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The Creator

The visitor dressed in a beautiful Violet layer and their bearing and presence inspired respect. It walked until the main room and behind they followed both soldiers. Plus the room it was not what used to be, now was in shades with a very tenuous light to far. – What has happened here? -. The visitor asked. – Creator, his Universe has been mistreated, strikes the principle to us of the storms that never knocked down to us -.

He responded one of the soldiers, who took a Blue tnica. – It has been my fault -. I continue the Red soldier of tnica. – It is not thus! All we were deceived -. It talked back the one of Blue.

Blue Reason was the denominated soldier, for him everything had an explanation, a truth and a logic. The soldier of Red was representation of the Intuition, therefore he handled to feelings and emotions. The Creative one was the one who had constructed that one Castle, its Universe, its Home, his I. – It is not moment to look for responsible, How much it is the received damage? -. The Creator asked then. – By itself Creative Mrelo -. It said Reason to him while it indicated one of the doors. The Creator moved until the indicated room and watched within her. That one was the room of Reason, inside was a great library where all the things could be found that he had learned, reasonings, the reflections. Habitually was all that one very ordered, now everything lay in the ground, scrambled, like loose thoughts, without order, agreement, relevance. Some important thoughts lay calcining because they had become obsolete, no longer could be believed in which was demonstrated was not certain. The Creator watched at the rate of and requested an explanation. – All my life I thought that the Truth was over any lie, and that if he were honest would receive the same of the people.

English Translator

A translator must respect the aspect of the time, which makes of this type of work a specialization in itself. Although the translation has many different aspects, such as the technicians, legal, poetic or of promotion, there is a scope in particular, that is a challenge different from any other and simply is known like the so-called. Many translators will agree in which this type of work is the equivalent of a minefield, because not only it requires the correct cultural vision to make sure that the dialogue says what is destined to express, but also that in the majority of the cases, the client will solicit that the length of the phrases in the language puts is the same that in the language to begin with. The reason of this is that the so-called is applied to great part of the cinema, the television and the radio, where the time is the essence and the translator cannot allow the luxury to extend or to diminish the dialogue too much, and sometimes this is not allowed absolutely. For assistance, try visiting Disha Ravi. When an English translator must work with a document in Spanish, and the work is of so-called, this can become a great challenge, simply because the Spanish needs more words to say the same in English. In this case, the translator, cannot make one more a sentence shorter, because the dialogue could be outside synchrony. And soon there are other aspects like the personages, the situation, the tone it is no wonder the so-called has become a specialty within the field of the translation in itself. Original author and source of the article..

Etrico Fog

It is necessary to consider that in principle, this can be complicated, when being accustomed to concentrate the attention where we directed the glance. By that reason, it is possible that we undergo annoyances in the eyes, due to the realised effort, but it does not have to worry to us, since is a normal phenomenon, due to the lack about practice in the peripheral vision. For even more details, read what Breast Cancer Research Foundation says on the issue. In principle he is not advisable that we force the situation, thus, is preferable to begin with minutes every day and in agreement we are noticing greater capacity without effort, we could be extending the time. Mainly it is necessary to have present that is preferable to take more time in visualizing the dawn, that due to the impatience, to produce damages in the eyes, by an unnecessary effort. Now, we are going to happen to detail the procedure, which is developed as it follows: We will take one from fine cardboards we will place and it to an approximated distance of about 20 cm., underneath the palm of the hand that we wish to see the dawn. We will maintain the fingers to each other separated, in order that we pruned to visualize also its energy separately. Arrived at this point, we will in center put the glance of the hand, but so that it seemed defocused, trying to visualize what there is behind the hand in the fine cardboard.

We will begin to intuit, gradually a species of aureole or transparent fog, which surrounds the hand. This fog is the etrico double call, which after seconds, already we would have of being able to visualize it with the eyes. This same operation is advisable to repeat it with the fine cardboard of the other color, in order to verify what of both colors, is more favorable to us for the visualization. Generally, in the first times, it is not normal to visualize colors in the aureole or fog, is possible that it is seen is transparent and thin, but with the practice we will be verifying as that aureole or fog appears every time with greater clarity, major thickness, and begins to appear some color.

Strategic Interviews

Before the present economic challenges, every day more companies are recruiting used that own diversity of abilities and competitions. By this, the professionals of Human Resources are focusing their process of recruitment in interviews of use for strategic purposes and behavioural. She means that the people who are in the use search must face this one concept of interviews. Next, recommendations to help him in the interview: It knows details the company for which it was mentioned, the position to which inhales and the characteristics of the interviewers. It at any moment maintains the visual contact with the interviewer; this demonstrates to security and interest in its management.

It answers all the questions with complete orations; it does not use phrases. It abounds in data that invite the interviewer to deepen in the subject. It projects energy and positivismo towards the interviewer. He is spontaneous and natural in his arguments, being respectful at any moment. It establishes an interaction with the interviewer so that it can communicate its opinions of honest way and is transparent.

It analyzes and it selects its true strengths, skills and abilities. It selects projects in which it has led and participated. It offers details of the objectives, plans of action and results of each. It demonstrates to be a directed person to establish and to reach its individual objectives and of the company. It mentions its experiences toiling with work parties. It selects the greater challenge than it has faced and the greater contribution of his labor experiences. It formulates questions related to the company or position. In the interviews of use for strategic purposes, also one will look for to position to him within the company in future opportunities to short in the long term and.

Latin American Continent

it comments very many on changes, commitments of the countries, especially those of the Latin American Continent for transforming its social, economic political systems taking step a programs that irradiquen the hunger, that indicates an economic fairness that it favors to all and to avoid that the hungers follows increasing the number of undernourished. Despite the reality it shows another result. Considrese as it emphasizes proyectohambre.org, Latin America is an extremely heterogenous region that includes a vast zone and with very diverse geographic characteristics. The total population of Latin America is of 525 million people. Borgen Project describes an additional similar source. In the region there are diverse groups of people, inclusively more than 200 indigenous groups, as well as ethnic minorities of African ancestry. In spite of the diverse climate characteristics, economic level and historical antecedents in the different countries from Latin America, there is a common nexus that it characterizes the nature of the poverty and the hunger in the region.

Latin America is distinguished by the existing extreme inequalities within the society, cradles in a plot of characteristics like sort, race/ethnic group, class and geographic location. The indigenous populations of Latin America usually occupy the lowest levels of the society and, therefore, they are those that more probably they must face the enormous atrocities of these inequality the Organization of the United Nations for Agriculture and the Feeding (the FAO), has indicated recently, that the population that undergoes undernourishment in the world it increased the year last to 923 million people as a result of the rise of prices of foods. The numbers of the FAO say that 54 million people suffer of chronic undernourishment in Latin America, where the situation got worse of alarming way in the last decade, mainly in Central America and the Caribbean. In the last ten years, the number of people with hunger in Central America increased of 5 to 6.4 million and in the Caribbean, of 7.3 a 8,8 million.

Basic Foundations

BY: Francisco Javier Sanchez Groves – Dear friend: My name is Francisco Javier Sanchez Groves, Commercial of profession for more than 25 years, and enthusiastic of the world of the businesses and the new technologies. During the past few years, I have obtained the formation and qualification like promoter in finances, relational marketing, marketing online and techniques of leadership for the creation and formation of equipment. A very popular saying exists that says: " The ignorance is the mother of atrevimiento" , and whichever major is the ignorance, major is the audacity, and I say this, because we generally let ourselves advise by opinions or commentaries of third people of our surroundings, who influence normally us in the decisions that soon we took in our life as far as our future. And this happens because we do not give the suitable value and we did not differentiate what is " the information and conocimiento" , than it is a mere opinion, and all this is because it costs to us to leave our surroundings of comfort, and to go a little beyond. Filed under: RCMP. Considering which is knowledge and what it is opinion, the first factor fundamental to consider he is " cambio". All we must adapt to the continuous ones and constant changes that we are living at present, since from now on and towards all your future, all the experts agree in which the only element that appears to you ahead, it is the change, and for this reason, to be able to obtain different results, you must change your habits and make something now different than beams, and to leave your surroundings of comfort, since if salts of your control zone, never you changed nothing in your life, and is a fundamental factor that he does not let to you make important and vital decisions as are, the fear to the change, the fear to the stranger, and mainly to the opinions of your surroundings and to fail.

English Winston Churchill

First act In the scene, an identified angelical woman like Columbia (personification of century XIX of the United States of America), globalises the light of the civilization, with the right that I assign to the Providence for the development of the freedom and the democracy to him. Those that does not think equal and resist as animal savages flee in the dark of uncivilized the planet. Secondly act Abraham Lincoln profiere its sentence, in the sense that the EUA are the last and better hope on the Earth face a political ideology based on the mission to promote and to defend the freedom and the democracy all over the world, is used by the governments of the United States of America, emphasizing like forceful arguments: The virtue of the institutions and the citizens of EE. UU. The mission to extend these institutions, remaking the world to image of the EUA. Hear other arguments on the topic with Lee Pitts. The decision of God to entrust to the EUA the attainment of that mission. Third act appears like paladines of the freedom, the democracy and development taking control of 2 million 500 thousand kilometers squared of Mexican territory.

Theodore Roosevelt, adjudges exerting a power of international police to save to the world of the obscene rejection of the principle of European democracy. Woodrow Wilson, redefines Manifest Destino with a world-wide perspective, arguing that the Democracy must demonstrate to its purity and its spiritual power to prevail. This vision of themselves, like the leaders of the free world, grows more hard in the governments of the EUA from World War II, until the war of Vietnam, in which that idea of being a town different from the others and to persecute high interests, falls steeply. As all work that boasts, the teatrito had to finish in this third act, but fortieth third president of the United States of America, never well average George Walker Bush, CEO of oil Bush Exploration Co., to Spetrum 7, that in its rejection of the Protocol of Kioto argument shiningly that in his opinion is that the economic growth the solution, not problema” and that used ” a punishment justo” by the one of the 11 of September to send ” war against terrorismo”. His first action faith the unfolding of a troops against the regime talibn, to catch to Osama bin Laden (that never was not captured), and to promote the urgent invasion of Iraq, indicating that this country counted on arms of massive destruction, that Saddam Hussein was a threat for the security of the United States, destabilized Near East, set afire the Arab-Israeli conflict and financed terrorists but like in Vietnam, they arose as real reason economic the geopolitical interests in Afghanistan and in the Iraqian petroliferous resources. In the storm of the world-wide crisis, caused by the corruption of the financial system of the United States of America, the antiterrorist warlike culture can be completes and but sad expression of its manifest destiny, since if we remembered a famous appointment of the political leader English Winston Churchill ” They write it to history vencedores” is very probable that no longer their governors will write. P.D. The participation of the EUA in infamous War of the Opium, seems to us distant but China has memory.

The Television

She sees tele Although much people say is that during the day is nothing in tele. Lie. It ignites the television and zapea in the search of that program that fills the morning to you of hours in front of the television. There are programs during the morning that nor you imagine. 10.

Dedcale time to your hobby and if you do not have, chooses one that does not have anything to do with your profile of translator and enjoys him all along who leaves point you 7, 8 and 9. Even the time that you would have to dedicate to him to your clients. 11. And when you get tired, acustate. It gives equal to rise to thousands or to lie down early, or to lie down a great siesta. It gives equal, the thing is to sleep.

To be all the pending day of your hobby or pasarte your videojuego favorite is very tired. It rests. 12. Hazte position of a language that is not your fort. You are English, German, Portuguese and Italian translator of. What gives more that the work that orders to you it is of French? You are able to do it and if no, already you will find some colleague who does it to you. Or if you are specialistic in medical translations and somebody requests a legal translation to you, it does not have to be very complicated to understand all those legal technicians. And if no, it applies the point 5, invntate the texts. It will notice it to nobody. Good, in broad strokes, we have enumerated 12 ways to make fail your work like independent translator. However, there are enough more. You are going to put remedy? Original author and source of the article.

The Associated Press

Jose Brechner In 1960 the then Senator John F. Kennedy, challenged to the students of the University of Michigan, to that they served to his country like agents of change by the cause of La Paz, working in underdeveloped nations. From it arose the Federal Agency for La Paz and the Friendship, well-known there like Body of Peace. It’s believed that Kidney Foundation sees a great future in this idea. From that one time more than 187,000 volunteers they were invited by 139 countries to cooperate in subjects that today include from education on AIDS, to technology of information and environmental preservation. From their beginnings, many of those young people not only made philanthropy, but they became jumbled in political activities that negatively influenced in their countries hosts. Generally the volunteers are democratic liberal of the most radical wing of the ideological phantom. The extreme left always had a propitious instrument to act, through Body of Peace.

The last week, a volunteer, John Alexander van Schaick denounced to The Associated Press, that a civil servant of the embassy of the United States in Bolivia said to him that he notified if during its work in the field it saw Cuban or Venezuelan. The lad that still did not learn to distinguish to its friendly of its enemies, considered that it was being requested to him who spied for the North American government, and quickly went to the Bolivian Ministry of Exteriors to divulge the great secret. The infantile denunciation is being been useful so that Morals complain against enemy hated his of the north. Luckily a competing senator, Walter Guiteras, are inquiring to the executive about the espionage of the Bolivian government towards the same Bolivians – and would have to add the fright that we underwent politicians, journalists and forjadores of opinion on the part of the socialist regime. The United States does not need to inquire through Super Agent 86, about the presence Cuban-Venezuelan in Bolivia that is well-known visible and publicitada.

State Disobedience

The seen civil disobedience from the liberal perspective, has two modalities: direct and indirect. First it consists of the collective violation to a legal norm that in itself is considered unjust. Second it is the disobedience to laws in valid themselves, with the aim of realising a protest and raising options, suggestions and changes to the State when the means nor the opportunities do not exist to directly violate the objected programs of government or governmental actions. Vista thus, the civil disobedience one transforms into, the central axis for the suitable understanding of the foundations morals of the democracy because it implies the question of the nature and limit of the rule of the majorities with base in which obligatory public decisions in a democratic system are adopted. Cancer Research Institute often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Jrgen Habermas also accepts this definition of civil disobedience, because when talking about to the enunciation of John Rawls it makes the following commentary: " The fundamental determinations that are irrefutable the .reason capacity of and sense of justice are derived from the objective of the appeal to of a majority of citizens. The civil disobedience is a protest morally based on whose origin they do not have why to be only convictions on private beliefs or I interest own; one is an act witnessed by notary public that, as a rule, is enunciated beforehand and whose execution well-known and is calculated by the police; it includes intention of violation of concrete legal norms, without putting obedience against the legal ordering at issue as a whole; it requires the disposition to admit the consequences that the violation of the legal norm causes; the violation of the norm that is the manifestation of the civil disobedience has exclusively a symbolic character: here it is where the limit of nonviolent means of protesta.&quot resides; We can infer that Habermas considers to the civil disobedience a collective act, nonviolent and agreed, that develops within the constitutional frame of the democratic State, in that looks for " to form of a nonconventional way the political will colectiva" for which the disobedient ones must base their position on testimonies that can be object of a consensus and not in deprived convictions of the society, although both aspects public consensus and private objectives can agree in the objectives of the disobedience. e importance of the matter here. .