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Carlos Mora Vanegas Venezuelan management, especially responsible for the direction of SMEs, requires identifying more with productive role, making prevail in their environment that their assertive behavior generates in the human resources under their charge, a full identification with the responsibilities to be fulfilled towards established goals. To do so, should ensure a positive organizational climate, which partly can reach it if he knows how to handle properly which manifested the scope, impact of assertive behavior, considered that assertiveness is developed through our daily experience (our interaction with other people), and is linked to our personality and character, in addition, consider that since both are not static, they are molded with lifetime social interactionThis entails will consider to assertiveness, as something that evolves depending on the evolution of our social being and our knowledge, which makes the assertiveness in a broad concept that encompasses aspects own individual, such as self-esteem, lack of confidence, as well as culture and intellect. Management must already be clear in as handles his relationships and as it is capable of giving way to a harmonious working environment, respecting the personalities, behaviors of workers, being assertive in your actions, in your formal gift of command. Robbins points out, that assertiveness makes the stimuli that arrive to us which we were exactly sent; and it makes us to send those messages that we actually want to send and they esencializan our respect and that of the other Jose Alberto Cardona reminds us, Hernandez says, assertive conduct facilitates an adequate flow of information on the working groups and power the creation of more than one solution to potential labor problems that arise in the day-to-day..

Carpenter Kitchens

A wooden kitchen typical usually have cabinets and countertops wood and may also have floors or ceilings of wood. The kitchens of time tend to have more wood walls painted than other types of kitchens, although wood panels can be used in other types. ibute to your knowledge. For which wood stoves? The wood kitchens are not only durable and beautiful, if that do not add value to a home. For example, owners are often installed wood worktops because they are easy to clean, they can be resealed and come in a variety of styles, finishes and colors. What is more, wood countertops are an economic alternative to more expensive materials such as granite, marble or stainless steel and are often equally resistant. The wood kitchens that are constructed properly and given proper maintenance, endure the heat and moisture from cooking and washing while maintaining a gorgeous sheen. Types of wood used to manufacture wood kitchens are can use a variety of types of wood to the wood kitchens, but it is better to choose a wood noble as the cherry, mahogany, maple, oak, teak or walnut. The softwoods like pine are generally not strong enough to withstand the stresses of the kitchen ambience.

Process of manufacturing generally the installation of wood stoves is a task for an experienced Carpenter, because much depends on the care that has to be measured, cut and assemble the wood. In new homes, walls and ceilings for wooden kitchens can be installed when the House is built, along with countertops and cabinets. When a kitchen remodels, creating the kitchen of your dreams requires more attention and care. Amateur wood workers should have a map of some sort in order to have as a guide when working in your kitchen. It is important to measure everything in the kitchen several times walls, floors, cabinets and countertops to be fully insurance of sizes and quantities of timber needed.

Pre-cortada woodworking, cabinets and countertops are available in a shop of construction materials. For wood workers experienced that they want to make a wooden kitchen completely by hand, it is essential to measure the wood several times before cutting. The old saying of Carpenter’s measure twice, Court only one you could expand to measure several times, cutting only one. When it is renewed or a wood stove is installed, start by removing all countertops and old cabinets and clean thoroughly the area behind them. This small cleaning provides a good surface on which to build. Then follow the planes to install panels, cabinets, countertops and floor. Above all, it is important to have the wood fastened securely to avoid costly future repairs.