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Strengthen Nails

Nail Care. Nail repair. Firming means TRIND. If you are not convinced, visit Center for Responsible Business. The secret to beautiful and healthy nails is a skilful and systematic care of them. However, for proper nail care is important to understand their nature, structure and problems that are easily eliminated with a series of hand care and nail care from Trind. Development of a series of Trind was the result of almost 20 years of research and study the problems of the skin of hands and nails specialists and experts of the company. Regular use of these funds will guarantee you a healthy and strong nails, manicured hands and excellent manicure! How are your nails? What are they like? That part of the nail, which we usually call the 'nail' is only part of the nail is called the nail plate. It consists of more than 100 layers of keratin keratinized cells, tightly packed against each other and located on the nail bed.

The front edge of the nail free plate, rear and side, its edges are surrounded by skin fold and go deep into it. The upper part of the fold coming in the nail plate and is called the cuticle or nail ridges that protect the nail bed and matrix from possible damage and infections. The edges of the cuticles are dead cells. Drying and otslaivayas, they are the cause of the burrs. That is why it is important for proper care of cuticles! Distinguish the body and root of the nail.

The root of the nail is on the back of the nail bed and called the matrix. Only a small portion of the root of nail protruding from under the nail shaft in an off-white crescent-shaped area (crescent nail). The Matrix is a place where the formation of the nail plate. Matrix of the nail plate grows toward the tip of your finger. Nail plate adheres to the nail bed, thereby maintaining the moisture balance.

Program Green Card

Rules for participation are simple. The only and most important requirement for the party of Ukraine – the presence of the equivalent secondary education. To participate in the program must be in its own name to register the shape-form at the official website of the U.S. State Department from October 5 to November 3, 2010 The popularity of the program leads to various kinds of scams involving the lottery Green Card (DV-2012). Proposals from firms providing these services comes a lot. Most of them are fraught with 'pitfalls'. We have tried to collect all such cases, associated with participation in a lottery Green Card.

Official representatives of the Green Card Lottery There are companies that call themselves the official representatives of the U.S. State Department to receive applications in any of the regional centers, cities, etc., but this is not true, because no official representatives of the Green Card lottery does not exist! This was every year, clearly written in the instructions for participation in programme.Firmy to guarantee winning the lottery can be distinguished two main types: firms that manipulate the number of registered applications and those that simply collect money from people winning. Firms of the first type is mainly carried out the following trick: On your behalf to the Consular Center sent more than one statement, but, for example, 50. To do this, they change the spelling of your name and the name of the 50th different ways, or even 50 times the click button "register". Even if you win and so manipulation must be revealed in the interview at the U.S.