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To the question on the main problem that oppresses the Colombian families, the citizen outcry responds unanimously the use! Indeed, the labor opportunities have fallen for multiple reasons, some inherent to the logic and dynamics imposed by the global economic system that devastates with world-wide the middle-class; and others, for own reasons of the Colombian, subsidiary reality of that capital without face and soul but with local accents due to the context in which our country develops. If the main problem that oppresses our people is the lack of use and the absence of opportunities, the first public policy must be the generation of use and work sources, the creation of opportunities. For this reason, the first and main actions must be oriented towards the individual, local and regional emprendimiento. On the other hand the care attendant policy, that has justification and temporary explanation as oriented action to the aid of desperate families by the impact of the violence and the closing of the companies, must be oriented towards the support to these families so that they can by themselves generate the income that allow them to live with dignity. Boy Scouts of Americas opinions are not widely known. The insecurity, the educative cover and of health, the other social policies, will fructify if our people have opportunities, have sources of income and construct the foundations of a worthy life in agreement with present civilization. Some reasons, allow us to formulate slogans, to make the programs and to advance to the actions of a proposal of public policies for our city and the suroccidental region, that aim towards the main and basic problem, so that our people recover the hope and the faith in the communitarian effort and the local governments who interpret the popular feeling genuinely. For this reason, we affirmed surely and vehemence that the priority and the emphasis in our proposal is the generation of opportunities: sources of use and emprendimiento; fortification of the companies; creation of platforms for the individual, local and regional competitiveness; protection of the sources of wealth generation; support to the SMEs, Micro-SMEs and Fami-SMEs; elimination of the intermediations in the hiring and protection of the union activity. . Details can be found by clicking Nieman Foundation or emailing the administrator.

Carlos Martinez Prawn

CARLOS MARTINEZ PRAWN By: Dr. Ticio Escobar (Minister of Culture Paraguay) To read original (to click) in: It has divided a great one of Paraguay. PCRM understands that this is vital information. Its work, extraordinary, will continue marking the history of the culture of our country, and the one of Argentina, with the force of an original fact that it twists the course of the time, the writing, the language. On the one hand, Carlos Martinez Prawn inaugurates historically prosa literary in guaran; on the other, the National Prize of Literature, that with as much justice received he in 2003, releases the concession of the award to a work written in that language. But those symbolic landmarks are sharps by a monumental work that defies, widens and enriches the written word; and it does from the resources of the poetry (including prosa literary), always located in the limits of the language. The fact that the own guaran language is provided of intense metaphorical densidad, is harnessed to the maximum by the writer, to the point that his Ayvu Rendy Side, compilation of the plegarias mby of Missions, register with naturalness in decurso of its work, illuminated with the brightness of the rhetoric (and the philosophy) guaran. By means of its exceptional literary production, as well as the forceful quality of its writing, together with the one of other great writers like Felix de Guarania, the guaran at present acquires an irrefutable universal statute that precedes and bases the defense of its value, fortified after the impulse of tenacious promoters. But one semblanza fast of a big man would be truncates if it did not include his human dimension. The ethical and citizen value of Martinez Prawn, adversary of the dictatorship, jeopardizes with the freedom of his town, was worth exiles, persecutions and uprootings to him that define their personal profile and maintain the whole truth of their shining songs. Original author and source of the article.

Communicating Effectively

The term rapport indicates that it exists or a reciprocal understanding between two settles down or more people Also can be denominated to this like " sintona" or " feeling. The Neurolinguistica Programming has resources and techniques to manage to enter syntony with another person, and to obtain an effective communication with that is to enter " Rapport" and to establish a communication with syntony, they are required to pay attention to the following 5 aspects: The form of verbal communication: It is the form to communicate in which they must use the suitable predicates, that is to say those basic favourite words sensorial, that our interlocutor uses If for example the other person is rather " visual" , that is to say that thinks much about " imgenes" most probable is than &quot speaks; of way visual" for example " I already see what you want decir" so that there will be to use that form to speak in base mainly, to the visual sense, if we want to be in tune with this person. Continue to learn more with: Eliot Lauer. In the same way if the person is auditory (by example: " escuchame well ")or kinesthetic (" now it touches &quot to you; or " we are in contacto")also you must adapt the words (preached) in agreement with it. The communication form for-verbal: Here you must pay attention to the volume of the voice, tone of the voice, flow, rate of the communication flexions of the voice If your interlocutor speaks smoothly and slowly you you must speak smoother, and slowly, without apresurarte if you want to create rapport! The communication form not-verbal: In this case one is to act " in espejo" , it is the technique of " Mirroring" , with corporal movements " cruzados" if the person makes some gesture with her right hand, you can " reflejarlo" not exactly equal, because it would be very obvious, but making some gesture symmetrical, inclining the head or making a gesture with the other hand? The Values: In the communication it is very important to share the values of your interlocutor, that is to say " sintonizar" that aspect according to which it creates, a what values have, what Example of values considers the other person really important : honesty, sincerity, freedom, justice, etc.? Cultural aspect: In this case you must take into account how it is the cultural aspect of the other person, its way to express itself, his " modismos" is adecuarte to the language, the content, the cultural level of the other person an example: They speak if you in the simple language, most suitable and advisable to obtain rapport it is to respond and to speak of a similar form, and not " complicada" or very " intelectual" " practice does to monje" it says to the saying If you practice sufficient these PNL techniques you will manage to dominate them and you will be able then, not only to be in tune, to establish a climate of confidence with other people also you will be able somehow to lead the conversation, you will be able to persuade and to influence the people, hacindote " eje" of a conversation.

Barack Obama

As not too much margin of action exists when an organization of great size is in problems, the best thing than can be done, from the regulatory and supervisory point of view, is to increase the evaluations of these organizations’ health. In this sense, the Federal Reserve could limit and to even block the acquisitions of financial organizations to avoid that they reach an excessive size. Is very important that we reach an agreement on a comprehensive reform as fast as it is possible so that the confidence between the American contributors and in the rest of the world can also be recovered, said Obama. The message is clear: it is necessary to act of convincing way but also, as rapidly as possible. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same. And to convince, the contributor is due to assure to him who the costs of the crises are not assumed by them. Not to load the responsibility to him to the contributor, the reform would look for to take the cost of the future efforts of financial stabilization towards the industry, when forcing to the financial companies with more of US$ 10,000 million in assets, to pay by any casualty inflicted by the actions of the FDIC to solve the problems of the debilitated companies. What us can provide the American financial system after the regulatory reform? We will find a frame regulatory stricter than it makes special center in the larger organizations of which one was believed, had a greater capacity of self-regulation. Also us we are going to find with organizations that can reach to a certain size beyond which the regulation will not allow them to grow. With the reform of the regulation of the American financial system, the government of Barack Obama is attacking one of the main fronts that can give rise to a future center of crisis which can originate by different factors such as speculative bubbles or attitudes from excessive taking of risk not limited by the regulation as the generation of new financial assets of the type prevails.


According to credited sources, they exist around 80,000 companies certified according to ISO 9001 in Spain. That without counting many of them they have that it implanted without to have obtained the certification, makes see the interest us that provokes between the industralists take refuging in this norm. Almost all the industralists are conscious that in a competitive market and like now also in crisis, the differentiation is an important point at the time of making business and of obtaining a positive result in order year. A form to be different itself from the rest is to add to value to our product or service by means of the voluntary implantation of a system of certifiable quality that demonstrates before our clients and suppliers that our company applies to methods of control and continuous improvement to its products and/or services. To that aspect we must add that applying the directives of noema ISO 9001, also we are going to obtain a substantial improvement in our methods of work obtaining in the majority of the cases a reduction in our benefit or production costs of services. But this it is subject in that we are not going to enter, since the objective of this article is to orient to the companies that are immersed in the implantation or to which they in the future think next the implantation of a quality system, as can be helped externally during the phase of implantation. Nowadays several aspects exist to consider when to undertake this implantation.

The fundamental ones are: A Have knowledge sufficient to only do it I? If he has the sufficient knowledge, can undertake the project by itself, on the contrary, he will require external aid. B I have the human resources to do it? He is fundamental to designate a person to realise this work. It thinks who but is adapted for it or even if you are same.


At present to choose name of I dominate is not as easy as we wanted, because with the passage of years thousands of new dominions they are registered. Reason why it is necessary to consider some aspects. For companies, educative or governmental organizations, institutions, the following are the ideal types of dominion: Lucrative activity: .COM/.COM.MX/.MX nonlucrative Activity: .ORG/.ORG.MX educative Institution: .EDU.MX governmental Institution: .GOB.MX Telecommunications: .NET/.NET.MX When choosing the dominion name we must consider possible protection of mark or the most advisable name of our activity, because this will cause that our page easily is memorised, like will be able or not to generally offer us to greater comfort in its use our electronic mails and publicity. It sees the following example to see that a short name always will be more practitioner than a long and compound name. IBICSA (Industry Bioenergetics of Centro, SA of CB) But comfortable and appropriate Web site: Post office: Less practitioner and more complicated Web site: Mail: In many cases a name of long and compound dominion brings about innumerable errors in publicity and gets to force to change designs of materials printed like business cards because the electronic mail or page Web occupies as much space that the uniformity and harmony of the design break completely, or simply does not fit in the designated spaces.

A reason to register the more soon possible its name of dominion is that the companies look for to protect its name or its registered tradename at least the main commercial dominions in its different variants .COM .COM.MX and .MX, and it is not difficult to find companies in different branches that own the same commercial name or marks. For this reason, who has a relatively common or very attractive name, it can be certainly will be many eyes interested in him and while more time lets pass to register its dominion or to protect other alternating dominions, less possibilities must to have it (s) in their power. In the experience we have seen like some clients when delaying the desicin only register its dominion by a pair of months, it made them lose the possibility of having the perfect name and had to be satisfied to the name that could register or a type of unsuitable dominion for his activity. sting+hopes+that+punishing/10114207/story.html’>Christos Staikouras follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It considers the following factors to choose his name and to make it more soon possible: That it is easy to remember and of preference protects some mark, commercial name, activity or trade name. One will become its mass media; it will dictate it by telephone, it will be in writings, publicity, avoids to decide on a compound or very long name.

The cost of the dominions, still the Mexicans are a very small annual investment, therefore he tries to protect other common types of dominion. If he is not ready to realise its page Web and/or to contract to a lodging Web, it does not matter, it can protect its dominion ahead of time, and not risk to lose to him. If it wishes to register its name of dominion or wishes to see alternative what have for dominion name, contctenos taste we advised to him yet here to choose the best name of dominion.

La Paz

The second critical moment for the depressions, is the one that goes up to around the fifty years, take place when by general the children have left house already, the home remains literally empty and the free time increases remarkably. When they are perceived depression symptoms are due to go to the doctor. It has been stated that to exert the paper of housewife is determining to suffer certain alterations. Such alterations do not get to never know themselves if the woman does not accede to the doctor to indicate her restlessness. To the housewives, the specialists to them usually recommend that they undertake a parallel activity and they chat with other people, friendly or friendly, and that look for a use.

And if they do not find a use, that they look for an activity that maintains hours to them to the day outside the house. And mainly, that becomes owners of their own world. Not in vain, the poet said: Woman, you are not hopeless/who someday will arrive/in which you are the one that you are. Francisco Aryan Soli’s the importance of the towns does not have to be moderate by the squared kilometers, but by the culture and the illustration of his inhabitants. Health and Freedom. (Phrase of Fermn Salvochea glossed in the book: 102 reasons to remember a Salvochea). Vestibule of Internauts by La Paz and the Freedom and of Free Forum.

New Version

Hour to put to us to accounts with God Is evident that God responds to our orations. It does not close his ears to our outcry. Nevertheless it is important that we are to accounts with Him. When we go to the Bible we found that recommendation in one of the oldest books of Bible: If your children sinned against God, he gave them what its sin deserved. But you return the glance to God, if you apologise to him to the Almighty, and if you are pure and straight, he will come out in your defense and he will give back the place to you that corresponds to you. (Job 8:4 – 6, New Version the International) a careful analysis of the text reveals three things at least to us: 1.

– Often the orations are interrupted, by our deliberate attitude to sin. 2. – It is possible to return to us to God, and concomitant to that, the adverse circumstances that once they shone will change. 3. – God leaves to the passage against the situations that we faced, it protects and it responds to us when we called to him. 4. – Taken from the hand of the Gentleman, everything can be like before.

The panorama can change teaches us to the Scripture that when returning to us to God, the past of misfortune it can change getting to be an encouraging panorama: Modest first wealth, compared with your future prosperity will seem your. (Job 8:7, New Version the International) Sonia discovered through its own one experience, that everything can be different. The united fidelity to God closely to the perseverancia, gave rise to that his husband became to Jesus Christ and today it comprises of the body of deacons of the congregation. It is in third semester of the Biblical Seminary in which one forms for shepherd. The oration unties the power of God. It is a principle that we must keep in deepest from our heart, hoard it and, when difficult situations appear or that they deserve wisdom, look for to him in tries of aid. It is different to fight in our forces to reach frustrating results, that to do it in the power of the Gentleman. Everything is different. We animated to him to continue praying. Not desmaye. It remembers whenever God not only listens to its orations but it responds in the opportune time and according to Its will.


All the requests are reviewed by a publisher and the approval process can take weeks or months. Many proprietors of Web sites have waited for long time to be able to see their added Web site. The delay is worth the pain. Yahoo.com To have or to add its Web site to this directory would cost 299 dollars to him to the year; having in consideration the price it will have to evaluate to place its Web in this directory. SevenSeek.com This directory has a great number of pages and many connections of return. As in all the guides, it is important that he reads in detail the directives of this directory. To place its Web site has a cost of 40 dollars.

SevenSeek is a general directory and it is possible to be raised pages of any subject in particular. GoGuides.org GoGuides is another great directory where it can have his Web site. To place its Web site has a cost of $ 40. Wowdirectory.com WowDirectory is another great directory where it can be his page Web, it is of general nature, thus are possible to be placed pages of different sorts. To place its page Web is gratuitous here, but the approval can last a time. They offer an option of to pay 20 dollars and they assure to him that its Web site will appear within the 24 hours. ARTICLES An excellent way to generate traffic and connections to its Web site is writing articles. Here it is the general process of how it works: 1.

You to make an article. 2. You raise east article the different directories in order that directors of pages that look for quality content find their article.

Relations Between Involved Countries

He is proven that the countries that contaminate more are richest and later poorest. The first for being most powerful, and to want to continue being it, they prioritize the economic development by on the care of the ecology – primary target is to make money, and everything is subordinated it, the concessions are only made to the benefit of majors gains. The seconds, the poor countries, do not have resources, or have resources that are used by the rich countries. Therefore, they generate the energy that needs through the precarious forms that are their reach, which do not agree generally with ecological criteria (burning fire of trees or coal use of vegetal origin, hunts indiscriminate, and all derived problems). Of this two things can be deduced: 1 – When not having resources, of money, it is not had the necessary education, but mainly, of the RESOURCES necessary to avoid any type of evil.

2 – When having resources, of money, it is not necessarily had education sufficient to avoid no type of evil. What determines as is acted before the problems, before the evils, and how it is acted generally it is not the education level (although this it is an important factor) but the values that the society at issue prioritizes. If most important it is the money, this means that the education (the society) foments direct or indirectly this valuation of the world. In this case, she herself contributes to cause the ecological problems. Therefore, the solution of the environmental problems and any other can be an education question.

But most important it is than this depends on CERTAIN education, supported in determined it brings back to consciousness and values that are not opposite to the effects that are persecuted. All the others are fashionable question, hypocrisy and image, that surpass to the concrete actions. It is very easy to criticize, mainly when it is spoken to speak, when it is cried by the evils of the world without considering other aspects. It is even very easy to criticize knowing than it is spoken, but no doing nothing on the matter. Speaking of other people’s (always the one is another one that is the guilty), lamenting itself of how others are the guilty of all the had problems and to have. The ecology, by all means, is not besides this cancer of own hypocrisy of the human societies. Original author and source of the article.