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True Prosperity

It enters the diverse possible definitions for prosperity, perhaps the most made right it is to accept the life as it is, and to live it in the best possible way. We must value everything what already we conquer, keeping the mind opened for the cosmic conscience, to use our knowledge and abilities without measuring efforts. The E, most important, to thank the God for being part of this planet. To deepen your understanding Boy Scouts of America is the source. When we donate in them for the universe, that is, the people who we know or not, we later provoke the generation of a powerful energy that comes back, more early or, in the form of abundance of wealth. not only material, but all type of good that we search or that we are considered apt to receive. When cultivating the hope, the interior peace, the humanizao, the espiritualidade and the optimism, we reach a really prosperous and happy life.

Many confuse prosperity with stuffed banking accounts of zeros to the right, full garage of cars, career of success, fame. This is one of the mistakes most common at our time, when the people they are not intimidated in exchange for running away its privacy fifteen minutes (or less) from fame. Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City pursues this goal as well. In these shady times, where old certezas fall ahead for land of new truths, instead of prosperity, grassam greed, avarice and egoism. We must fight not to be led to have these feelings, contrary case never we will have a quality life. The secret to enjoy the happiness of a prosperous life certainly is in always being thankful for what we have. After all, the well biggest one is the proper life, and our obligation while guests in this world are to fight to better become it each day. Daniel J. Souza is manager of people, biologist, palestrante and consultant (www.vermelhor.com)

Change Process

If it does not treat solely to diagnosis the current state for, taking in account the way, (that it is what decides on the changes that will have that to assume), ' ' sonhar' ' a desired future, but yes that if it must trace strategies that allow in them to plan as to exceed the obstacles. Soon, the strategical thought must trace a clear diagnosis, taking in account in such a way the way as the existing barriers (the objective and the subjective ones) to plan a strategy that allows to glimpse the desired future. Most important it is after glimpsing this future, this tomorrow metafrico, inclining it, and every day of the life ' ' agarrar' ' the gift, in way to convert it, with passing of the time, in the waited one. This calls effect Merlin (due to legendary mago). It is arrived then at the concept to set in motion strategical, that it is what makes possible, from a future position, to carry itself to direction chosen through the strategy, to go approaching the gift to the desired vision. In the scope enterprise, for the one before displayed, a vital element is to reach a line or strategical direction, that allows to trace a direction, which if adds volunteer enthusiasticly and the collective one that it integrates the company.

For this if much solid in the direction requires a leadership. The effect Merlin consists of being capable to materialize a future glimpsed and drawn of challenging form, to perceive with more clarity the potentialities of the gift and to go attracting it, in a repetitive process and of constant approaches. To get it is essential to delouse itself total of the lapsed usual conceptions. To learn, it has first that to unlearn. The implication in this intention possesss a paper key, as well as the commitment to fight for reaching something better qualitatively. Implication and commitment are not the same. The first one is a certain state of alignment how much to the politics and strategies traced in one determined process. When we relate in them to we make it to the commitment with the meaning of a superior state, to be capable to subordinate individual or particular interests the collective interests.