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NVidia GeForce

We have a thousand times made sure that the games from giants such as Blizzard, will always be in fashion and in memory of the players. I am referring to games such as Diablo, WarCraft, or to take at least blackthrone 1994 release. You may wish to learn more. If so, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is the place to go. Games are always waiting for the second revival of his reincarnation. Now it is time to resurrect the game StarCraft! This news excites all the computer magazines, the Internet and, of course, thoughts of computer players. Thus, the game already, though I have not properly put it – the company Blizzard released a beta version only for what to know about the shortcomings and negative sides of the toy, and the official launch of the game, that is StarCraft 2 release date will be December 3, 2010 is reported to various unofficial sources – we believe in and wait! With regard to the Currently in beta version, you can download the game today, and most importantly – you can play without a key in the following way – download the game, download map, download Lazylaunch2 to select an opponent and play against opponents. Simple? Yes, simple, but you still need to pay tribute to the program Lazylaunch2 – without them we watch replays of battles before the official release! Still very much interested in the question about the distribution game – will there be a fourth form, or all or remain in the tripartite balance? Already now we can safely say that the races, as it was three, and will remain – the old and favorite Protoss, Zerg and Tera, but here on account of units has changed. In such Terania appeared a ghost in Protoss spike.

But over the system requirements to play me personally very surprised. If the minimum system requirements: cpu 2.2, hard disk should be only 4 gb of memory and video card of at least 128 mb NVidia GeForce 6600 gt graphics games matchless, and original ost will not leave anyone indifferent to. It is evident that the creators of much bother, before a game, and beta testing has already borne fruit – have already created the sixth patch, with players who notice any problem. So if you want to download StarCraft 2, you'll easily be able to do it with instructions. I wish you a pleasant game!

Review Of Video Converters

Free Video Converter A simple utility that supports all major input and output video formats. Allows you to set fine-tune video, convert multiple files at once. Handles files flv, saved from popular online video services. Besides video conversion, is able to pull apart and store the sound in a format mp3, wma, aac. The tool is free and has an interface in Russian. Conversion is performed in a single stream with a normal speed.

Any Video Converter is even more simple converter with a minimum number of functions and settings. It is not possible to fine-tune the output file, but you can choose the format of several pre-defined presets. Interface focused on neprodvinutogo Users, however, the lack of Russian language can prevent completely untrained people to work with the program. Not a bad feature – possibility to download videos from YouTube directly from the interface converter. Movavi Video Converter Easy converter interface with the Russian language and Russian help file same language. Support all the formats, including a spectacular number of presets for mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, psp, BlackBerry and so on). Advanced users can fine-tune the size, resolution and other parameters of the final video.

Has a useful function that had not previously met in converters – Splits large files into a single great movie. Handy when you need to connect two pieces of film into one. Another interesting feature that was not in the other – creating photo galleries of the rollers – the program itself takes the right amount of screenshots from a file and puts them in a folder. Last thing you want to pay attention – the effects and opportunities for improvement video. Cope well with the artifacts in the constricted files and allow you to make videos more fun. Besides, you can just change the brightness, contrast, and flip the image. As an additional feature is supported by DVD-rip with all the bonus materials. The program is free, only the first 30 days (a full-featured version), then the cost Registration – 499 rubles. Media Coder powerful tool that can hardly be called pure konveterom. Written by a Chinese programmer, and contains numerous features, the overlapping population of China. Unfortunately, all this is very difficult understand because of the irresponsible and awkward interface, in which there is no Russian language. True, there are Ukrainian and Belarusian. Can convert between most of the known formats, allows you to fine-tune output formats and has a number of presets. DVD-rip there, but sdelat not too convenient for the user. You can recommend it for advanced users who are willing to understand the piling up of functions. Is free and open source.