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Seven Islands

Each district has its own capital. For example, Athens is the capital and Greece and Attica region. Greece is divided and a few historical and geographical areas. "Chaos, confusion indifference" – that explains Dahl dictionary Greek word "chaos". Country and indeed resembles chaos: there are lumps of rock, and high mountains, and the dark desert. No peace in the depths, as Greece is in a zone of high tectonic activity, and here, unfortunately, are frequent earthquakes. Green fertile areas, such as the Thessalian basin – a rare exception.

Vast areas, despite the abundance of rain, drought prone, tesla. porous limestone does not absorb moisture. "Spine" of Greece – the Pindus mountains in the west and the east of Mount Olympus. Fifth in Greece – the islands. There are about 20 thousand, but habitable – less than 200. A small group of Ionian Islands (Eptanisa – "Seven Islands") forms a chain, limiting Greece to the west.

Aegean islands, on the contrary, numerous, some of them are united in the archipelago, such as a group of islands in the northeast Aegean – Sporades, the Cyclades and the Dodecanese (Dodekanisos – "Twelve Islands"), while others are isolated: such, for example, the island of Crete in the south. Cycladic archipelago consists of 39 islands, of which only 24 are inhabited. Sporades, located along the east coast of mainland Greece and Euboea, characterized by a truly island flavor and preserve folk traditions intact. Dodecanese group consists of 12 large and many small islands, each with its own peculiarities and distinguishing features.

Now Volunteer Work Abroad

Who wants to spend the summer in a special way, luring the volunteering and internships abroad! Berlin – shortly before the summer holiday is probably the biggest the wanderlust. Once the long high school diploma in hand longed for most just up and away, want to! Who wants to spend the summer of 2012, in another country, can decide even at short notice for a period abroad with projects abroad. Especially for the double vintage a real alternative: in contrast to programs, whose Platze are limited and require the age of majority, is a volunteering with projects abroad. Projects around the world flexibly and individually planned and already from 16 possible. High school graduates and students can use so even at short notice a voluntary service to bridge or as a holiday program.

After graduating, I had the firm decision to study medicine. The result of my application was sobering: endless waiting lists, infinitely many applicants. What now? Because I suffer from chronic wanderlust, the decision came rather suddenly and before I even knew what I’m getting myself up, I sat in the plane to Accra. “, reported Johanna about her medical internship in Ghana the program offers volunteer work and internships in 28 countries around the globe.” Participants depending on the interests involved for example in nature conservation in Peru, a nursing internship for medical school in India, or take care of orphaned children in Ethiopia. Through their work, they make an important social contribution and also personally benefit from their use.

United Arab Emirates

One of the most ancient countries with a rich history and culture, famous throughout the world, is Egypt. Who among us has not wanted to ever go there? Today, there are even direct flights to Egypt from Kazan. To see the country of pyramids and the Sphinx possible throughout the year, but in summer it is very hot, so the people prefer to escape the middle band in hot country when almost the entire territory of our country covered with snow. Swarmed by offers, Boy Scouts of America is currently assessing future choices. To date, most popular with residents of Kazan tours are tours to Turkey, Egypt, United Arab Emirates. This popularity is due to low prices for tours to these countries. Now the economy of Egypt receives more than half the profit from it tourism. Therefore, it is a tourist area in Egypt is very well developed.

Service in the Egyptian hotel at the highest level. The most popular resorts in Egypt are Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. The first resort rather is designed to young people who can not afford to pay, but want to relax. The second – more pretentious and expensive resort is designed for a more representative and adults who love luxury and comfort. Virtually any resort city of Egypt is a beautiful water park with many attractions. Also, you can go diving and see the truly fabulous expanse of sea and coral reefs.

Travel agency "Terra Incognita "has been working in the tourism industry for several years. During this time the company has accumulated a wealth of experience that allows her to keep the brand from a reliable and good company in Kazan. If you are looking for a tour in Egypt with departure from Kazan you choose the most convenient for you to tour and program. Converts at least once, travel agency customers, "Terra Incognita" very content and become regular customers of the company. And for customers in the travel agency is discount card at a discount of 9%.

Greece Quot

Optimistic officials and owners of the apartments were infected by the sea. Anticipating a large influx of holidaymakers, many rushed to a 10-15% increase in the cost of living, explaining the rise in overall inflation in the country. But from mid-May, the situation began to change dramatically. According to the head of the agency 'of Crimea. Rest. BSA is actively involved in the matter. Rent "Tatiana Volkova, European hotels have begun to reduce prices, have forced the Russians to reconsider the same plans for the summer.

"Travel agencies with whom we work in Russia, the mass of refuse is already booked accommodation in Crimea, citing the fact that their customers prefer resorts in Greece or Spain, where this year for $ 50 a day you can rent a room for two in a hotel with private beach and swimming pool. It is 40-50% cheaper than last summer. For the same money on the South Coast High season is unrealistic even to settle, not to mention the possibility of a similar European service. BSA has much to offer in this field. On a less expensive resorts – in Evpatoria, Feodosia, Sudak – $ 50 per day a tourist can find a good home, but Again, no guaranteed access to the beach ", – says Ms. Volkova, adding that as a result of requests for booking of accommodation by the sea this year was 70% less than in the past.

Increasingly, the "refuseniks", the Russians and joined our compatriots who are able to find better options for the rest of Europe and Turkey. Negative trend confirmed by the head of the agency under nazkaniem – Rest in Feodosia, Alexander Petrovsky, according to which in their This will be 10-20% less visitors than last summer. Plans to spend a holiday in the ARC refused in the first place tourists with above-average income and the VIP-guests, who are the most landlords to welcome guests. Those who still willing to come and ask them to pick up as much as possible affordable accommodation: up to 250 UAH. per room or one-bedroom apartment per day in high season (July-August). At the same time to put up with inconveniences potential tenants do not want. For this, the Crimean standards, a modest amount of housing they are looking for a fresh renovated, nice furniture, a constant supply of hot water, air conditioning, appliances and in the immediate vicinity of Sea. Realtors agree that, despite the abundance of yielding to the Crimea housing, they can not always fulfill requests of potential clients.

Climate Hotels Germany

The first CO2 certified hotel in Swiss francs is partner of the new nationwide initiative “Climate-hotels Germany” “We pleased, the hotels to belong to, who have gone with the nationwide initiative ‘Climate hotels Germany’ on September 23, 2010 at the start”, explains Klaus Fortsch, owner of the Creativhotels Luise. Erlanger “nature hotel in the city” is one of the three most environmentally friendly hotels in Germany, and Klaus Fortsch sees itself as a pioneer on the road to climate neutrality for over 20 years. The joining of the new initiative is climate hotels Germany a further consistent step towards more sustainability: climate hotels are climate-neutral hosts, which have created a holistic CO2 footprint of their House, the CO2 emissions in the hotel operating detected – ecologically and economically optimized their CO2 emissions – compensated for the remaining climate-relevant emissions certified climate protection projects and have compensated for this. Creativhotel Luise is environmental protection into practice to hotelier Klaus Fortsch from the converts many years environmental protection into practice: “climate protection much talked about. But there is nothing good, except to do it! And what is perhaps surprising is, it’s easy. The air-hotel guest protects the climate and must at the same time give up anything.” Wellness and environmental protection are not contradictory at the Erlanger Creativhotel Luise. Since 1991, the commitment of the “nature hotels in the city” in the field “Umweltbewusster hotel and restaurant” regularly with the Gold Medal of the Bavarian ministries is awarded for economy and the environment. With investments in solar energy, rainwater harvesting and thermal insulation, the hotel is very energy efficient.

For hotel guests there is a bio-certified regional buffet breakfast. The wellness oasis Lunyu pampers the guests with Dr.Hauschka cosmetics. Climate protection is implemented in all areas of the family hotel. “We are proud of the fact that we carry the distinction of ‘Climate-neutral hotel’ and thus are one of the first hotels in Germany, where guests carbon neutral can stay”, explains Klaus Fortsch, owner of the Erlanger Creativhotels Luise.

Not Traveling Is Dangerous, But Remain At Home

Transactions are made in Kriesen – and disaster areas. How to stay on the safe side? The most dangerous of all worldviews is the belief of the people who have not looked at the world. This said not Reinhold Messner and also no global business traveller in our days, but Alexander von Humboldt. Formerly rather insignificant parts of the world today increasingly gaining economic importance and are frequently visited destinations. It is often the safest of all destinations. But the experience of the cultural environment of the business partner and the face-to-face talks remain the basis of functioning economic relations.

A real tea ceremony takes place not on-line. a manager who makes numerous statements in the land of the rising sun betrayed us. For the business, not the travel of the danger, but the home is staying. About 157,8 million travellers on behalf of their companies are on the road a year. The number of intercontinental travel is rising and therefore the risks.

Terrorism, piracy, Industrial espionage: the hazards of life, body, property, and last but not least for sensitive information are high on business trips. 48.5% of business travelers had ever unforeseen problems according to the study. Life is too precious to be left to the fate.\” (Captain ‘ bluebear) Rene Renkema is up to 30 times a year sitting on the plane between Sweden, Eastern Europe and Asia. My biggest fear on business trips is, that at home could happen to my family and I can not immediately be\”. So of course as he puts on the seatbelt in the car, he avoids traveling raw food or hired a local guide for unsafe areas. There are many guidance for secure travel planning. \”\” The recertified corporate security of travelling, the VSW Association for the security of the economy \”and the VDR Association German travel management\” publish advice and safety tips.