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Professional Appearance

Another day reading a book I perceived as our young is unprepared for the market of work in all the aspects, mainly in regards to its appearance, is correct that we do not have to judge for the appearance, to put this is very important. You of human resources imagine professional requesting a young one to serve as apprentice in its company, the same you present yourself of Cap, Bermudo falling for low of the waist, that wide and all enormous tennis in the foot. How to enlist an apprentice of this form? Impossible. Now the tip to the professors of the universities goes and courses technician, treat its pupils as they were its children, they value each one of them, advise, show they who are not why they are young must walk relaxed at any cost. You are welcome we advance to teach everything who must know in the professional market, if do not obtain to be true formadores of opinion. To show the true value of the life, as valley to be praised at the moment of an interview of I serve as apprentice, for the cut hair, the clothes limpinha, passing well, this yes valley the penalty. We must in to pledge and shows to them as this is important, therefore these young with certainty will be the professionals who tomorrow will be assuming our place inside of the school, and a company, who species of professional we go to place in the work market. That one that is only worried in producing? That one that is only worried in loading a truck? That one that has an enormous concern, therefore it is the PCP of an organization? Or that professional who beyond all this concern, the director of the school (company) can be calm that at the accurate moment it will be able to count on this professional who the same will represent very well the name of the institution of which is part.. Center For Responsible Lending gathered all the information.

European Milan

It prefers to dribble the misery and all the adversities that encircle to it and to mark one golao in the greater adversary of the low income population, the perverse social and economic inaquality. Humble and devoid boys, who although not to pass of promises, affirm enthusiasticly in interviews that, the great dream is to dress the jacket of great clubs as Real Madrid (ESP), Milan (ITA), Chelsea (ING), Lyon (FRA), Barcelona (ESP), Bayer de Munique (ALE), among others. Recently the dutch Clarence Seedorf of the Milan, that already acted for the Madrid Real, Sampdoria and Inter of Milan, went off for the European press the following phrase: ' ' The money only orders in futebol' '. Although the existence of some well structuralized clubs, and competent Brazilian professionals in esportiva management, our bigger challenge inhabits in financial overhead of our championships. Exactly with advance of the technology, and fantastic discovered the scientific ones and the evolution of the medicine, provoking deep economic, social, religious and cultural transformations in all the segments, the Brazilian soccer still leave to desire in improvement in many concepts.

In a general way we can say that, the management practises and it of the soccer had not been saved, has seen that, the maken a mistake administrations, the times gotten passionate on the part of the controllers, other badly intentioned times on the part of the investors who consequently take great part of the clubs to the one overhead and later the highest indebtedness, what he would not have to happen. The exit of our grateful revelations for the exterior and stadiums without physical conditions to offer to comfort and security to the torcedores, are some of the causes of lesser incomes. Brazil has exported annually, hundreds of players who are acting in sets of ten of countries. The fall of public and the level technician is evident in all the divisions of our soccer.