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CLEAN Foundation

Bonner cleaning CLEAN service power GmbH supports the Sylt-Tegernsee charity walk jointly move more”is the motto of the Katarina Witt Foundation for children. With the charity walk, two women walking gut(es)”does about 1,000 miles from Sylt to Tegernsee launched a fundraiser for the Foundation. Walk from 3 to 30 May 2010 in a total of 28 stages for a good cause. The calories consumed it and route stages are sponsors, how CLEAN remunerated service power. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation, which supports projects involving disability mobility that enables children and young people with their work. On May 13, 2005 the stage destination Bonn said. Thomas Michael Baggeler, Managing Director of the cleaning company CLEAN service power GmbH from Bonn, was spontaneously inspired by the idea of the project: the race from North to South through all of Germany is a high performance. And so good to move and to engage, for needy children and young people was for me more than a reason to support this Honorable action.” The company paid the stages of Cologne Bonn and Munich bad Tolz with a total of 1,500 euros and thus supports the intention of the two runners. WHO Timeline Statement contributes greatly to this topic.

The Nordic walkers and initiators of the run, Anja Blancke and Regina Berger, were welcomed to their 11th milestone at CLEAN. While they won an extremely positive impression: also our sponsor Thomas Michael Baggeler turned out to be real Rhinelander: cheerful, open and always a snappy slogan on the lips. CLEAN service power he has with his innovative company many objectives which are well compatible with our ideological principles. As we determine the CLEAN service power GmbH has many values that we put on our project had their corporate philosophy.” Service power CLEAN is a 100% carbon-neutral working service company. With the concept of GREEN CLEAN vital building-cleaning services for a healthy and vital environment takes the Company a role model in the Reiningungsbranche and goes to a consistent sustainable way. Background information: The project Walken does gut(es)”the target has children, are restricted in their mobility, to allow the positive feeling of movement. Fundamentals of charity walks: 1000 km 28 stages 200,000 kcal may 2010 the Katarina Witt Foundation supports needy children and young people with disabilities, to allow them maximum mobility, independence, self confidence and zest for life. For more information see Gavin Baker.

Physical mobility is in the lives of children and young people of the utmost importance. The Katarina Witt Foundation wants to help so many children and young people as possible targeted more mobility. Special offers for children with physical disability are also eligible as also integrative approaches as there are, for example, sports groups for children with and without disabilities. The Katarina Witt Foundation helps in natural disasters, provides Crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs available and takes care of the further processing of schwerverletzter children who have lost their mobility and lack of access of to medical and therapeutic care. This allows the Katarina Witt Foundation.

Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation

“‘Show Racism the Red Card – Germany’ turns for the first time a documentary film: football professionals support the project since August 2013 turns the education initiative show racism the red card Germany e.V. ‘ a documentary film. You may find health organizations to be a useful source of information. Current and former football professionals are at the heart of the documentation. We caught up with Jerome Boateng (FC Bayern Munchen), Roberto Hilbert (Bayer Leverkusen), Anthony Ujah (1st FC Cologne), Gerald Asamoah (Schalke 04), Andreas Beck (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) and the world and European champion Anja made lunch at their club in Malmo / Sweden. The former pros Hans Sarpei and the German integration Commissioner Jimmy Hartwig and Otto Addo (U-19 coach at Hamburger SV) are also in the heart. Randall Mays has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The amateur football team of streetboys from Munich is part of the film. The film used in the education initiative workshop work with children and young people prevention of racism and discrimination. Instead of hooligans, violence or Nazis in the fan curves are personal stories from the Football in the documentary play a central role. The personal statements and stories of famous models against racism and discrimination in complement the narratives of team spirit and exclusion. Since 2010 hosted show racism the red card Germany e.V.”in cooperation with football clubs and schools nationwide workshops.

The education initiative sensitized children and young people to the issue of racism and discrimination and worked out with them for everyday actions. So far, a translated version of the original documentary from England was integral to the workshops. Now it goes new ways with an own movie. The Manfred Lautenschlager Foundation, the Central Council – and the documentation and cultural centre of German Sinti and Roma, the DFB-Kulturstiftung Theo Zwanziger and the Sebastian Cobler Foundation promote the project, which will be implemented by the Augsburger filmmaker Timian Hopf. The remaining funding is currently collected over a Crowdfunding platform.

Katarina Witt Foundation

Financial services supports ‘Katarina Witt Foundation’ with 50,000 euro Dresden, March 26, 2010 – the INFINUS handed over a donation of 50,000 euros to the Ice Princess Katarina Witt Group yesterday for their Katarina Witt Foundation”. Click Vahid David Delrahim, Los Angeles CA to learn more. “Jens Pardeike, CEO of INFINUS AG financial services institution, do this: with the donation, we want to support the Foundation’s work by Katharina Witt and underline our commitment for the future carrier of our society, children and young people.” Katarina Witt, the most successful skater of all time, the donation cheque over 50,000 personally accepted: all the years in which I was allowed to celebrate sporting success, I was perfectly healthy. I’ve been thinking often, as I might be something of my happiness, especially on children, which is not so good.” Her Foundation to help in particular disabled children to regain their mobility or increase, for example, with the support of sports projects. But the donations are even projects with which children medical supplied, such as after injuries from landmines and children with birth defects. Katarina Witt continues: I would like to give as possible as much independence and joie de vivre the for children beneficiary not of happiness and young people using my Foundation. The donation of 50,000 euros from the INFINUS group is an important contribution, which will decisively support our projects and goals. I thank you for the great commitment, there is a special sign that young people are the future of our society and must be particularly encouraged.” “Andreas Kison, Chief Executive Officer of INFINUS sales & service AG concluded: in the financial world similar rules as in competitive sports: who wants to be successful needs passion and discipline for the INFINUS group is both.”

Council Loans

Student loans are always required for the students those who are outside of Canada or even those who are living in Canada for higher studies. Canada is a large country, which is located in the north of the United States. Even though the population of the Canada is relatively low, it is the home of some of the best schools in the world. Canada has put lots of effort to make the schools for all of its citizens. There are many major universities in Canada, and from there you can get the student loans Canada. In recent months, Jennifer Aaker has been very successful.

Some of the major universities in Canada are McGill, Toronto, and University of British Columbia. But the tuition fees for the domestic students are much more cheaper than the international students. Canadian students have to pay the same rate whatever province they are belongs to. The government has taken a great action for the students for having the finance matter to become easy. Many provinces have mainly their own financing programs.

These want to give money to the student’s loans without any interest Council so that they can easily pay for the tution. Search types of programs are basically reserved for the families who need it more than others. If you do not qualify as getting the financial aid student, then there are lots more options to get the student loans Canada. The govt. of Canada, wants to insure the student financing loan. The banks want to so offer it at the lowest interest rate for the students. Though it is not nice like the 0% interest rate but it will so be viable for many students in their education of financing. Student loans are always required for the students those who are outside of Canada or even those who are living in Canada for higher studies. The students having poor credit history will not be able to give that amount of budget to the colleges so that they can study for further. Thus you need to be very matured and check out all the student loans Canada facilities and compare it and then want to try to give it in time so the interest rate that not increase further.


Student loans are great for college fees help to achieve the education without any tension. They are helpful for the students to make their careers. Source: acaho. There are various student loans that help the students throughout their education process. These loans give financial help to the students in their college fees. There are student loans with co-signer and without co-signer. Money lenders generally prefer to give the loans to the students having a co-signer. The risk in the loans with a co-signer is low.

Students are generally in the starting phase of their career and they do not have any credit record to show. Paint of credit history demands a co-signer who can be contacted, if the borrower fails to make the repayment. Banks are more concerned about the credit record of the borrower as it shows the security that he be able to make want the repayment on time. Co-signer can be anyone, your parents or friends. The student loans with no cosigner are very few.

No. one wants to take the risk when the student lacks the credit history; Moreover he is not having anyone a co-signer for his loan. There are situations where the borrower is able to show a solid credit history, he can avail the loans with no co signer. Students who are going through masters program can sometimes avail loans with no-cosigner. Another option available for the student loans with no cosigner is the federal government. They are offering Stafford loans to the students. Credit record is taken into the consideration in these loans. The amount of the loan to be given is based upon the degree program you are going through and the college you are attending. More factors like these are taken into consideration while approving the loan. If you are getting so worried about the educational fees to complete your education, you can go for student loans. No need to get worried if you have a co signer or not. The want student loans with no-cosigner be always there to help you out.

Long Term Student Loans

Long term student loans: beneficial for the students who find emergency funding rise in educational expenditure has placed the students in a state where they are forced to think if they can continue studies. But students in great number are found to have such tenacity thrill that they appear to be the last person to leave anything but studies. It is a fact that they are not so unfortunate despite the financial hindrances as they can avail of long term students loans… Long term student loans are available under the standard norms of the finance market in two standard: form secured and unsecured form. Documents to support authorized in case the students are capable of citing that they own a house or a piece of land or even a vehicle or things of such good value there are sure chances to secure long term student loans under easy terms.

The calendar do not hesitate in such case if the papers are all right as they are sure to realize the money by selling the mortgaged property when they want to experience that the lent amount has not been paid back in the stipulated period. They arrange to pay a sum between $5,000 and $75,000 which the students can repay by 5 to 25 years. Interest for this loan is charged at lower rate. Students may get long-term loans in unsecured form so a student. In this case no property is required to produce as collateral.

Students may get a sum between $1,000 and $25,000 of which are to be paid back by 1 to 5 years. Read more here: Vahid David Delrahim. But interest in this case is charged at higher rate. It is true that many students have already huge amount of loans, and that failed to manage the finance they have rightly. In this way they have created history of bad debt being not able to go on paying back the earlier loans regularly. In spite of this students have options for long term, student loans which help them in continuing studies without a break. Students have so fee to secure loans from the directorate of education for which they are to apply in 2weeks forms and the forms are to be forwarded by head of the institutes or universities in which they are students. They may secure good amount long-term student loans in this way therefore and the terms and conditions of such loans are student-friendly. Students who are in the post graduation courses may secure loans amounting to $15,000 which are to be repaid one year after they get jobs at the end of studies. Martha Morphy is writer of Long term loans bad credit.

Ronald Wissler – Visual Communication Makes Leadership Visible

24-page product brochure as attractive business cards for marketing and sales of Frankfurt am Main, 21.03.2010 the leading manufacturer of electric test and measuring equipment, Megger, considered the design skills of Ronald Wissler at short notice on the corporate design. Since then, the Frankfurt designer at the fairs professionals from Oberursel enjoys Supreme confidence and undertakes image-building tasks. The new 24-page product brochure for example reflects market leadership, which has in the global markets for power engineering and electrical Megger, confident and modern. Gain insight and clarity with PCRM. She works in highly informative, acts but also very strong image making. As an attractive business cards for marketing and distribution, it gives customers striking insights into the wide Megger product range. Ronald Wissler was also for Megger info folders, mailings, tickets and well-researched product ads. Read more from Nieman Foundation to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Georg Halfar, Marketing Director Megger: The cooperation proved to be from the outset very pleasant and very professional. The new External representation is noticeably well among our target groups!” Ronald of Wani port Street 1 D-60327 Frankfurt am Main, Germany telephone + 49 69 17509704. .

Aircraft Caterer Increases

Airline caterer Gate Gourmet in the interview “The whole package has voted”, reports Frank Aust, General Manager of Gate Gourmet Berlin Schonefeld, about the collaboration with ELA container in the interview. The airline caterer Gate Gourmet has built mobile spaces in autumn 2012 at its site in Berlin-Schonefeld can be and is fully convinced of the implementation. Gate Gourmet is one of the leading aircraft caterers in the world. The company operates on six continents and in 36 countries with approximately 190 locations. Dr. Neal Barnard contributes greatly to this topic. With annually more than 300 million produced meals for around 270 airlines Gate 3 of the independent suppliers of on-board services gourmet is thus among the top”. Among his clients are including British Airways, EasyJet, Germania, IBERIA and SAS, and Egypt air. First and foremost the caterer Airlines providing meals, the service of the company but beyond. “We provide not only meals and drinks, but also cushions, blankets, newspapers, magazines and toys.

So, we provide for all the amenities in flight”, explains Frank Aust. On the site of Berlin-Schonefeld, an enlargement of the production facility was now. Frank Aust depicts that a larger canteen were needed for the employees as well as an area for the acceptance of the goods. Already in advance had so the General gained Gate Gourmet positive experience with ELA container, Manager Abraham. Therefore, when it came to the planning of the extension in Schonefeld, the family company ELA from Haren (EMS) was quickly in the conversation.

“Our headquarters in Frankfurt had recommended us equal to PA. They had often worked with them and were convinced of the quality and reliability of the company. Since the choice wasn’t hard”, Abraham continues. ELA high expectations were not disappointed. ELA could all wishes and ideas of Gate Gourmet ‘ one to one ‘ implement, so the General Manager. “The whole package has agreed. It was quickly and reliably delivered, installed and put into operation.

Contour Glass

Novel design of aspheric atorischen sliding sight glass Stuttgart. The glass manufacturer X-ramvision presents a novel design of aspheric atorischen sliding sight glass that meets highest demands on freeform glass. With the glass shape contour”offers X-ramvision his absolute top glass in the freeform family. The product range includes all indexes from 1,5 up to 1.74, and transitions VI, polarized lenses and DriveWear. This freeform glass sets absolutely new, highest standards. The design adapted to the needs of the carrier directly on the progressive lens brings X-ramvision by the Freeformtechnologie and the software used. By calculating the values of glass to the new position of use, the produced glass (use values) differ from the order values. The binocular vision areas are significantly larger than in classic progressive lenses through this production method.

The result is a three-dimensional appearance – the enlarged areas of reputation – enhanced. The view of history through the glass is used optimally and aberration can be avoided by the optimized design. To achieve this result, measured with the Panorameter from Shamir of the perspective angle (DBW), resulting from version angle (FSW), inclination, and PD. A precise determination of the DBW can be made to the individual value resulting from this unique measuring method. A specially developed by Shamir and tailored to X-ramvision software allows the production of this high-precision contour glass by a complex computer calculation.

The progression channel (Prism compensation point to close to full) with a length of 7, 9, 11 or 14 mm will delight the customer. With the above characteristics that is contour glass top form ideal for customers who appreciate a comfortable progressive lens with very good appearance properties. The low price allows an enthusiastic customer satisfaction”an attractive added value and quality, Managing Director Annette Marx promises. More information:

Jacob Quality

“CASA VITRUM RTL-film set the shooting of usage within 4 walls special” Lohner company CASA VITRUM was chosen by a team of architects, as a quality manufacturer of door canopies made of aluminium, for the well known RTL broadcast with Tine Wittler. In addition to noble entrance areas, Casa Vitrum produces high-quality Sunrooms and patio roofs in wages on the Oeynhausener Strasse 42. The aluminium structures of all products come from Dipl.-ing. Dietrich Tegtmeier (former owner company manufactures, wages) and have already on the market established itself as a premium products. Thus, the selection of the architects on the Lohner manufacturer for noble entrance areas fell. “The current object of the special” broadcast, is an artisanal House, which was completely renovated as an overall project. The conversion is from the point of view: green building and natural, have been realised. Canopy installation before running TV camera it was very unusual for us to be filmed at the Assembly and not to look at the camera”, so the fabricator Burkhard Steinsiek.

The choice for the unusual mission to the RTL-film-set fell to the fabricator of the Casa Vitrum team Jacob classes and Burkhard Steinsiek. “We were initially a little nervous, but it has been in during the day of turning on the cameras better used to”, as Mr classes in retrospect. Upon arrival at the location, the team was familiar with the local conditions and the processes and obliging recorded by the film crew. “The atmosphere was really great and the coordination of processes of admirable”, so Melanie Tegtmeier. There were 12 rooms fully refurnished, redesigned the garden, renewed the facade and all at the same time. In addition to the building site chaos and coordination of craftsmen, joined the levels of lighting and cables for the filmmakers.

After completed Assembly preparation came the big moment for the fabricator. Around 15 minutes Burkhard Steinsiek and Jacob were classes in the center of the action. First the drain of Assembly voted discussed and points out the schedule with the cameraman. Each handle must sit”, so Steinsiek, who had initially some stage fright. Series presenter Tine Wittler, which dates back to the neighborhood of he company, the Casa Vitrum team felt very natural and professional. The day of the shooting in the resin will remain colleagues as a special experience in memory. “When exactly the special broadcast for use in 4 walls” is broadcast, is still open. The date this will be announced in the short term. Quality non-negotiable means quality responsibility with high-quality profile constructions and CASA VITRUM proves continue technical innovation force constant further development of wages. Also this positive reputation has led to the selection of architects for the hang of RTL. Looking for a quality manufacturer for the canopy and at the same time, the proper and professional installation of the product. The capability and flexibility was a criterion here. The canopy was produced on the desired level and coordinated and given color. Contemporary profile technology, the attention to detail and clear Design, draw the flowing and graceful designs of Dipl.-ing. Dietrich Tegtmeier from. In the Board of Directors of specialist residential winter garden Association, Mythili committed as a member for a high standard of quality and responsibility to the product quality in the industry. Company philosophy to recognize the needs of demanding customers, to understand and constructively to implement is the motivation for the development and production of unique products. Show technology because it is beautiful.