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Latin American Tragedy

It is very common to hear politicians to fight poverty and eradicate poverty they live in the vast majority of American people and because of this have been beaten and continue to be mistreated by civilian and military governments come and go without getting the formula to allow these people find the path to development that allows them to live with dignity and be lasting in time. Now it is unclear to what extent it is true that politicians or government of the day that suits them vast majority living in poverty out of this.

The reason for this is that there are the votes that lead to growing power in the name of democracy, elections were held. We see during election campaigns are promised aid to solve their problems and then forget about them once installed in power and are worse governments in power and gifts are miserable, such as a bag of food per month or cash, so keep this mass of people idle and available to the governors of the day for when they need them. r Diabetes is currently assessing future choices. A very special case is presented in The Republic of Venezuela where the current government intends to amend the current Constitution with the intention that in light of the democratic consciousness are not clear, and according to those who advocate this reform, it means transferring more power to the people . The transfer of power to the people is present in name only because if we analyze the content of the reform is easy to see that all decisions will be orchestrated from the executive branch represented by the citizen President of the Republic. Venezuelans are torn between a Democratic and a Socialist, however you must understand that there is a difference between states and governments.

There may be a democratic state with a socialist government as in the case of Chile for example. What is inconceivable is the replacement of a socialist democratic state where the right to disagree or think differently is classified as a crime, which is what is happening in Venezuela. Fighting poverty is not going to be Socialist Democrats or even with Communist leanings, but rather a problem of education and this is the real Achilles’ heel of the misery in which peoples live. If the government focused its efforts on educating the masses, but an integrated education for work, would be a great start to overcoming poverty in Latin America. It’s about changing the mindset of a vast number of people and teach them that progress can only be achieved with hard work and not the father hopes the omnipresent all-powerful as it is the state or the ruling government provide basic goods, such as currently happening in the vast majority of Latin American countries. One might wonder if our politicians and they should embark on this journey in an honest and responsible, because then I would be facing a great dilemma that at any given time could limit or eliminate definitively the access to power and would be the true awakening consciousness peoples. If you would like to know more about BSA, then click here.

American Government

It is a clear manipulation of the PRI in the media because it insists on calling attention to something that is not new, nor will be the first nor the last alliance What was not previously disqualified? Or is that really such alliances are not at whim and convenience? Why not previously questioned, criticized and attacked both these alliances, much less those that took them where if they were strange and perverted its alliances with the PRI? These questions are not just for the PRI and other parties, but for the communicators in print, radio and television, as the latter say they already have some dignity and intelligence, and do their jobs, aware that these mails do them are not worth it for all the damage they do to our country, are fair, honest and accountable in practice not in the speech. Many intellectuals and dial plus ultra, mercenaries, government communication, awarded him the PRI major achievements and forget that each of the works made great achievements and drove them against social and civil society organizations, cost time, money and effort and to blood at the time of struggle against the PRI and has never had one’s own initiative to benefit society, not really working for collective interests, on the contrary is seen its subservience to American Government, and the prostitution of the great achievements of Mexican society who has ruled irresponsibly, and thanks to them “politics in Mexico is a mess” so the high levels of insecurity and economic crisis, so Mexicans have made have no regard for politics. Learn more at: tcoyd. . . To know more about this subject visit PCRM.