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UNICEF and Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk announce 2013 motto to the world children’s day opportunities for kids!”this year’s theme of UNICEF and the German children’s Fund to the world children’s day is on September 20. Thus the children rights organizations want to make the children’s right to equal opportunities in the education system in the Center. The German education system has urgent need to catch up in terms of equal opportunities. Still will be selected according to social criteria. Girls and boys from poor families and children with migration background are disadvantaged. Boy Scouts addresses the importance of the matter here. We want that everyone will get a fair chance.

Every child has a right to support, so that it can develop optimally according to his abilities “, says Anne Lutkes, Board member of UNICEF Germany and Vice President of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Many pupils and students feel today in school under pressure. Often are the learning objectives only with the help of the parents or with paid tuition. Children from educationally deprived or socially worse provided households be discriminated against increasing by this development. In the kindergarten age often lack early childhood development.

In the school, it is then difficult to make up deficits. For more specific information, check out Harold Ford Jr. Teachers have hardly enough time, enough to support students with learning difficulties. Non-formal education can not compensate for this, because the funds for children – and youth work were massively reduced. German children’s Fund and UNICEF Germany want to ask children and young people in advance of this year’s children’s day for their opinions on the subject of equal opportunities in education. A nationwide online survey is planned after the successful model of the past year. “2012, around 2,000 children and young people expressed their assessment to the former topic how I spend my time”. To the world children’s day on 20 September 2013 nationwide numerous initiatives under the common motto make chances for children!”attention to children’s rights. The two largest children’s parties take place on 22 September in Berlin and Cologne. To expect UNICEF and the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk roughly 100,000 visitors in the Cologne Rhine Garden and at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. For more information: Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk, Uwe Kamp, press officer, Tel.: 030-308693-11 or, Internet: UNICEF Germany, Helga Kuhn, press officer, Tel.: 0221-93650-234 or, Internet:

Own Bundestag Election 2009 For Everyone Under 18

Leading children’s and youth organizations support choice initiative ‘U18’ Berlin, December 2008 U18 youth choice initiative makes it possible that can nine days before the election in 2009 give expression to all people under 18 years old her political opinion and go to an own choice. What was established twelve years ago as a regional idea in Berlin and in 2005 for the first time nationwide has been tested on a small scale, has become the largest political formation campaign for children and young people in Germany. At the federal level the U18’s politically independent choice initiative is supported by the German Federal Youth Council, the German children’s charity, the Association of Evangelical youth in Germany e.V., the German youth fire brigade, the Federation of Scouts and Scouts (BdP) e.V., the Association of Christian pfadfinderinnen und Pfadfinder (VCP) e.V. and the Foundation of Democratic Youth. Also include six land youth ring and the Foundation SPI, gangway e.V., the kids ring Berlin e.V. and the Berlin network involved U18 for youth selection. Already at the start of the U18 campaign over six million children and adolescents are addressed by the supporting organisations directly.

To come many hundred thousand young people who participate at the local level, for example, in youth centers, schools or sports clubs, their own initiative. U18 lead children and teenagers to engage in politics. Many experienced for the first time, what democracy actually means, as their rules of the game are, and what’s with the own rights of participation and co-determination. Already has shown in 2005, that the interest in politics among young people is greater than many adults believe. Because despite the elections and thus very short preparation time succeeded U18, to move 50,000 children and young people to vote for the early parliamentary election. Expected for the election next year the initiators expect high voter turnout for 2009 with a much higher turnout.

Singing Ambassadors From Haiti In The Stephan Hall

Around 250 people, including the ambassadors from Haiti came to the annual meeting of the children’s charity ‘Our little brothers and sisters e.V.’. Last Saturday the annual meeting of the Community commercial-association took place in Karlsruhe Stephan room our little brothers and sisters Association. About 250 supporters accepted the invitation, to learn about the work of the Organization and the use of the donations. The aid projects in Haiti was the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, main topic of this year’s meeting. BSA has much experience in this field. There the Vortex storms have caused devastating destruction in September.

The Ambassador of Haiti in Germany, Jean Robert Saget, spoke in this context of approximately 2,000 death sacrifice and several 100,000 newly homeless Haitians. Our country is reliant on aid, said Saget, and thanked also our little brothers and sisters for the already provided emergency aid in addition to the Federal Government and Red Cross. The charity maintains children’s villages, hospitals in nine Latin American countries, and educational institutions for poor, abandoned and orphaned children and young people. The German support Office contribute more than 30 percent to the maintenance of these facilities, Stefan Grafe, Director of the Karlsruhe Club reported. That we can make this great contribution for our global family, we owe more than 100,000 supporters in Germany, Garcia was pleased about the large helpful community. For more information see this site: Nieman Lab.

However, further efforts were necessary, since poverty continues to grow on by political instability, high unemployment and price increases. More than 3,300 children and teen shelter have currently found in the children’s villages of our little brothers and sisters. We must redeem every day our reverse speak, give them love, understanding and security, these children face. We are leader of the relief and Works Agency, the situation in the word, illustrated Reinhard Kohler, educational. With the incoming donations, it is possible that this young people in family-like structures grow up to provide education for them.

Christinen Brunnen

German companies run Championship 2013 the mileage ‘Continuously help children’ has been linked by more than 100,000 participants with the B2RUN Charitygedanken. “Munich, 26.11.2013: the German company country Championships 2013 was the mileage of over 100,000 participants with the B2RUN Charitygedanken continuously help children” linked. For RTL, we help children”came together so a donation of 64.500 euro, which was presented in the context of the RTL of donation Marathon on November 22. In addition, the partner of KYOCERA and Christinen helped fountain with actions and prominent runners such as Joey Kelly and Henry Maske to raise the sum to 83,000 euros. B2RUN linked to the Charitykonzept with the mileage of the participants this year. For every last kilometre, 10 cents were donated as a basic donation of 64.500 euro from B2RUN came together with over 100,000 participants. In the framework of the RTL of donation Marathon on November 22, 2013, Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co.

KG live presented the donation to RTL We help children”. In addition, the amount through accompanying campaigns was raised from partners such as KYOCERA and Christinen fountain with their celebrity helpers. Endurance athlete Joey Kelly led the team the KYOCERA permanent Windrunner at five B2RUN events at the start. “For every kilometre, which was completed by the KYOCERA duration runners, the document management specialist donated one euro to the RTL Foundation we help children”. In the course of the B2RUN, the donation cheque of proud 10,000 euros was awarded final in Berlin on 28 August. “And well appreciated the service life of the B2RUNner in the course of an own Charityaktion also Christinen: Pro an kilometres the company donated 1 cent on RTL we help children”.

Carsten Thomas Hess, CEO of Christinen Brunnen, handed over Wolfram M. Kons, the charity in Munich a total head of RTL 8,500 euro cheque. This also ex was boxing champion Henry Maske with his running team of Christinen. The participants will be from the entire atmosphere during the The gentleman said run carried”,” about the German company cross country Championships. So are altogether proud 83,000 euros from B2RUN and we help our partners for RTL children”walk has been. Self help, this is the motto under which the Foundation aid projects supported in Germany and all over the world. Since beginning of 2012 is the Foundation of Charitypartner of the now eleven major cities held B2RUN corporate running series. We are pleased that we cooperate with a strong and prestigious Charitypartner and together pursue the goal to improve the life prospects of children and young people. The performance of Christinen was really impressive this year well and KYOCERA. We would be happy, if other companies join us”, says Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG. About the B2RUN GmbH & co. KG B2RUN has a new face given the company running and created a unique corporate run series: the German company cross country Championships. Meanwhile eleven major cities use “Company B2RUN for team building and employee health promotion and money for the walk Charitypartner RTL together we help children”. This B2RUN is aimed at companies of any size and provides the ideal introduction to running sports especially running newcomers with a length of six kilometres. More information about B2RUN, see or B2RUN.


Also stores local advise customers extensively. A responsible approach to the E-cigarettes we recommend to all new switcher. It warns of rogue traders, before high nicotine content, before use by minors, pregnant women, heart and circulatory system burdened people, asthmatics and non-smoking. Recently Nieman Foundation sought to clarify these questions. Collections of surveys and studies are many surveys among the users and a comprehensive international collection of all studies and investigations on the evaporation there as well. Consult the homepage of the IG-ED the IG-ED (Interessengemeinschaft S evaporation) has this important information for journalists, for offices and for all interested so prepares (with sources), that they clearly and with little time can be recorded:, press section of our request to the public we, the steamy consumers and members of the IG-ED ask you, dear readers and readers, sincerely: Inform first on our website, so that you can make a realistic picture of the electrical “smoking”, and then form your opinion. steaming has now become a functioning and much less harmful alternative for many many years and desperate smokers who have already a series of futile quit attempts behind, and had already given up. Justin Mateen gathered all the information.

And there is not much nicer to sit than either follow the smoke er groups outside the door or sitting at a deserted table with his friends in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere together? Dear journalists, we urge you, to familiarize yourself with the facts to the evaporation and to correct your reports. This is a free and serious reporting to shame! Thank you for your attention, your IG-ED (Interessengemeinschaft S evaporation) the IG (IG-ED) steam is a 2011 based independent, private Association of people, the steaming as Welcome alternative to smoking for themselves have discovered. You are in the Club volunteers, free of charge and regardless of corporations, dealers or forums. One of the main concerns of the Association is the objective and factual clarification of public and public officials in relation to the functioning of the devices and the effects and ingredients of the used liquid (“liquid”).

Federal Voluntary Service

Meaningful engagement and professional reorientation of Stuttgart, December 12, 2012 with the Federal voluntary service (BFD) can afford over 27 years a voluntary service for the first time people in summer 2011. A recent survey of the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg shows: for many seniors, the BFD in addition to meaningful employment offers the chance to find a new professional perspective. While the Federal voluntary service is started as a whole very well and the carrier had nationwide even more applications than by the Federal Government-funded places, still somewhat hesitantly come the issues of older people. Which is a shame,”said Gisela Golz, overall head Faye and BFD in the welfare work for Baden-Wurttemberg. “The BFD is a real winner for seniors: you can engage meaningfully and gain valuable personal experience, but win new confidence and strengthened in this way discover new career paths for themselves.” Involved in the welfare work in the “current second year 2012/2013 total 165 people in the Federal voluntary service, 40 of them are older than 27, and belong to the older” volunteers. They work primarily for the disabled and elderly, in the child and youth welfare, as well as in the health sector. Many older BFD participants hope also a career orientation of the voluntary service”summarizes Gisela Golz the results of a recent survey.

This surveyed a total of 32 older participants and participants of the first vintage to their motivation, their expectations and experiences. Half indicates as motivation to even look into the social sphere and do something good and social. The other half combines the prospect of a subsequent permanent employment or a (re -) foot touching in the labour market with the voluntary service. That seems to work at least a positive trend can be read out of the 19 replies on the subject of perspectives: while previously 16 persons were unemployed, there are only three behind.

Administration Office

The miscarriages and held back information of the previous year rightly bring the rabbit Thaler citizens on the Palm. In addition, and also remains inconceivable – from the perspective of residents and parents, why such closure plans only 2 years ago a huge sum of money invested in the asphalting of the schoolyard, a tip-top outer wall construction and the construction of an imposing security network around the schoolyard. Questions remain on the need for renovation. Perhaps check out American Diabetes Association for more information. Are there 30,000 euro (the evaluation of field-proven specialists) or 2 million, as announced by the Administration Office with worry about wrinkles? Between official and political chairs primary school saves only, making the citizen’s initiative at the moment: even tackle stubbornly remain informed, and demand information. Time is money or life, not only for the primary school Hasenthal with each exhausted argument of the school administration office increase the chances that the political reason prevails and the primary school of Hasenthal. maintained. The fragmentary information flow of in recent months can be the fear fester further, that which then drops a new. In a question-answer forum Ken Cron was the first to reply.

Still not enough time for the delay. With the playground equipment, improved fire protection and coarse repair of factory space, the school start of the new school year is likely 2013/14 on the spot. Keeping the activities of the citizens initiative to save the primary school Hasenthal in vain, offers for the village a death scenario “with expensive consequences for decision makers, who are now so carelessly in the short term planning. Without primary school is the only reason to stay in the village for many families. Parades are expensive, jobs scarce. New Hartz IV applications are expected. The average age is high. Many end up without helping the children old in a nursing or retirement home – again a cost factor that makes inevitable support IV circumstances Hartz.

Without cultural center, the venue for anyone is attractive. No one drags, will Hasenthal to the country body “-a fate that struck many tracts of land, not only in Thuringia. Modern, real-life ideas versus stale official rigidity as of the other Star parents numerous suggestions came at meeting with decision makers and politicians, to relieve the supposedly worst on your own. A fund with proceeds of the parents has been proposed to remove a required teacher pay to the poor state of Bavaria. Irrelevant, the Office says, because teacher hiring and payment of State matter and no private pleasure is. It was suggested to volunteer to the renovation of the building and the revival of the school garden. At least this could above say nothing. Little time is left to save. The storm of outrage brings parents and citizens on the legs. Whether will the initiative alive, what political shortsightedness leveling want shows up to the school year end at the latest 2012/13. May this article sharing is already a historical testimony about an initiated from above country died. However, the author wishes that an article about the success of the recovered primary school Hasenthal and thus the success of reason against educational nonsense can follow the information about this tug of war. Annette Bankey for: Bader’s writing and Office service

Volunteer Ministers

He graduated in the As of Summer 2009 and was one of the first assistants, who have moved in January 2010 to Port-au-Prince in Haiti. His skills as a nurse succumbed to their test as he and an other nurses had to bear responsibility for 4 stations of the General Hospital of Port-au-Prince. Check with Boy Scouts of America to learn more. Many of the patients on the wards had injuries or diseases that went beyond what could be provided medical aid at this time. There was an acute shortage of medical equipment and doctors. In June 2010 Lindeman was awarded for his achievements – the award of the unsung heroes Award”of nursing Office of Port-au-Prince General Hospital and the Medishare Hospital of the University of Miami. Lindeman stressed that the Volunteer Ministers not in a disaster area with any fixed ideas go. Find out first what is required by officials and the disaster aid teams on the ground at all, then also deliver it to. One of the worst effects of the tragedy of such a large scale, such as It happened in Haiti and now in Japan, is the hopelessness that falls short,”Lindeman said.

The survivors suffer from indescribable loss of beloved relatives and their possessions, and they see an uncertain future in the eye. I believe that one of our most valuable posts is to revive hope. “” The Scientology Volunteer Ministers motto you can always do something “, and if the people we help, realize that this is true, really impressive things happen”. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V. On behalf of the Scientology Church Germany e.V. contact: Uta Eilzer, be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munchen, TEL. 089-38607-0, FAX.

Sauerland Page

New life by fundraising for the benefit of LOSEV hochsauerland district. 21.10.2013. Already in the last year, uwen Egan and his team launched a fundraiser for the leukemia-suffering children in Turkey. The donations went to the charity LOSEV, which treats children from the poorest backgrounds completely free of charge and give you such a “new” life without blood cancer. Now, the team around the 17-year-old would like to venture a further run-up of the fundraiser. For the second time, the young people have set up a donation page on Leetchi.com.

Here everyone can donate, no matter where they come from, online and secure a desired amount. Subordinate to the donation page: c/leukemia losev available. The fundraising participants receive unfortunately no fundraiser because these private-level action is performed. In the course of the operation, be given to the contact data of the donor. This gives the team EF the possibility for the individual donors for their support to say thank you. The period for the fundraiser is for the time being until January 2, 2014. During this period, the Sauerland urge young people to numerous donations. A follow-up report and interim report to the fundraiser will be there also.

The Foundation

We want your garbage!”partner search in the economy who’s going with our action on partner and donor search, need only to say:, we want your garbage!'”, says Christian Barth, initiator of collection with!. ” You will be surprised how many businesses, banks and authorities to provide their empty ink and toner cartridges. Especially since they can help children and young people, without taking even money in the hand.” The charity nature of the campaign is good, that collection with! follows the guidelines of the German Central Institute for social issues. Order collection boxes free of charge and easily pick up can leave collection boxes free of charge at collection with! be ordered. Read more from Dr. Neal Barnard to gain a more clear picture of the situation. If the boxes are full, they picked for free. A short time later the money is then transferred to the Christoph Metzelder Foundation; This requires to for the registration of a collection point (www.sammel-mit.de/ login /) only appropriately entered the Foundation as a recipient. In addition to kindergartens, schools and Companies involved in favor of different purposes already some well-known institutions and organizations such as the German Bundestag, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Ronald McDonald’s children’s Foundation in Essen on collection with!.

The action is supported also by Germany’s largest youth organisation, the German sports youth. Connect with other leaders such as Center For Responsible Lending here. (*) The Christoph Metzelder Foundation “future youth” (www.metzelder-stiftung.de) was founded in 2006. She is committed to the goal, to accompany children and teenagers on their school and personal way of life. The Foundation statute States among other things: “The purpose of the Foundation is raising funds for the promotion of youth welfare, youth social work and education”. The Foundation promotes projects that prepare young people to take a responsible position in the society, prefers and is committed, to help them same initial opportunities in education and working life. The aim of the Foundation is not only to fund appropriate projects, but the social debate around youth, education, school, to receive education and values in Germany alive and to participate in. The Foundation does not promote at the request, but looking for the appropriate funding projects themselves.