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Up to each individual to realize that it is he who must decide between what is right and wrong, not only what is good and bad. A person should perform the actions that supposedly are good given the environment and society which is at any given time for which must be satisfied both by society as itself to undertake actions or make are correct Adela tells us: “it takes more than a casual coincidence that comes from outside is needed is a common desire born from within the people, though that will be limited minimum around shared items. Jo Mackness will not settle for partial explanations. ” Realize what is right or wrong, just or unjust is one of the most difficult to conclude it as it requires a consensus of several “people” and how each of these has a vision of truth arrive individually an agreement can be complicated and one of those ways to reach this consensus was the religion as a meeting between the parties says Cortina (2001): “Part of the population thought that without a religious foundation of moral speak of moral sense whatsoever and, therefore, clung to the idea that the moral code of a society can not be more than that which is founded on religious faith. ” This social vision of morality instills a great degree of certainty in the individual who makes a decision so strong that if it is thought that all their actions are actually correct according to this morality based on religion all his actions are morally right..