Try hosting your own taffy extraction. It can be quite messy, but kids love it. Just follow these steps to minimize clutter. . . and maximize the fun! 1. Stock up on supplies. If you have not already candymaking basic tools, stocking up is easy.

You will need a medium size pot (3 or 4 quarts) with a heavy bottom and straight sides. You will also need a long handle of a wooden spoon, a pastry brush (used to scare off any crystals that might form), and a good candy thermometer with a metal clamp which attaches to the side of the pan. Then go shopping for the ingredients of toffee. For the recipe in this article, you must collect the following: sugar, corn syrup, salt, unsalted butter, flavor extracts (Vanilla, raspberry and lemon), coloring (red and yellow work nicely), flour, wax paper and candy wrappers. 2. Prepare your kitchen. If you resigned to the fact that this party is going to get dirty, you’ll be in the right mindset to relax and let the kids have fun. However, there are some simple steps you can take to minimize clutter. First, establish several cloths painter, recording the edges to protect every inch of its soil. Then sprinkle with a light coating of flour on canvas of the painter-this will help keep the shoes from around the world adhere to the fabric, when the inevitable spills occur.