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However, the being for himself, ” pour soi” ‘ he does not have any of those characteristics. ‘ for himself he corresponds descriptively to which we called ‘ man, that is who is freedom, brings back to consciousness, etc. STEM Scholarship oftentimes addresses this issue. He is not compact because it is, really, an emptiness, one nothing; he is not complete because at no moment of his life it finishes constituting itself, must do it permanently; it is not self-sufficient because at no moment it is, but always must get to be, by virtue of things and external situations that is to him It is what it is not and is not what es”. The idea of the values as much as the one of God is a contradictory idea inasmuch as they try to appear ” in a being who is in himself and for himself, simultaneously Tomemos for example the idea from justice: This is the idea of a human but perfect society. In her it would have been arrived at a completion state of history to have reached and to have realised in one go for always justice. Thus justice would have to be on the one hand absolute, eternal, perfect, etc. – as God -, but, on the other hand, it must be a characteristic of a society of men, that is to say finite, being realised imperfectly every day, weather, etc.

Thus seen is also a contradictory idea ” Therefore Sartre discards the subject of the values like ideological subject. And if we wanted to continue analyzing theories on we could do it to the value, because they so are varied as the same values. But, better we conclude. The value seems to be bound to the existence. It is, as they say to the existencialistas ” regarding existencia”.

Also he is united to conjunctures or situations, since we can insert it in the cultural thing and of them we cannot theorize with pretension to own the revealed truth or to have said the last word. The deal with the world is conditioning our form to feel, to have emotions with respect to the valuable thing, but the existence ” pura” of the value it is intact. We can change our consideration on, for example the monogmico marriage, by groups or homosexual following the situation, but the value of correct or the incorrect thing remains intact. It only changes our perception of the value with respect to something. Its bipolarity is undeniable and its hierarchial structuring is, obviously, relative. But there is something is certain: The value without the emotion would be like the noise if auditory apparatuses did not exist, like the light without the vision and the love to God without the soul.

Armed Forces

Drift from there, perhaps, another atavic image, of ' ' moral reserve of nao' ' , gift in all the cultures. One and another one constitute the well biggest one of that the military they can make use in the seio of the society the one that belongs. It occurs that, differently of the goods and services, that can be presented and be divulged, or same of one politics of government, whose advantages and results can be proclaimed, the defense of the native land – reason of being of the Armed Forces – is a intangible product, except when placed to the test, becoming incua, before a scene of indefinite threat, as the current one, the propagation of messages that encaream its importance. The preservation of the mentioned atavic images contributes for an unconscious and subjective notion of ' ' reason of ser' ' , that it minimizes the perverse effect of the objective reality, which is, of the inexistence of threat fully identified. Rev Starsky Wilson has many thoughts on the issue. However, as the image survive only in the measure where the expectations for it generated if identify with the observed reality, the quality and the credibility if becomes the proper requirement of the survival. Under the optics of the market, product that does not present quality disappears, substituted for another one better, while that one presents that it contributes directly for the good image of the company, creating a regenerative process, where the mark starts to be quality assurance, promoting the acceptance of the product. From there the fantastic investments made to assure the good image. In the case of the Armed Forces, the image before the nation can contribute for the best acceptance of the reasons of its existence, for the allocation most favorable of resources and for bigger easiness in the conscription of volunteers it military career in ampler segments each time of the society.

Civil Society

the Right of Nature that makes possible the State of War. ICR brings even more insight to the discussion. All the man possesss or longs for something, and is therefore that the war happens, because other individuals can and desire to this something exactly. The three main causes of the discord, would be the profit, therefore the man aims at its separate property of husband and wife and will make this to the cost of the goods and the life of others; the security, because the man anticipating the defense will attack other men to defend its good, property and life; reputation, situation this where the man wounds and kills to feel itself and to reveal more skillful and better intelligent who the other men, the natural man runs away from the equality condition. Thus, Hobbes tries to justify the necessity of a sovereign absolute State, to contain the effect of the competition, of diffidence and of the search for the glory. But it will be that the man in the nature state does not question the equality? It will be that it does not question to have as much and the same rights that all the other men? The natural man of Hobbes in such a way questions such situation of equality that searchs forms of being or feeling themselves superior to excessively. ' ' All pleasure and joy of the mind consist of finding people who if, in them compare they, they make in them to feel triumphant and with reasons it stops bragging in them; ' ' 13. This search for the superiority leads inevitably to the conflict, and is from fear of the conflict, from fear of the constant unreliability, that the Civil Society will be created. CONCLUSION After a careful reading of the text of Rousseau and Hobbes and its commentators we have to say that both the theories are primorosas, but affirm this to the step we assume that them as pure speculation, as a philosophical exercise. .

External Legislation

According to legal legislation, the duties are exterior, and its mbiles also, what it also makes possible the judgment of the fulfilment or not of the action and the ways to force its accomplishment. As the ethical legislation demands that the mobile either the respect to the law, it cannot be an exterior legislation, therefore if it cannot determine the intention for exterior laws, since the intention cannot be controlled for a judge who is not the proper one citizen. However, the ethical legislation can admit duties of an exterior legislation and make them its; thus, all the duties belong of some form to the ethics. Follow others, such as BSA, and add to your knowledge base. 3 the concept of external freedom the external freedom, for Kant, is represented by the state in order to regulate the individual freedoms of the citizens, needing the performance of this armed state controlling agency of being able coercitive. Characterized for the right, the external freedom comes from the legal obligation, through which we assume responsibilities before the others. It is glimpsed here, our controlled exterior release for a higher stage of appeal, that is the state power. Learn more on the subject from Eliot Lauer. Being based on the kantiano principle of the right, the exclusive innate freedom as right, means that each man is simultaneously independent and equal in relation to the will of any another one.

The simultaneous limitation and the guarantee of the action freedom, presented for the formula of the legal imperative: ' ' it acts external in way that the free use of yours will can conciliate with the will of all as law universal' ' (MC, P. 46), they constitute a postulate of the reason, not possible to be proven seno for the proper reason, that is used by all. The binding effect that the general law of the right imposes as reciprocal intersubjetiva justice, compels morally, possessing objective character, reason for which if it cannot demand of that it makes of this objective entailing the beginning of its principles to be able to act as it wants.


Space of right Perfume net. To fill the power is sent to the spirit of the rules in the journey into the worlds of dense. To do this, and was created soul and body are different. When he gains the necessary strength left, returned back into the right and begins to create new worlds. So expanding the space of right and self-creation. For assistance, try visiting Jennifer Aaker. 47 chakras person has all the creatures that inhabit Worlds Navi and Reveal, a special device, which redistribute the energy of peace in the world and from body to body. CBC, Australia is a great source of information.

Our ancestors devices these wheels of light is called. In the modern world they call chakras. Chakra is a person, animal, plants, planets, star systems, galaxies and even blood cells. The largest number of chakras in the human being – 47. This amount depends on from what the star system embodied soul. On Earth, most people have 47 chakras but not all of them work. Chakras are installed on the subtle bodies of man. Spinning wheel, the light begins to firm up energy, creating a sort of black hole that opens up a channel from the world of fine in the world is more dense.

Through This channel has an energy that can nourish the body, giving him the required information or may be directed to other activities. In humans, there are 15 essential chakras, 24 and 8, astral mental. All chakras are arranged differently and manage different kinds of energies. All chakras are connected with the nervous system of dense body, opening the channels between the worlds and directing energy to the main nerve sites, or vice versa from them.

Zodiac Signs Pisces

Also eleventh house associated with the patrons of the person, his sponsors, patrons, and just well-wishers. Eleventh House – a man on his plans for the future. Ability to implement plans or their failure. Dreams and hopes of human century, its projects and desires. Eleventh House – it is also human relations and contacts with public companies, as with social groups. Benefit or harm from them. Eleventh house indicates the possibility of human contact (Unconscious and conscious) with the Cosmos, zner-goinformatsionnym field of the universe, the possibility of contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and parallel worlds. Independence and autonomy of a person's life.

Eleventh House points to the man's attitude to charity, benefit or harm from this. Freedom, extravagance, anarchy. Attitude to scientific occultism, particularly in scientific astrology, numerology, . Human involvement in social projects. pisces Twelfth sign of the zodiac.

Moving water. The highest level of the elements – Water (steam). Mutabelny, feminine, negative, magnetic Zodiac. Fish – older, living room, abode of Neptune. Pisces – the youngest, night, abode of retrograde Jupiter. Proserpine and Mercury in Pisces in exile. White Moon (Selena) in Pisces in the fall. Venus and Black Moon (Lilith) in Pisces, in exaltation. Man's soul went to school, held life lessons of karma for eleven signs of the zodiac. At the level of Zodiac Signs Pisces soul of man is the last final exam. From the results of this test depends, whether the soul will return to their worlds, where she came to earth to fix, if goes to God, the Absolute, or not passing the exam, the soul begins a new round of training on the lessons of Zodiac Signs, changing the body are born and die.