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The Producer

The first week of life of a cut young chicken represents 20% of its life approximately, and this fast growth increases the demand of a multicriteria handling in this initial phase of creation, therefore the producer has little time to try to correct the deficiencies, and thus, hardly the lost income will be recouped. The pintinhos are submitted the innumerable situations of estresse after its birth soon, and these adverse effect can increase initial mortality, to reduce the final weight, to harm the alimentary conversion and to increase the cost of production of the chicken the microclimate of the place where the young chickens will be created must so be how much possible ideal. The area must be clean, warm and comfortable, also it must have adequate space of floor, comedouros, water throughs, new bed and of good quality in the area of it creates. Beyond having an adjusted amount, its distribution also is critical. The handling of the microclimate also includes the ration and the water: the ration must have particles of adjusted size, and must readily be offered for the young chickens, therefore thus these will be enabled to have growth of the structures of its digestive device being facilitated its metabolism, therefore even so, the majority of the nutrients in the initial phase of life of the bird is deriving of the vitelino bag, is through the consumption of main ration that will occur alteraesda physical structure of the digestive device and of its indispensable secretions for the digestion of the nutrients the water must be in the ambient temperature. A young chicken just been born has 85% of water in its body, and is important therefore its fast hidratao, what it will go to stimulate the ration consumption and a bigger growth. 7.3 The HEATING the device regulating term of the young chickens alone goes to be total developed from the 10 days of life, therefore until then it must be taken care with heaters and circles of protection (when these are employees, must have its area gradually increased). .


The supplying must be made with cool water and clean, that will have to be changed at least two times to the day, when also the cleanness of the water through will have to be carried through. From 3 or 5 day of age these water throughs will have to be substituted gradual for the pendular ones, that they will remain until the end of the creation of the lot. Between 6 and 8 day can be started the withdrawal of the initial water throughs, of spaced out form, in a period of 2 the 3 days. See more detailed opinions by reading what PCRM offers on the topic.. The pendular ones will remain in the same ratio (a water through for 80 young chickens). The cleanness must be made daily to prevent the accumulation of ration, dust and excrees of the birds in deep of the water throughs, guaranteeing the quality of the water.

The regulation of the height of the water through must guarantee that the young chicken can drink comfortably and prevent the water wastefulness, empastamento and apodrecimento of the bed. Of 15 the 20 days of age the superior base of the water through must be to the height of 5 cm of the back of the bird, being regulated in accordance with the development, as figure 5. In the case of if using water throughs type nipple must be attempted against for the regulation of the level of water and height of the water throughs. In 1 week (until 4 day) the young chicken drinks for the lateral of the bolt without straining excessively the neck, that is, in the first days nipple is in the height of the eyes of pintinho and from 4 or 5 day the bird must drink with an inclination of 45 degrees of the eyes in relation to nipple. Of 2 3 weeks the bird starts to more drink with the head a little inclined and the peak touches more below in the bolt.