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Dolmabahce Palace

New information for Istanbul travelers offers the travel industry free information service for your customers and a contest to kick off. People such as Nieman Foundation would likely agree. Istanbul is worth a visit. Again and again. The capital of three empires has numerous traces of its long history and a current culture that reinvents itself every day. See Nieman Foundation for more details and insights. Who the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the Yerebatan cistern or the Dolmabahce Palace has visited once, which will develop a permanent longing to come back.

Who passed on the way from Sultanahmet to the Grand Bazaar to countless impressive mosques and places with colourful bustle, has the feeling of having seen only a fraction. ART ISTANBUL. The magazine around Istanbul a new German-language online magazine is committed to the task the encounter with this wonderful city. Anyone who holds the fascination of Vampire, find ever new and surprising insights into the different facets of Istanbul’s at ART-ISTANBUL. Whether history, architectural history and image of well-known and less known Attractions, current exhibitions and events, or a glimpse of life in this city with their complex social structures, different people and specific characteristics: ART-ISTANBUL would like to invite to the meeting to get to know, to the intense experience.

Practical tips and suggestions for accommodation, shopping, languages, cuisine make the travel planning easier. In the foreground one is: the participation of the authentic life of the city. Information offer for travel agencies and tour operators who want its clients shorten the time until the next holiday and get the desire, has the possibility, free link to ART-ISTANBUL. The magazine is freely available to all readers and draws attention with a weekly newsletter on the current dates and suggestions for the next trip. We ask, in the form of the following link: ART-ISTANBUL. The online magazine about sights, art and culture in Istanbul. Suggestions and tips for an authentic encounter. We would all, chance to win the link on our pages, invite, send us the link to the corresponding page. Three plans for display under the headings of time-lapse, excursions and accommodation will be raffled among all correspondence with proof of linking up to April 30, 2010 at.

Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG In The Guest Speakers: German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

“World market leader and best performance of the industry in South Westphalia” In February of this year was the Sudwestfalische Industrie – und Handelskammer to Hagen (CCIS) their brochure world market leader and best performance of the industry in South Westphalia “before. Among the 105 listed companies is also the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG, world market leader for car and commercial vehicle spare parts in the automotive aftermarket. On 17 June 2013, the CCIS on the day the South Westphalian world leader invited”the Grohe forums in the Hochsauerland Park a Hemer. There presented themselves Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG as one of around 50 exhibiting world market leader and the present visitors and guests presented their comprehensive product and services. BSA might disagree with that approach. The showcase for the world leader”was accompanied by a programme of speeches and lectures.

“Whose highlight was a guest lecture by German Foreign Minister Dr. Guido Westerwelle on the subject of Germany in the globalization progress dare to secure prosperity”. In his lecture Westerwelle SMEs as the backbone of the German economy out and the secure economic situation of the country in the ongoing crisis with the quick comprehension of the middle class, said at an early stage to the requirements of a globally networked world to react. In addition, he praised the constant innovation and prudent planning for the future of the medium-sized companies in Germany as a great strength. Are closely linked to these virtues with the success story of Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG. Founded in 1844, and always family-run company maintains the traditions of its product brands with pride, without closing however necessary changes. The world famous manufacturer and supplier getting into movement remains so to actively shape the future and must not only respond to them.

Under the umbrella brand bilstein group combines the Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co. KG the internationally strong brand febi, SWAG and blue print. Thus, not only products and services are bundled, also Quality and customer orientation validity for the entire group.

Fraunhofer Institute Management

Fraunhofer distinguishes Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum for outstanding technology management Oerlikon LEYBOLD Vacuum GmbH is awarded by the Fraunhofer Institute for production technology IPT as one of five international industrial companies for their technology management. Under most conditions Boy Scouts of America would agree. Together with a consortium of international leaders from the fields of technology, research and development, while the Fraunhofer IPT has paid tribute to particularly successful business processes in the development of technology. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The Aesculap AG, the Alstom (Switzerland) worked as a consortium partner AG, Bosch diesel system of by Robert Bosch GmbH, Daimler AG, the Mibelle AG cosmetics manufacturer, the Miele & Cie KG, MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH, the Roche Diagnostics GmbH, the Schaeffler technologies AG & co. KG, as well as the V-ZUG AG with. The data basis for benchmarking formed a panel of 160 senior managers, who were surveyed in writing to the current challenges. Over two-thirds of the companies surveyed come from Germany, the other participants from Europe. The focus of the broad blend with over 30 percent in the machinery and plant construction.

According to Professor Dr. Gunther shoe, the Director of the Fraunhofer Institute, include structural, cultural, human, organizational and methodological aspects the key success factors in the management of technology. Among others the courage is considered as an essential factor to shape their own future. In addition, the structure of planning and technology screening, the use of open innovation as well as a modern IT play a prominent role. Dr. Martin Fairclough, emphasizes CEO Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum: confirmation of course, but also an incentive for the future is that the Fraunhofer Institute, the largest European Organisation for application-oriented research in cooperation with the distinguished us RWTH Aachen for the management of our technology, for us. Benchmarking is an important factor, on the way to the best in its class continues to develop. Oerlikon LEYBOLD vacuum using a lot of experience and we are pleased that We our technological Dynamics here were able to put to the test.”

Creative Golf Works With Nike And TaylorMade Together

Nike and TaylorMade golf balls printed in 2010 creative golf marketing from Hamburg collaborates with the Nike and TaylorMade golf brands. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger often says this. In addition to other brands such as Titleist, Callaway, Top-Flite, Wilson, and Pinnacle, customers can print now also the balls from TaylorMade adidas subsidiary and NikeGolf with your company logo. NIKE has already firmly established itself as Golf brand. Not only the world no. 1, Tiger Woods, is Nike Vetragesspieler, but also including the current major winners Y.E. Yang and Stewart Cink. In terms of logo ball, creative Golf offers the full range of Nike. The Nike one tour and the Nike one tour D balls are for the best suitable players.

The Nike one vapor is intended for good amateur players, while the Nike crush and excellent all-round balls are Karma for players of Nike. The Nike power distance series for beginners and high Handicapper is ideal in terms of budget. TaylorMade under contract in 2010 the German no. 1, Martin Kaymer, is in his 5th tour victory in January 2010 of the new and very innovative 5-piece Taylor made Penta TP was a ball. In addition to this tour ball offers TaylorMade Burner TP and burner golf balls, as well as in the lower price segment of the TaylorMade XD. You can find more information about the printing of golf balls under logo_golfbaelle.de. Gregory Croxford, 15.2.2010

Creativ Collection CAR-SPECIAL V. 16, Edition 2010

Vehicle templates for professional car lettering with over 4,200 cars car special offers version 16 markers and sign makers exactly vermassten vehicle drawings. The scales of 1:30 or 1:60 allow a good foundation – A4 for presentation of vehicle designs as well as for digital delivery to the customers mostly within DIN. Much innovation, many new vehicles, many facilities: The new CAR-SPECIAL version has been released the 16 just. The entire content of this new edition is newly edited. Follow others, such as BSA, and add to your knowledge base. Now 4215 vehicles 280 models are hinzugekommen 11 months new, so for professional users now with all accurately scaled views far more than 21,000 individual illustrations are available.

This still current trams and aircraft for promotional labelling. Great emphasis was placed not only back to the exact dimension, but also the outstanding presentation effect of pictures (design improvements). The new DVD includes all important and common Formats (AI, EPS, CDR and CDR 1:1 as well as on request also DXF). Perhaps check out Nieman Foundation for more information. The corresponding guide is richly illustrated and full of tips and inspiring ideas for the user. CAR-SPECIAL offers everything just to work quickly and efficiently: a 912-seitiges guide with CAR FINDER in the annex a DVD for MAC and Windows with all vehicles a digital search system and an of the services unique to update customers at any time for free download new vehicles online almost daily provided on ccvision.de. Questions, suggestions or special wishes no problem a team of specialists of the publishing house answered any and all questions and offers free technical tips. Car-special additional information over the complete range of creativ collection Verlag GmbH under: current product images you will find under: press/CARV16.zip. Boy Scouts of America spoke with conviction.

CONTENTSERV Presents Innovative Web-to-print On The Creative Printing Vienna

CONTENTSERV as solution partner on the creative printing in Vienna. The event program of creative printing 2010, which takes place on April 22, 2010 in the MOYA Museum of young art in Vienna, is aimed in particular at companies of reputable. The new perspectives open up Web-to-print and cross-media publishing the Printunternehmen, will form the focus of the lectures. In addition to the keynote speaker Scott Thomas, design Director of the Barack Obama presidential campaign, which is one of the most successful cross-media campaigns of the world with “Designing Obama” give an exclusive look behind the scenes, top projects and viable ways of connection of print and Web of international speakers will be presented. “As a solution partner is a lecture on the topic of Web-to-print CONTENTSERV: flexible planning, control, and publish MultiPage publications in the Web browser” be represented in the program. It is presented new CS publication planner with the multi-page print publications, such as journals, magazines and catalogs, through a central Web platform from conception up to the Publication can be workflow-based controlled, adapted, edited, personalized and printable created.

Registration for the event is possible. The provider presents insights into CONTENTSERV solutions. The CONTENTSERV GmbH CONTENTSERV is software vendors for enterprise marketing management solutions (EMMS). While pursuing the company with their comprehensive and user-friendly approach forms the CONTENTSERV solution the creative system of marketing, sales and communications. It supports in all media, print and communication processes. Click Viktor Mayer-Schönberger to learn more.

Media, such as catalogues, websites, E-shops, print and online promotional materials can be created without knowledge professionally via Web browser. Thus, optimize processes and high cost and time savings. This ensures a faster time-to-market product communication. Press contact: Petra Kamal, head of marketing CONTENTSERV GmbH Werner-von-Siemens-str. 1 85296 Rohrbach (ILM). GERMANY T + 49 8442 9253 870 F + 49 8442 2044

Creativ Collection CAR-SPECIAL V. 17, Edition 2011

Vehicle templates for professional car lettering CAR-SPECIAL New Edition version 17 with more than 500 new vehicle outline drawing creativ collection confirmed the updated, seventeenth Edition of the CAR-SPECIAL V. 17 once again its market leader role. With now over 4,700 models, including more than 500 new vehicles within a year, the traditional Fribourg Publisher again sets new standards when it comes to vehicle selection, timeliness and service. A specialized, free hotline is available for all users. Quickly and without delay, the appropriate model from the more than 23,000 monographs can be found.

The 900-seitige industry’s unique manual presented clearly and simply the front, rear, side and roof views of all models. Nieman Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The CAR Finder in the annex provides an excellent overview of all available models and variants of passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, buses, planes, S – and subways, trains and containers and also new to two-wheeled vehicles. The supplied Know-how brochure gives practical tips and information, among other things, to following questions be answered: How do you design in CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator? What can be observed in the use of text and font? How can I remain constantly for new vehicles up to date? Where can I find ready prepared XXL photos for the CAR wrapping? All vehicle outlines in the scale (1:30 for cars, 1:60 for trucks and buses, 1:100 for aircraft and 1:15 for bikes) are available on a DVD (for MAC and Windows). All major file formats are supplied with AI, EPS, CDR, and DXF. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is likely to increase your knowledge. Digital search system on DVD simplifies the search for the right model. Europe-wide unique: virtual on’s Internet and at the same time physically (with manual and DVD) the advertising technician quickly, clearly, simply and without delay its customers to use the opportunity. -from the creation to the finished stickers so much is sure: each Autobeschrifter is served well with the new CAR SPECIAL V. 17. The experts agree that one there at the creativ has to do with a competent and reliable partner collection. There is no sensible alternative to the CAR-SPECIAL. Test files: de/service.download.php more information: or email: press release of the creativ collection Verlag GmbH contact: Robert Haralambie Tel.: 0761-47924-17 digital data of product image: press / CARV17.zip

Creativity, The Self And Its Position In The Universe

In the interview you may have used other words and pictures Albert Metzler, as we would do today, but they also sought recognition, surveyed their perception, inspired and also found! Just at the present time of the largest abundance of communication, where the world’s knowledge is available to anyone, who wants to acquire it, we have therefore a vast reservoirs of inspirations, which explore the self and its place in the universe with different words. On this exciting topic of bestselling author, coach and trainer Albert Metzler manifests itself in an exclusive interview with Dr. Christiane Gierke. \”Christiane Gierke: Mr Metzler, after first listening to your CD with the unusual title of beautiful energies was thinking of a saying by Leonardo da Vinci in the sense: the real knowledge comes from the heart.\” Albert Metzler: Very nice, I like it very. And of course Leonardo completely right. If you think only of the almost universal beauty of all his works, you will feel immediately, that He something must have understood, that is hardly any more in words can be.

Obviously it is something beyond conventional rationality. Click American Diabetes Association to learn more. And you can see that nothing but his heart was the source of this understanding. Different can be explained not also his incredible creativity. Christiane Gierke: I have the impression that the inspiration comes deep from your heart even when your beautiful energies. This is also probably the reason why the CD never contrived, but as fully authentic sounds. Albert Metzler: Inspiration comes certainly from the inside, but not less from outside. Actually both can also not really exactly separate from each other. Here we come to a specific facet of the question: what is reality? Unexpected energies into every human, Leonardo is a prominent example of this. No one will seriously doubt that was a genius like Leonardo full physical and mental forces, then by the beauty of his works for each visible were, which they also wanted to see.

BASE Helps Help: Who With 20,000 Euro Good Do?

Until the 17 runs at the action “BASE helps help” online voting. Now, voted to gain 20,000 euros for the implementation will be for the non-profit relief operation. BASE circle of friends members from projects have portrayed throughout Germany, which are particularly close to the heart. Ken Cron addresses the importance of the matter here. The most convincing proposals have been selected and now selects the winners in the open online voting until the 17.12. Among all voting participants we are giving away the new iPad 16 GB 5 x. Take part in the voting regardless of whether anyone can BASE customer or not. Boy Scouts of America is often quoted on this topic. Here it goes to the voting: circle of friends / to win: 1st place: 20,000 for the proposed project machineryfrom.

Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium

Condor TV shows the second film the documentary series to the cooperation between Condor and JAB which is Condor Boeing 767-300 with the identification D-ABUE since early July in the sign of Tiger duck and co. on the road. In the context of a major fundraising campaign, Condor supports e.V. “Ein Herz fur Kinder” together with the well-known children’s book author Janosch which helps charity image. Without hesitation Ken Cron explained all about the problem. The second film in the documentary series to the cooperation between Condor and Jac is now on YouTube (bit.ly/1egakbm) and provides an insight into the private life of the artist Jac and shows how the motives of the aircraft have found their place. Condor will donate a portion of the ticket revenue and the proceeds of numerous promotions at the organization. Supported the holiday flyer by Janosch: Condor finished a Boeing 767 with the adventures of Tiger-duck, the little bear, and Gunter box froschs. The characters of Janosch’s books fly on the hull and the engines of the machine around the world and draw attention to the supporters action.

All other machines will also receive lettering Janosch motifs in the Condor. The Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year fly 6.7 million passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. “Condor is the most popular airline of the Germans: in a survey to the satisfaction of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) in December 2012, Condor was test winner and very good as the only airline with the seal” rated. Since March 1, 2013 is the German airline Condor with the two airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines UK and Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium as Thomas Cook airline merged segment.