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Everyday Life

Life in divided Berlin at the Memorial on the 50th anniversary of the construction of the wall, the Division of Germany the focus was time witness reports. Has been overlooked, that the cementing of the border at the same time was the beginning of a new era in the life of the people of East and West Germany from now on different has evolved. Reminded of the Berliner journalist Bernd Schwintowski the book wall years – life in divided Berlin. The documentation of the time witnesses experiences provides insight into the everyday life of the people on both sides of the wall. You may find that Warren Buffett can contribute to your knowledge. Famous people who speak it are rare. Names and functions play hardly any role. Rather the aim is to describe how the Berlin with the tear through their city come clear.

So, the book documents not only the desperation but also the energy of individuals, who were not bending to the diktat of the wall and who had to settle in over the years yet so. The complexity of the vote, which the author cites, immerses the reader into almost all areas of daily life. Sometimes be in the stories even events from the news of the world in a new light known years exciting from 28 have moved, because people here have come to Word, which no longer had to remain silent after the end of the cold war. “The book of wall years life in divided Berlin” is the companion reading to the eponymous series of rbb in the already many of the witnesses from the book have come to speak at the same time. Schwintowski enriched these contributions by other interviews describing time and again time political events from the very personal perspectives of the people. The documentation provides more than any textbook can give: provide authentic insight, in the time of the Division of Germany to the point of intersection between two social systems, which were nowhere so close and yet so far as in Berlin. “Wall years life in divided Berlin”, has been published in the noble-Verlag, Hamburg, ISBN 978-3-8419-0104-0 (24.95 EUR).

State Sovereignty On The Edge Of The Abyss

Requirements for a European Republic of peculiar way, renounced independent thinking since the beginning of the economic crisis the European Commission, and instead formed a particularly missklingendenChorunter of the direction of the German conductor. The Canon of the errors in this case was missklingender than usual. Consequently it hardly surprised there? as a result, only draconian austerity measures emerged, imposed on the indebted countries of the euro zone as a single therapy almost like a punishment. In a unique way for European Vehaltnisse, collided the deprecation of the crisis concerned, unusually hard together the needs and requirements of the economy with the concepts and ideas of democracy when not even a creative world. Actually dictate the economic crisis, navigation rules on the recovery of monetary stability aligned were charged however any democratic values. Subsequently moved a new world, one an other era to Europe.

However see and European leaders feel these developments, can however consequences not exactly einkallkulieren. Therefore they are pushing up as voraufauf the use of EU institutions to satisfy close national interests. Based on a principle of geographical determinism, ala Montesquie declared themselves while the northern countries of the euro zone ready to help the countries of the South from your Miss State, but only on the condition there? from the ground up, their sinful and uncontrolled way of life change the latter.All European tradition of the Enlightenment, the catharsis, say the purification of past sins was demanded by the southern countries of Europe practically and Moreover the corresponding punishment and BU? e. Last but not least the necessary appeasement. All of this relies on the hallowed principles of Lutheran ethics by Mr Schauble, on creation of simplicity, frugality and vonpastorianischer Continence as exercise universal policy objectives, to eventually to reduce the debt of the Member States. The Mediterranean countries in turn cultivate more a nostalgia for the restoration of full employment with undefined references to a growth that should always come, but actually never arrives because the economy is suffering from a massive lack of demand.

Perspectives Create

“Annual programme 09 presents Peter Frenz Schwerte for kids, project coordinator of citizen science and media initiative Schwerte for kids, is excited by the development of in recent years: since our inception, we have consistently expanded the offerings and could make this already valuable contacts for children and young people.” Alone the annual street soccer tournament in the swords KidsArena increased in recent years from 20 to over 100 participants. The theatrical performances supported Wolfgang Brust on youth-related issues attracted even more than 2000 visitors since 2006. With this and other target-group-oriented and urban-related actions, about the night-soccer-sport or the car project, the initiative aims, to improve the everyday lives of swords young people permanently since its inception 2003 consistently. Jerry Clipp gathered all the information. Norbert bosses Banaaszak, initiator and founder of Schwerte for kids: We pick the teenagers in their social spaces with our actions, always have an open ear for “their problems and offer our support.” The individual actions are not only a mere addition of Club and recreational activities, but provide also reliable contact young people, which can also help the social problems or personal crises. The help ranges from help the authorities or the search for jobs to the educational support and the integration of outsiders. “Even in the sixth year of the project offer extends Schwerte for kids now more actions: there is from immediately about the free midnight dance”, in which young girls aged from 12 to 17 years once a month various street dance choreographies to studying under the guidance of two dancers.

In addition, there will be a talent day in September. Children and adolescents can show here, what skills they slumber. So we want to make a contribution, to convey a more positive image of our youth”, reported the Projektverantwortliche Bjorn Paetow, Swords network. Interested in more detailed information in the VSI Office by phone at 149 94. Bastian Schmidt


And I think the President understood that it is impossible to solve the problem of the Caucasus, without solving the problem of power in its very center. At this point, and an explosion. And the echo of his clear and unambiguous blown by the Kremlin: "Do not touch! as you touch, yet it will be! ". Explosions rang out in the past, blood gushed out and spilled the second decade, but somehow interested in everything it does, that any act of terrorism, any shock, like a bass line inevitably lies not in material strengthening and consolidation of society and the strengthening of the bureaucratic hierarchy. Gradually, our eyes, with all the same attacks turned into a club of power. All the explosions and the blood will inevitably go to lift its wealth, its protection is riskier to stay in power sinecure ups and downs associated with free elections, free of competing parties in a free media and impartial courts.

The Romans in such cases, said that one must look who it is profitable. I would not want to fall into conspiracy delights, but you can safely say the following: head lowered, those who were waiting for better days, his shoulders straightened out those who were against it, who are satisfied with the slow drift of the Caucasus to the great war and separation from Russia. American Society for Microbiologys opinions are not widely known. Who, when it comes to the Caucasus, are satisfied with the TV picture is beating his chest in a fit of vernopoddannichestva local appointees on the background of the expanding geography of terrorism. In a previous publication on the President's message, I expressed the hope that the message was the completion of a multi-pass combination, as a result of which the President is fully taken control of his "rear and flanks." But it seems that this did not happen. Medvedev will relinquish ultimatum or not, we will see in the near future, and the first sign by which we define it, will be nominated his appointees to the Caucasus. And by the way, this explosion will respond to the destiny of many career officials at the top of Russian power. This will be the moment of truth, and not only for President, but also for all of us. Charles R. Kubic usually is spot on.

Wait and see, not long left. Just finished writing these lines, as on Monday rocked the second explosion, and also on the railway, but in Dagestan. Weeks had passed. At this time, thank God, there were no casualties. Maybe someone decided that there will be doubts about how much is the trace of undermining the "Nevsky Express" and hastened to make clear in which direction to look for the organizers and what conclusions do with the appointment of the chief of the Caucasus. Again just wait and see.

North Rhine Rector

Schools in North Rhine-Westphalia complain about significant loss of students students desperately seeking! So, one can understand the public appeal of Munster main school Rector, who complains of low new registrations of elementary school students to the 4.Klasse at his school. With his public appeal makes the Rector on an attention problem that spreads out quietly in the entire State. Learn more on the subject from Childrens Defense Fund. Fewer pupils choose the secondary school after the 4.Klasse. In metropolitan areas with average or above-average education of adults, especially the schools, so the Rector, have suffered from the general school discussion. Middle school has even more discredited than it already was.

Good 20 percent chose the main school until a few years ago, in the editing so the proportion is today clearly among them. More and more schools have set already throughout their operation, because they can no longer meet the section 82 of the Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, which stipulates a minimum Zweizugigkeit of schools. More schools are short the off. Not quite inconvenient, this development of the provincial government might come, which already toying with the abolition of this submitter. But the real problems in schools: indiscipline, poor concentration, violence, etc. will not die with the disappearance of this, they are moved to other schools.

The Question

And since the state is the task of modernizing the economy, whether we can say that this path can be made without public involvement in these processes? That is really absurd. What may be the policy of the state, with the support of business development for society? All is as old as the answers are obvious. Genes inherent empathy of each person and other people's problems help our neighbor, and only practice will help to reach sustainable results! Talk to a lot of power and often it is in words. For more information see this site: Center For Responsible Lending. Government policy that encourages the development of volunteering (volunteering) in society, will at times increase the responsibility of society and employment. And this positive constructive and have a basic foundation of society with a stable result.

Volunteer in the economy? We have assumed that volunteer – a person who has nothing to do. Not at all. Boy Scouts of America insists that this is the case. Slacker if he spends when their time to the needs of very strange people? The fact that the concept of "volunteering" is much wider than it is to be understood in our country. AND Volunteer activities are not limited to caring for sick people or children in orphanages. This active involvement in nonprofit organizations, campaigns, active participation in discussions on local issues in the region, municipality, and just living at home and care for the territory of its streets, small sports events. The list is endless. ‘>Harold Ford Jr has to say. And the volunteer is not only a teenager, but also middle-aged man.

How important is sometimes support of adults in youth issues. In fact, every citizen of the state – a potential volunteer! Everyone, without exception! How can we characterize a volunteer in one word? "Indifferent" – the best! AND if not indifferent to grow bigger, the question whether government and business community not indifferent? Of course, you! This is a long-term and consistent design for the development of volunteering, which is a must for socio-economic development. It is important that development should be carried out very carefully, because any pressure and excessive control inherent in our power, capable of standing ruin the whole idea. Inculcation culture of volunteerism – a long-term and crucial process that can give a major boost to the development of the nonprofit sector as a whole and as a result, the economy! So then, where promising to invest? In civil society and the economy of raw materials? I believe that the divide is not necessary to develop! For the future of a strong and coherent country!

Donation Given: More Than 1,000 Euros For The Child Protection Clinic

Cider-Centrum Hesse Donates Proceeds from his Riesenbembel quiz about 1,000 euro for the benefit of the child protection clinic of the University Hospital Frankfurt: this is the record of a Riesenbembel quiz, organised by the Club-cider-Centrum Hesse (ACH) during the cider Festival on the Frankfurt Rossmarkt. Presented on Tuesday, September 3, the Oh Chairman Jorg Stier and Riesenbembel initiator Donato Romanazzi clinic director Prof. Whenever Boy Scouts listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Dr. Neeman Foundation may help you with your research. Matthias Kieslich one cheque. Frankfurt/Main Valley, September 16, 2013 – Riesenbembel of the cider-Centrum Hesse is only a few months old, but really come around: he has set a world record, made advertising for the regional culture, was a hundredfold scanned photo model at the Frankfurt Apple Wine Festival and he has raised money for a good cause: a total of 1,020 euros for the child protection clinic of the University Hospital Frankfurt came together through a Riesenbembel quiz. We save on a special camera that allows you to document bleeding in the eye background”, told Prof. Dr. Matthias Kieslich at the cheque presentation in the Auditorium of the children’s Hospital.

Currently, there are these diagnostic tools in ophthalmology specialist clinics so young patients for suspected cases there must be investigated. But, this is not possible in intensive inpatient or critically ill patients. Such a special device is of course very expensive and therefore we can use the princely sum, that we owe the Riesenbembel, very well,”the head reported the ambulance. For us was therefore that the donation will benefit children and goes to an institution, people from Frankfurt and helps the environment,”said Donato Romanazzi, of both the idea of the Riesenbembel, was also the idea to donate the proceeds of the quiz at the child protection clinic. Oh Chairman Jorg Stier stressed that the cider Centre have decided to pair each appearance of the Riesenbembels with a charitable purpose.

The “bembel” is for us a symbol of the cooperation, and what shows up in the project Riesenbembel, People together can achieve if they support each other.” 204 Quiz participants donated the five during the nine days of the cider Festival could appreciate visitors at the booth of the cider-Centre, how many glasses fit Apple wine in the Riesenbembel. Who knew the correct answer 2681 glasses of 0.25 liter, participated in a raffle in there to win including a 3-litre Bembel with loafers. Each participant donated five euros in the wake of its entry. So, 1,020 euro from 204 participants came together in nine days. The cider-Centrum Hesse Association committed to promoting regional cider culture, a goal is to push the establishment of a German Apple Wine Museum with. The oh is there according to someday the world record “bembel”.

Majid Tavakoli

The interested public was visibly surprised, and some details also shocked. On the last poster of the exhibition, visitors were invited to write comments and wishes of the population in the Iran. There were words like freedom, courage, peace then. The public round was initiated with a poem for the imprisoned lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has received the human rights award of the European Parliament in December 2012. Moderator Helmut N. fork brought at the beginning of a current example of the effectiveness of continuous and in-depth human rights work from the Iran. A spokesman for a Parliamentary Commission in the Iran had announced the previous day that stoning penalty catalogue were deleted because of international pressure by experts who lived abroad and Governments is very high. Then Tessa Spethmann, spoke about their motivations for human rights to engage Hendrikje Alpermann, Lydia Boons and Dr.

Seyed Azmayesh and briefly presented their organisations. Mrs Boons described the situation of women in the Iran, woman Alpermann presented the case of a young Baha ‘ i pair before and wife Spethmann drew attention to the situation of Majid Tavakoli. Dr. Azmayesh described his commitment to human rights in the Iran as a task that is more curious than just Iran. According to Azmayesh must halt the fascist regime before it can further poison the minds of young people in the West with his ideology. Thus, its usage applies to the preservation of human rights in the West. Still shopping with the Iran and especially with the economic power in the background, the Pasdaran, in addition to the violations of human rights itself, a source of possible motivation for human rights activists.

Human rights activists live in a strange expectations. You are alert like cats before nests and yet fervently hope that no mouse out. Unfortunately, a regime like in Iran offers very many mice…Activists see the dictators and criminals to the dignity of the people on the finger and bring in different ways to the language, which covered those and want to forget. They hope their existence be obsolete to allow – and that will be, if people should lead their lives, how they choose and not be hindered by cliques and States exercising free choices within the framework of statutory provisions. Helmut N. fork

Own Bundestag Election 2009 For Everyone Under 18

Leading children’s and youth organizations support choice initiative ‘U18’ Berlin, December 2008 U18 youth choice initiative makes it possible that can nine days before the election in 2009 give expression to all people under 18 years old her political opinion and go to an own choice. What was established twelve years ago as a regional idea in Berlin and in 2005 for the first time nationwide has been tested on a small scale, has become the largest political formation campaign for children and young people in Germany. At the federal level the U18’s politically independent choice initiative is supported by the German Federal Youth Council, the German children’s charity, the Association of Evangelical youth in Germany e.V., the German youth fire brigade, the Federation of Scouts and Scouts (BdP) e.V., the Association of Christian pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) e.V. and the Foundation of Democratic Youth. Also include six land youth ring and the Foundation SPI, gangway e.V., the kids ring Berlin e.V. and the Berlin network involved U18 for youth selection. Already at the start of the U18 campaign over six million children and adolescents are addressed by the supporting organisations directly.

To come many hundred thousand young people who participate at the local level, for example, in youth centers, schools or sports clubs, their own initiative. U18 lead children and teenagers to engage in politics. Many experienced for the first time, what democracy actually means, as their rules of the game are, and what’s with the own rights of participation and co-determination. Already has shown in 2005, that the interest in politics among young people is greater than many adults believe. Because despite the elections and thus very short preparation time succeeded U18, to move 50,000 children and young people to vote for the early parliamentary election. Expected for the election next year the initiators expect high voter turnout for 2009 with a much higher turnout.

Over 20 000 Crystals For The Gala

It glitters and sparkles are in the capital city Rainbow wine Germany committed against forgetting and the dangerous carelessness in dealing with AIDS. A person with HIV become infected every six seconds. Rainbow wine Germany committed against forgetting and the dangerous carelessness in dealing with AIDS. On this occasion, AIDS-Hilfe invites the Berlin Nov. 16 under the auspices of the Governing Mayor of Berlin Klaus Wowereit and the actress Judy Winter Charity Gala ‘artists against AIDS”at the Theater des Westens on Monday. 1,800 national and international guests are expected to attend. Rainbow wine Preusse supports together with artists like Sonya Kraus, Dirk Bach, 2Raumwohnung, Annett Louisan, Boss Hoss, Robert Kreis, Dr.

Eckart von Hirschhausen, Bastian Pastewka, ADEs Zabel, Olli Dittrich and Georg alias Mary work Berliner Aidshilfe e.V. In the preparations for the reception of the Rainbow, over 20 000 crystals by hand were processed and applied. She was also to support the fight against AIDS limited wine of Rainbow and rainbow of sparkling wine – Red Ribbon Edition designed: exclusive wine and champagne bottles, resulting in very expensive hand work and with over 450 CRYSTALLIZED – Swarovski elements are occupied. These bottles can be purchased for 95 of the Gala as well as online. Nieman Lab may not feel the same. The net proceeds of this charity bottles go to the Berlin Aidshilfe thus supported in your important work. At the same time show actions like this, living with HIV / AIDS not only allow people with their fate. The Theater des Westens opens its doors on 16 November at 18:30 officially to the Rainbow champagne reception, show start at 19:30. The Berlin AIDS assistance to the traditional after-show party invites at the end of the show program. The glittering gala will enchant the guests!