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Mental Attitude Positive Fear

No doubt all want to improve our quality of life to give you the best to our environment that my first are our family. For even more details, read what Nieman Foundation says on the issue. But not many come to change the way of life by lack attitude, taking action, you what influences here is the power of thought better our mental attitude is to choose the positive or negative. Why not do that the mind is positive? Here are a few points of why must be a positive mental attitude: If we use our mind to a positive mental attitude and go towards desirable goals. This may be obtained by: 1.-financial independence 2.-peace Mental 3-friendships long lasting 4.-lasting friendships. 5. Awareness of success, that only brings circumstances that contribute to success.

One must have a positive mental attitude that life will give you benefits, without a positive mental attitude you can not achieve what you most want. Having a positive mental attitude is very important in order to achieve success, a constraint to have an AMP is fear is normal for every entrepreneur that newly begins and you must conquer the fear and Mastering it since everything is in the mind. It must be recognized that our mental attitude is the only thing over which we have complete control. So that must be exercised toward the positive. If we neglect our mind to get to get a mental attitude negative can be destined to these points: 1.-to poverty for you and yours. 2.

To fear and all the consequences that can destroy 3. for fear of becoming a victim of all the negative influence that is. 4. To a life that is wasted and that it will do nothing to change that condition as you can one have a negative mental attitude. What is the choice you will do? Original author and source of the article.


In my life I’ve known many people mired in one of the many false therapies that both causing a great frustration to failing to report a lasting improvement abound based on beliefs or traditions that have no study or Foundation and that only aggravate the problem. I’ve seen in all these years devoted to emotional support, to an endless number of people placed the responsibility of their emotions in crystals, candles, stones, air, fire, rituals and the most absurd things known to man. Should be an effort to understand that a lifetime of bad habits will not change with only repeat a lot of times I feel good I feel good I am a great person, I feel well this viola the first principle I enuncie: know and attack the causes Viola also the second principle: the solution not this in an object or situation external third-the third principle is equally obvious and logical than the previous ones and is It is composed of three parts: any goal that you want to achieve requires desire, plan and work if we really want to live in a manner more effective, better relationships, and better physical and mental health, we are obliged to understand that achieving anything requires firstly the desire to carry it out. No one can force, you’re your who need to be convinced. Secondly, a commitment to oneself that guarantees the time and dedication that the achievement of any thing needs is required. No matter how much want something if you’re not willing to take any action to achieve it.

Once you’ve convinced you undertake a change and you’ve committed to carry out an action to achieve your goals, you need a clear and structured way that follow and to ensure the achievement of the goal effectively and with the least possible expenditure of resources, i.e., a plan. Every goal that is worth reaching requires work and training. Hang a glass in our neck and wait for changes in our character and self-esteem, is equivalent to ignite an aromatic candle to run the 100 meters in 9 seconds.