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Vocs Against

Promises One day It said: ‘ ‘ They ask for, and ‘ will be given to them; ‘ (TM 7:7)! How many asked for they had been made by more than the six million in the concentration camps and the gas chambers? How many asked for, they had been and they are made by the half-livings creature of the poor Countries of Africa? How many asked for they had been and they are made by the ones of our mounts and peripheries? Or then, it goes to see what they ask for. In the same day It also said: ‘ ‘ They look, and they will find ‘ ‘ (TM 7:7)! To look for where? If It continues saying: ‘ ‘ When vocs they raise for me the hands, I shunting line mine olhar’ ‘ , without in giving the illumination to them (Is 1:15). still: ‘ ‘ They beat, and they will open the door for vocs ‘ ‘ (TM 7:7)! What carries? Of the fire (Lc 12:49): ‘ ‘ I came to launch fire on the land; as he would like that already he was lighted! ‘ ‘ ; or of the division (Lc 12:51): ‘ ‘ Vocs thinks that I came to bring the peace on the land? For the opposite, I them I say, I came to bring division. Therefore, daqui in ahead, in a family of five people, three will be divided against two, and two against three. They will be divided: the father against the son, and the son against the father; the mother against the son, and the son against the mother; the mother-in-law against the daughter-in-law, and the daughter-in-law against sogra’ ‘. When she says: ‘ ‘ I came to launch fire on the land; as it would like that already he was aceso’ ‘ , what we can wait? That destination YOU WILL GO giving in them: of Estvo (At 7:57 – 60), or of Tiago (At 12:2), son of Zebedeu and brother of Joo? Rewards it of Joo Baptist (Mc 6:27), or of Peter, Simo call?.

The Cajado

That blessing. It can go where God to order. is this that wants of all we to you: to keep our eyes in the coffer of the provision. 3.E the third content, says the Bible, that was inside of the coffer was the pilgrim’s staff of flowery Aro. The Cajado de Aro was inside of the coffer. What it means the cajado one of Aro? It means the priesthood, the authority that it received Mr.

stops to shepherd, to lead the Israelis. Its authority was questioned and humiliated it, however, it firmed it to Mr. it exaltou and it. The world tries disauthorizing in them and stopping to serve the Mr. But he is the cajado one that it makes in them to remember that we are under the authority Mr., the flowery cajado one, that has life, that it sprouts. Not cajado a deceased, full of dust, kept in a coffer, but cajado that it produces life where to touch. One another very interesting factor in this text of Joshua is in versicle four in what it says long-distance respect that they had to keep of the coffer: ' ' However, of about two a thousand have in the distance cvados (+ – 900m) between you and it (coffer) ' '.

why to keep a distance? The proper text answers: ' ' you do not arrive it, so that you know the way for which you have to go, since for such way, never you passed antes' '. To exceed the coffer means to disdain the Word of God and not to trust n? It. It means pride, auto-dependence, auto-confidence. It is to disdain the sustenance, the provision and the authority Mr. pra itself exactly. To trust is to pass you for any way in the certainty of that way can be new for we, but does not stop you, therefore It already passed there before.

Seven Crossbars

It notices that symbolically (Seven Spears) It symbolizes Seven Ways Straight lines of Evolution, Being its Pair Natural-Complementary de Mistrio, Mr. Crossbar-Street, where one (Seven Spears) Acts Prevailed for the Law of passive form and supplying the lacks and the other (Crossbar-Street) It acts Prevailed for the Law of Active form and depleting the excesses. In the triangle The holy ghost of this Mystery we have this: The Throne of the Law Biggest the holy ghost Father Ogum in the apex or from above part of the triangle, To the right the Mystery Seven Spears or Seven ways Straight lines of Evolution, and to the left the Mystery Crossbar-Street or Bigger Mistrio of the Seven Crossbars of the Ways Evolutivas Desvirtuadas. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Drexel University. thus in accordance with our partial, singular, personal vision and summons, can say that we close the base of this mystery that if to unfold in thousand and thousand of lines such as: Crossbar-Everything that acts in the seven directions, Crossbar-Street that act in the ways, Crossbar-Bush that act in the fields of the knowledge, Crossbar-Street of the Bushes that acts in the evolucionistas ways of the knowledge, Crossbar-Street of the Souls that act in the evolucionistas ways of the spirit, Crossbar-Game that acts in the fields of the reasonings and the reason, Crossbar-Turn that acts in on field to the movements prevailed by Inhans that form pair with the line of on Crossbar-Tomb the paralizador mystery conducted by Omulu, etc. Is complex, therefore it is The holy ghost and for being the holy ghost it is the infinite, therefore the infinite is the mysteries of God and some they are the forms of approaches them and in this field it has space for all, therefore a mystery never is depleted in itself exactly, therefore for being mystery this is one of its uneven qualities. Therefore God is an infinite mystery and many can express-Lo according to its vision, without never deplete-Lo, therefore Being thus the religion it is an infinite mystery, therefore he is seara or field where we reveal our conception of God according to our particular and accepted vision for the majority, to put that not sewer, therefore God is the proper inexhaustible source of mysteries. Official site: Gavin Baker.


Within the many things for which meditation can be used, and one of the most important, without a doubt, is the forgive us completely while we meditate. When we relax, when we give us this valuable time for ourselves, we are dealing as valuable things which we know to be. This is extremely important. Those people who do not usually have time to meditate are those least pamper and forgive themselves, to the extent that does not make the effort to find this time of individual privacy. As we begin to meditate, it is important to bring to mind those events or situations that are not to our liking.

To that effect, case our body in search of constriction, tension and unnecessary effort. These clusters of energy mis used are the reflection of our emotional body in our physical body, and in case of failure to do anything about it, we will begin to get used to the feeling of discomfort, while coining these emotional symptoms as their own. Calm the mind and breathing relaxed manner allows us to review all our body in search of stuck emotions. Care and Assistance for Forced Migrants is likely to increase your knowledge. Those places where it hurts, where we feel a sense of weight, those sectors where bothers us constantly, are signs of past emotional things unresolved. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and gain more knowledge.. Generally, we find tension in the back, knots in the throat and stomach, pressure in the forehead or in the lungs, etc.

As we see, the affected area has much to do with the kind of problem that we must heal and the way in which we should do it. When we have any voltage at the muscular level, we are simply attentive to those thoughts and memories that are presented to us. We do not identify with them. Simply traigamolos to our mind and miremolos desapegadamente, from a position of control. When we achieve this, we will be streamlining such matters at the mental level with the logic of today, allowing these bad memories lose their psychological energy load. Perhaps note that tensions are going with this exercise. Perhaps notice that tensions raging and we feel even more uncomfortable. Either way, both symptoms are benchmark of progress! Sometimes, when we clean psychologically, arise new and more profound traumas that we must heal and forgive in the same way. To achieve this, with patience and forgiveness, we can achieve fantastic results. Many people feel like their tensions loose with the first meeting, just as there are those that require a little more work. Us not desperate. Simply relax and visualize these issues without attachments. We will notice results immediately. Meditation Ho ponopono is fantastic for this type of healings. We will be gradually adding more videos so that the readers of the blog can enjoy. Forgive me, what I feel, thank you, Te Amo. Lots of light!

Latin American Continent

it comments very many on changes, commitments of the countries, especially those of the Latin American Continent for transforming its social, economic political systems taking step a programs that irradiquen the hunger, that indicates an economic fairness that it favors to all and to avoid that the hungers follows increasing the number of undernourished. Despite the reality it shows another result. Considrese as it emphasizes proyectohambre.org, Latin America is an extremely heterogenous region that includes a vast zone and with very diverse geographic characteristics. The total population of Latin America is of 525 million people. Borgen Project describes an additional similar source. In the region there are diverse groups of people, inclusively more than 200 indigenous groups, as well as ethnic minorities of African ancestry. In spite of the diverse climate characteristics, economic level and historical antecedents in the different countries from Latin America, there is a common nexus that it characterizes the nature of the poverty and the hunger in the region.

Latin America is distinguished by the existing extreme inequalities within the society, cradles in a plot of characteristics like sort, race/ethnic group, class and geographic location. The indigenous populations of Latin America usually occupy the lowest levels of the society and, therefore, they are those that more probably they must face the enormous atrocities of these inequality the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO), has indicated recently, that the population that undergoes undernourishment in the world it increased the year last to 923 million people as a result of the rise of prices of foods. The numbers of the FAO say that 54 million people suffer of chronic undernourishment in Latin America, where the situation got worse of alarming way in the last decade, mainly in Central America and the Caribbean. In the last ten years, the number of people with hunger in Central America increased of 5 to 6.4 million and in the Caribbean, of 7.3 a 8,8 million.

Leon Tolsti

However, when I understood the message dual, I came back and I discovered that the message of the Favour perpassa all the sermon of the mount. During years I thought that the sermon of the mount was a model for the human behavior that nobody would obtain to follow. Reading it of new, I discovered that Jesus pronounced these words does not stop overloading in them, but, he stops showing in them as God is. The character of God is the matrix of the sermon of the mount ' '. See more detailed opinions by reading what Canada Day offers on the topic.. Jesus in gave to the sermon of the mount &#039 to them; ' he stops in them transmitting the Ideal of God for which never we must stop to advance, but also, he stops showing in them that none of us never will reach this ideal. The sermon of the mount in the force to recognize the great distance between God and we, and any attempt to reduce this distance of some form moderating its requirements makes in to miss them the target completely.

The worse tragedy would be to transform the sermon of the mount into another form of legalism; it would have, before, to finish with all form of legalism. The legalism, as the fariseus, always go to fail, not because he is severe excessively, but, why he is not enough severe. Thundering, the sermon of the mount test unquestionably that ahead of God all are in the same level: assassins e? pavios-short? , adultery and concupiscentes, thieves and cobiosos. All we are despaired, and this in fact the only is been appropriate one human being that it desires to know the God. Having if moved away from the Absolute Ideal, we do not have where to land, not to be in the security of the Favour absoluta.' '. My part, I, Jeane Ktia, call the attention for the fact of that Jesus emphasized the importance of in it remaining. E, to remain in it, nothing more is of what living here in the land as It lived, that is, in the dependence of the Father. E, as Leon Tolsti said: ' ' They do not judge the ideal saints of God for my incapacity of alcan-los.' '. I read Philip Yancey and, I recommend the reading!

Galapagos Islands

Environmental tourism is the phenomenon of increased travel to places of environmental interest and where its wealth is the fauna and flora, as well as the large existing natural resources. Trips that focus on the ecological environment of the target, basically this is respecting the ecology of the planet and the environment, they are usually brimming with natural beauty and very amazing places. Similarly, environmental tourism can include trips to unique areas and endangered species, as for example the Galapagos Islands. In addition to duty stations that are conspicuous by their uniqueness, many people flock to the environmental tourism to volunteers with a determinadad mission mode. The above is a form of tourism in which people travel to a destination for a short period of time to volunteer in any mission and specific function. In the case of environmental tourism, volunteering means travel to an ecologically fragile world part to offer help in the repair of it, such as cleaning a spill of petroleum products and everything the environment affected by him.

The concept of ecological tourism makes a direct allusion to the ecological and socio-cultural concerns of the world through first hand experience, therefore in this type of tourism is more active in conservation and the change of the environment towards its preservation. Gavin Baker, New York City may help you with your research. This idea was developed at the end of 1980 from the awareness of consumers increasing issues related to conservation and responsible consumption of resources. Environmental tourism is not only an adventure in the desert, intended to help save the planet, but the tourism industry also expands and makes it more profitable for countries developing where jobs are scarce and economies is maintained in constant struggle. Although the environmental objectives of tourism are determined by good intentions, sometimes there are negative consequences that derive from the practice, thanks to individuals and entities without scruples that will hide behind this name and the care of the environment to enrich himself affecting the natural environment. When people travel to places that have historically suffered from inequality, the only fact of being against the local population inevitably impacts the environment and culture of the place. The first impact on the environment comes from the fact of reaching your destination. Trips to remote places where wildlife flourishes can be costly to the environment due to the use of fuel. The accommodation and the lifestyle of people can also impact the local environment.

The construction of new accommodations often means the destruction of a natural ecosystem, everything to live a Western lifestyle in a developing country where means inadequate waste disposal, while the importance of recycling is forgotten altogether. In a socio-cultural sense, environmental tourism can present a problem with the displacement of people and resources, as well as it also endangers their everyday habits through the introduction of new customs of other alien cultures. By lo both, in an effort to achieve greater efficiency in environmental tourism, a focus on responsible and sustainable tourism objectives must be that remain stable this concept. With this end, there must be greater regulation, as well as a good education for travellers and a high respect for the environment. With these measures, local communities will have greater control over the conservation of their environment and culture while continuing to reap the benefits of environmental tourism.


In this book we will treat regarding the art of the influence. The influence this in history, and if this characteristic was not part of the same one, its history, my history, the history of cities, peoples and why not to say the History of the humanity would not have been written of the form who we know. An influence was not born has one hundred years and nor has some millenia behind, the influence did not originate in the Aztec civilizations, crowds, in China, in Greece or in Egypt, it was not born in the garden of the den where it had a basic paper in regards to the future of the Humanity, therefore because of IT INFLUENCES of a serpent, the race human being trod ways that had not been originally flowing of God, ‘ ‘ however, in them we will not arrest to this point at this moment and yes in the chapter 5.’ ‘ For in such a way it influences, it before had its first basic paper exactly of the creation of the world, perhaps unhappyly it was not a good one influences, you is if asking, more where? When? I answer to it: In Skies, dwelling of the highest one, through an angel of the auto celestial step, called: Lucifer. it exceeded generations, continents, languages, religions, and affected and affects the human being, is it here or in the other side of the world, at this moment somebody is influencing another one, another one is being left to influence, and in full century XXI the Satan and all its army is in the quadrants of the land in a millenarian war influencing all how many to be left yes to become and destroying lives, families and homes, mainly of that they have its names written in the book of the life, therefore the mission of it is accurately this, to kill lives, to steal dreams and to destroy the hope of somebody..


When using its doctrine Jesus Teaches the Nicodemos: ' ' Necessary it is to be born of novo' ' , It was yes speaking of the inexistence of Nicodemos in the kingdom of God. Nobody exists before without being born, by the way the existence of the man characterizes if of its birth. It could be different in the kingdom of justice and peace? Not. Without being born of new, it does not have manifestation of life, it does not have register in the book of the life, does not have consequencia some related to the life spiritual with Christ. Remembering in, of the words of Pablo to the romsnos (Rom 8,11) ' ' We are manifest the Deus' ' we see characterized our credential, that is, the existence in the kingdom of God. That one that was not revealed by Jesus, is inexistent in the kingdom of God, not ha conversion register. 2 current state, Converted a New Creation. ' ' As soon as, if somebody is in Christ, new creature is: the old things already had passed; here it is that everything became novo.' ' (2Cor 5,17) the situation how much to the time this detached in the gift, also brings the idea of the daily renewal of the Christian life. Therefore the new converted is a being existing, present alive spiritual and operating in the kingdom of God, It denotes if in the conjugao ' ' ' ' , making possible the qualitative one for the adjective of the verb, and in this in case that it indicates that all the qualities that must exist for the full exercise of the Christian life, they must be pluralizados in an only person, the new converted, this definition originates if from the expression ' ' new creature ' ' All Christian she must live in the condition of ' ' new that if renova' ' The new converted turned the coast for the hell, and walks in direction to the sky.

Fruit Movement

But what it is that has in this movement that as much attracts ones, at the same time that cause repulses in others. The objective of this part of the gift obre is only to display, and this of not deep form, some of the things that have in this movement. You may find PCRM to be a useful source of information. Mrcio Argachof, in a work that the Fruit of the Deceit in the Body wrote under the G-12 heading of Christ, work this finding in the site, signs up some things which point as good in the movement, although to write to fight it. These things are, according to it, the meetings in the houses of the believers, or cells; the sanctity search; the intense conjunct for an intention and a systematic work of evangelizao. On the other hand to this, it has strange things to the Word of God, as, as the dither of the dreams, through which, according to Castellanos, a transformation in the real world can be made, bringing to the reality what we incubamos in our minds (a plagiarism of Paul Yonggi Cho); used techniques of regression in ' ' Meeting with Deus' ' , where the encontristas are taken to repeat a conjunct where the shepherd says that God chose in them since the womb of our mother, and then asks for to whom if they imagine since the instant of the conception, passing for the uterine life, as he dealt it to God with love, until its birth; the necessity of the participation in Meeting so that it has true repentance; the necessity of if pardoning to all, even though the God to get rid itself; the confession of sins the leaders; the theology of the prosperity; practical judaizantes, as to touch shofar for ' ' to call the Espirito Santo ' ' ; reduction of the value of the shepherd; bigger emphasis in the amount that in the quality of the believers; the creative calls jejuns, as, for example, jejum of the delights, where the person chooses some delights of its preference and if she abdicates of them for some time; the ostensive search for speaking in languages; the valuation of all and any tradition as old and bad thing; etc.