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Lost Illusions

One I sing lamuriento echoes for the cove all the nights. It is assombrao. Not of that type that cause males to nobody, or pursues the navigators. Official site: Feeding America. But pranteia, all the night, with pain that tranfers more until the durocorao. Of its I sing little if it can understand, but they say that it deals with umamor that if has much time Or that still it continues here; prisoner nasparedes of the cave of the Bay of the Lost Illusions.

He at the beginning counts the local legend, that has many and many years, of sculoXIX, a ship sank in a storm night, in the way sea I rebel it, black breu with it, that one abocanhava any that in the imensido salgadase ventured. In the following morning, curious with the rubbish mount of the beach, foramtodos the inhabitants of the modest village of the cove to look at what it was transferred. In the way it mount of remaining portions wooden and ropes it sunk ship, quesurpresa found the son of a fisherman! A man was there in areiacado. Skies, and were alive! The young woman called Aurlia and was beautiful as if it was a sereia. Not, sereia not It had one what! of innocence. Perhaps a candy fairy, exit deum story Or simply frank a girl of smile and lbiosrosados, whose pale skin contrasted with black hair as aescurido of the night and the eyes had a dark brilliant, two sapphires. It called the father, aflita, and both had dealt with the man, in its modest hut.

I am shipwrecked soon it if it reestablished, well well-taken care of for Aurlia, and was to count for it histories of its land. The candy girl did not delay if to enchant with so beautiful charmosoforasteiro e. It had eyes of the color of the sea and made velvety voice and its cabeloseram of the color of the rays clearest of the sun.

My Small Creature

It: What it will make when I will be velhinha, and my age to print in my being, then you deixarr to love! I however will not look at myself but in mirror some, thus eviatrei mine to suffer loses you! For all my life me of this love, you were my gurdio my protective guide, loving of my life to who it gave as much love to me and pleasure, together we were loving and friends, you would not support to come back to the past without mine libertinho angel! It: Perpetual loved mine, I will be your mirror and you to the looks in me will see only our love that will go to reflect for all eternity, thus you will join our oldness in one petty cash where we will guarderemos our love for all infinite, and you loved mine will perceive that mirror some is capable to provide so great light. It: Then what it will be of protective mine loving when arriving the day of the departure? It: It would lose me in a black shade where the homesickness would invade my being, thus I, if you loved amantese would be leaving before this being, whose the heart alone beats for you! Then the loving ones had decided to live if amanda day after day, and night after night, if they had delighted with pleasure and desires, but had never opened the petty cash, so that the love never could fly pra far, and thus the love inhabited between two souls and there it made dwelling, forgetting everything that could give to breach the box. World Travel & Tourism Council addresses the importance of the matter here. In 1876, they had been found in a hut in mountains, a couple of died velhinhos, to the side of them it was a small box, and inside it was the following dedication: To the all the loving ones that they had known to face the badness of the men, when opening the box iram to know that not even the death was capable of separates two souls q will resurgiro p life! ELIANE. .


It talked in tone of critical, with a colleague, on the bitter taste of the coffee that served in the pantry. Still age of morning, when, suddenly, I heard an explosion. See acaho for more details and insights. This! It had an explosion! was working, then here! I also remember, as before, somebody to cry out something that I did not understand well, something on the approach of an aircraft. My sight is if accustoming I glimpse a tenuous and trembling yellow light to far. Now I can perceive that, to mine return, has destroos. It seems that the building fell down! Already it must have rescue teams working.

It will be that to find they go me? I feel I smell of burnt. The moans had diminished, and the apelos had ceased. Agreement scared with a great boom! My God! Not! I open the eyes I feel I smell dust fort! It is difficult to breathe or to open the eyes. The available space in the place where I am seems to have still more diminishing. I come back to be gasping. They had recommenced the shouts and the moans for all part I find that I go to go crazy! The moans had diminished, the dust and pain in the body also. Now I can see the source of the yellow light, are flames! It is being hot.

If it will have that to die, that I die soon, before the fire me reach. I hear something! Above of me it seems that the ceiling goes to ruir! Rocks fall on me! WHY I was to ask for to die? I am waked up with a strong light in the face. It seems that to blind it goes me! Somebody question if I am well. He will be an angel? Pain is as much that I do not obtain to answer. I try to understand what it is happening. I perceive that I am being removed of the destroos for volunteers and rank in a stretcher, when one of them looks at me in eyes and, as it was found that I asked for some reply says, me: ' ' Bombardeio&#039 was one; '. It was then that I felt the reconfortante sun of Bagd in my face. How Section is praised!

Space Archaeology

In the frozen space a ship hangs between a red-dark planet and its esbranquiado yellow satellite, its format was as an egg that is jammed and one of two tips was cut by a parabola to fifth of its size, its color was of a metallic orange that reflected the light come of the moon a time that the sun was hidden by the planet. The ship had a length of 180 meters, its width reached 70 meters and with a thickness of 30 meters, it was not a ship great, mainly if compared with the load ships that reached 1200 meters of length, but very great for its crew that only consisted of two occupants. The command room was repleta of screens, and many panels, also had two chairs, quilted ivory color and, but what more it called the attention was a great screen that was the front of the two chairs, below of this screen had a panel, in the way of this panel a light orange starts together with to blink with intervals of two seconds this light a noise similar to the racket that a buzzer only produces that more acute. In a room with a oval table of little more than a meter and way, the two members of the crew of that ship, eat a fruit whom they had probably taken off of the crosspiece that was with many colorful fruits postada in the center of the table. One of them possua a meter and eighty of height, was humanide, its eyes was all blue with a black point of one centimeter, a little above of its sobrancelhas little had a lump of more than one centimeter that went of a source to another one its hair nigrrimo formed a great contrast with its skin that was of an intense orange, its mouth was delicate and inside of it had many small teeth, the double of a human being the color of its lips was of an acute red, its wide nose great e, possua two great nostrils; its friend possua a meter and seventy, and for being of same species possua the same characteristics, except the eyes that where it had a black point, in this the point was brown.