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House Resources

Make today the working world of tomorrow! A training offer the House of technology, which today is considered the oldest technically-oriented further education Institute of in Germany, from September 2013 especially for employees of HR in manufacturing companies, engineering firms, etc.. Why does the House of technology in addition to the technically-oriented topics specifically a training program for employees in the human resources? “Easily: customers of the House of technology e.V. are mostly manufacturing companies, engineering companies, etc. with special challenges in staff development often lack the human resources development, such as lack of young specialists and masters level, high sick leave by physical work, shift work, etc., instead only” personnel management, often missing involvement of the HR strategy in corporate strategy, central human resources without direct staff contact in decentralised companies investment, which flow in development, sales and investment in staff development, new challenges posed by new legislation, new education (Bachelor’s and master’s degrees) and in-house projects. These challenges are known in the Haus der Technik. In addition to concrete solutions for special challenges the seminars and evening expert talks offer the opportunity to network with colleagues from other companies participants. Practicality and feasibility often enough be enthusiastic participants of a seminar and motivated back at their workplace and want to apply the learned, ideas to put into action, pick up pulses and implement suggestions. The implementation is special arrangements in practice then due to other as in the seminar of applied conditions, operating or must, etc.

often as a difficult challenge, which ends up frequently, that everything remains as it is. Blueprint human resources management programme”, particular emphasis is placed on practical relevance and feasibility: event leaders are all experienced practitioners, the deal with the Subject always coped in everyday work. Part of the offered seminars is participants so we get a day of seminars and a practice day offered with a lag time to concretize their ideas or projects in their company and to discuss with the speakers and other participants on the practice day, get feedback, to identify possible “snags” and to discuss solutions. The event manager learning from other industries all consciously come to the part from completely different, very dienstleistungsorierenten industries. Here solutions were developed for the personnel management already, which can be ground-breaking and inspiring for the manufacturing industry. The seminars also invite to find new and innovative solutions for the own area and to leave the beaten path. It isn’t solid tools without solid knowledge in the area of labour law, controlling and project management.

Therefore offers the program blueprint personnel management”also the corresponding modules. Fit and healthy in the future international studies: 95% of all diseases are caused by stress – especially due to stress from the own, increasingly complex work environment. A special course taught gives practical, today the physical and mental health of employees can stay encouraged and preserved through timely detection of stress symptoms among employees and targeted measures for dealing with stress. The blueprint human resources management “includes co-ordinated and separately bookable offers, which can be freely combined. So, each participant can create a unique blueprint for the challenges in human resources management.

Guitar Students

Innovative program to guitar practice helps guitar students to make faster progress Tom Hess music Corporation Announces the release of innovative, web-based solution to maximize the effectiveness of practicing guitar. With the abundance of training materials, guitar lessons, videos and other resources, it is difficult many guitar students to share their practice time among all the things that they want to learn. As a result, they often waste much time with mostly pointless trying out. To solve this problem, an innovative guitar software was called “the practice generator” developed. Guitarist will allow to practice your instrument with utmost efficiency. This is achieved through the creation of effective guitar practice plans, which are based on needs, goals, skills as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each student. Learn more on the subject from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The inventor of the program, online guitar teacher and professional musician Tom Hess says: “in addition to teaching hundreds of students in my I get many weekly emails from guitar players from all over the world the question of how to create the most effective guitar practice schedule online guitar lessons.

This inspired me to the idea of practice generator. I wanted to help so many students as possible to achieve the best results with your practice. With this program succeed me exactly.” The practice generator allows the user in a short time to make more progress by the guitar practice time focuses only on the things, which this individual guitarist must work to its goals without achieving a waste of time. In addition to organizing the exercise time, like a good and experienced guitar teacher would do it, monitored the practice generator and the time you put into each item and thus documented the progress of the user. By all guesswork about how to construct an effective exercise plan, taken out and eliminate waste of time while practicing, the guitarist can now more dramatic progress in his guitar playing in see significantly less time. Hess says: “after I have taught many years guitar and music, I know that it typically not difficult the most guitarists, finding enough practice material.

What’s wrong with the most however, is help, what should be done with the hundreds of musical scores, Gitarrentabs, instructional videos and other training materials. A more effective and specific exercise plan works like a map, which allows students to learn guitar, as they could do this independently much faster. Many of my students, as well as hundreds of guitarists from around the world use generator to the practice. “That do this better players will be much faster.

Tools Help Students

There are numerous opportunities, students can cause abdominal pain some students in exam preparation both at home and in the classroom to support an upcoming exam, especially if they are not so familiar with the test material. There are however effective means to assist students in the classroom as well as at home with the exam preparation. First, it is important that the teaching material is conveyed in the right tempo. Regular and smaller units are better than large. In this way, students can more easily process not only the information, but keep them longer in the memory. The same principle can be applied on the exam. Instead of cramming all the material in one day, it is better to spread the substance over several days, so he looks less intimidating. It helps many students also to know what the test will look like, whether it is an essay, multiple-choice, or an oral Testing is.

To educate students about the type of testing helps many in an efficient preparation. Tools for the repetition of the substance are also part of a successful exam preparation. For many students, interactive whiteboards or computer programs can contribute to a better understanding of the material. These usable fabric review tools can be combined with other elements, about role-playing games, so that the material is better sticking. The feeling should be taught in addition, that they can ask for help at any time. Sometimes students do not dare questions to ask, because they were dry assuming my, or because they feel that they will never understand the material.

It is however important to communicate that they are at all times for their students because, no matter how easy the material may be or how far the school is advanced for teachers. Last but not least, it is helpful for students if they a handout with instructions to the Get exam preparation. A precise and short list, as the students effectively can prepare themselves outside of the classroom is a good solution. This learning can be taken into account with parents or in group. Denying the students from the start in the right direction, to convey the material into smaller units and to use tools such as interactive whiteboards, to repeat, the students in the classroom and in the tests will lead to success.


Exchanges ABC offers a free parents guide Bonn – an E-book for free download provides for parents the information and advice portal student exchange ABC.de. For while there are even a variety of sources of information for Exchange students, whose parents have only sparse offerings, which respond to their questions and problems on the topic of student exchange. The parents guide from student exchange helps here: he picks up all central points on the topic of student exchange and thus offering an important decision-making and planning assistance in preparation for a visiting school. In the E-book of student exchange ABC.de all essential questions posed on the topic of student exchange, are answered in detail on 29 pages. In addition to the parents, also the potential exchange students themselves are addressed.

Here you will find information about the opportunities, the requirements and the process of an exchange of students. Also make fundamental organizational aspects such as funding, time and The correct Organization discussed duration and search. Possible problems during an Exchange are subject of the Guide and complete it along with the description of the host families. In addition to the free E-book users on many more interesting information around this topic of student exchange and can consult about individually and, also for free. LEA das

Student Holiday Help:

Holiday clever use: students help offers summer holiday courses Gelsenkirchen, June 29, 2010. Center for Responsible Business has plenty of information regarding this issue. Holidays are the best at school, no question. Sun and sea, time to relax, time for friends and hobbies. But the holidays offer a great way to get to learning, then really puncture at the start of the school. Who is smart, clever uses the holiday: student holiday help, holiday offer of students help, learned is deepened and prepared for investigations. And by the way is also enough time for making holiday.

Holidays are the best at school, no question. Sun and sea, time to relax, time for friends and hobbies. But the holidays offer a great way to get to learning, then really puncture at the start of the school. Who is smart, clever uses the holiday: student holiday help, holiday offer of students help, learned is deepened and prepared for investigations. And by the way is also enough time for making holiday.

The student aid offers during the summer holidays again a varied programme, with which the students can prepare in just a few hours and without homework stress on the new school year. No matter whether German spelling, English grammar or mathematical formulas in the student holiday help each student in exactly the areas fit, in which he has still deficits. Also relevant learning and exam content to give them in a very short time for the investigation to cope with the transfer. With the special course”fit the transfer student holiday help prepared for primary school students on switching to the secondary school.

September Cave

Can relive the Rainbow that id connects n and visions with the Earth in our noisy time, silence is beneficial and registered in the silence be through voices that the episode effect on what is really important, one further crystallized. On September 18, 2010, 2 hours are possibility to enjoy in radiation-free space, in silence, in this healing cave in Berchtesgaden (near Salzburg), in which only a vibration occurs, the vibrations of the salt crystals just so. There are those moments that are timeless. With a step above this threshold with each step deeper and closer to himself, absolutely present, take all the gifts to all that is, waited in long. Everything that can be said and especially all that cannot be expressed with words, experienced I suggest more than of space – time stood still – opened 25 years in a cave in Lanzarote and on this day or night, crystallized an idea is (id ), she was beautiful, overwhelmingly beautiful, clear and very present,”says Yvonne van Dyck.

ID n are the stem cells of our reality. What at that time was crystallized in Lanzarote in the Earth, can now grow. The ideal space – is surrounded by crystals – healing cave in Berchtesgaden to plant visions into the Earth, that they crystallize. With the electric Kleinbahn is the mountain where salt is mined for 500 years. Come inside a special place opens up the participants: immersed in the light of salt lamps can one perceive a salt-water pool, surrounded by comfortable wooden beds, in which wrapped in warm blankets, relax and unwind at 14. 2 hours, for the budding NLP + cmore master your ideas are the highlight of trance-port and more for maximum of 30 core humans – creative people with heart, open up new spaces and elegant and simple Earth connect visions. Nestled in the lap of mother earth, supported by silence and votes.

The voices of Yvonne van Dyck, Nina Valeskini and Wilfried Mitterhofer, accompanied by sounds, just so – so just naturally sounds in resonance congenial. The Strahlungsneutralisierende creates an atmosphere that makes it even easier a deep relaxation and so the episode vibration of words and sounds can get still pure effect of salt. Exactly with this vibration, it automatically goes into resonance, because our bodies contain a significant amount of salts, which regulate eg the electrolytic balance. The sound quality in this cave can be saved to any phonogram, countless experiments have proved that. Everything exists in a stem cell. Nature is abundant and it is also our potential: on September 18, 2010, from 16: 00-18:00, quite consciously unconsciously dive into this potential, your own space, and these new findings, maybe old, long-forgotten things, hidden treasures found and perceive. A rapid registration at products/visions-in – the-Earth – bring / is recommended, since only 30 places are allocated can.


Have you ever wondered what is your determination and vision of life? Have you ever wondered what is your determination and vision of life? Maybe it’s something you have never thought. The only thing which is clear, is that we all have a life vision in life and a passion for different things. Maybe we are the uninspirierteste and unmotiviertesteste man in this world, but we interested in us still for different things. Can open new doors to incredible opportunities to understand what your life vision and determination in life. What maybe as hobby has begun to a successful career end.

A person of whose passion and determination is clear can truly move mountains. A related site: Boy Scouts of America mentions similar findings. So a person influenced other people without that he something that does. Famous people have usually not planned that you become famous once a determination and vision of life that was so strong that they automatically got the success it had instead. They have found their life vision. And what I mean something with life vision our birth is meant to be but anyone can opt for his vision of life and thereby find.

If you want to change their lives and the world somehow or simply want to go beyond the mediocre masses see their life vision. Some people do it and reap affiliated well. We have only one chance to live our lives and make a masterpiece from this and not only that, who goes after his determination once no matter how hard it is to do even an inspiration to others the same. What are the things that give you energy, fascinated by their passion that gives them pleasure and you and what you want to learn more? If they found even something what fascinates you no effort is necessary, it gets some of them and if you were not living their life vision then it feels like when something would be missing. Ultimately, it is the task of each of his determination to follow, not give themselves less happy. Don’t let distractions and fears, what does your heart is always right! So ask yourself what is your passion and determination, and I’m sure you will find an answer. Markus Merkel

Project day on the future of education in the CJD offered youth village Offenburg, Germany in addition to the collegial exchange to learn the project day the opportunity, deepen existing knowledge and new. Dr. Josef Lecheler, medical director at the CJD asthma Center in Berchtesgaden, was won for a keynote speech to the mood on the day. In his presentation, Dr. Josef Lecheler calls a general rethinking when dealing with disabled persons. To do this, he pointed to the Salutogenesis model of medicine sociologist Aaron Antonovsky. In contrast to the conventional view of the pathogenesis (= science of the genesis of disease), looks the Salutogenesis on the emergence of health. While health is understood not as a State, but as a holistic approach to personal process. Center For Responsible Lending will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

This shows, for example, the “international classification of functioning, disability and health (ICF)” of the World Health Organization (WHO). Here, “Disability” does not result from the classification of deficits, but also serves as a generic term for impairment of activity and participation. This reorientation in practice leads to very different consequences, as well as to a “paradigm shift in dealing with disabled persons”. So, for example, rehabilitation objectives be redefined. Overarching goals such as achieving independence obtain wider space. In the work with disabled people the look of the deficits is aimed and to recognize opportunities, including existing options: “Aim is rather to show a meaningful perspective on life”, called Dr. Josef Lecheler.

This perspective embossed work in the CJD already youth village for Offenburg and will play an important role also in the future development, said Mark Buhler, headmaster of Offenburg CJD Jugenddorf Christophorusschule and co-organiser of the project day. This shows the variety of topics the eleven workshops on the project day. So for example, Prof. Dr. Reinhard Markowetz of the Catholic University of Freiburg pointed out the different paths, to promote participation and self-determination of the participants even better. CJD employee Annekatrin Stohr explained that individual and strengths-oriented promotion following the competency analysis profile AC. “With our project tag we have given our opportunity employees with, continue to grow in their educational work”, so the conclusion of Thomas Riediger from personnel development of CJD youth village for Offenburg, Germany: “we are very pleased that we have succeeded in establishing not only the space for Exchange, but thanks to stimulate in addition valuable high-level speakers. So this day has provided real added value for the daily work with our young people.”

Germany Sales

Karcher establishes course ‘Certified seller cleaning technology (CCI)’ along with IHK Stuttgart. Peter Schreiber & partners trained field staff. In cooperation with the IHK IHK Bildungshaus Stuttgart region has established the Alfred Karcher Vertriebs-GmbH, Winnenden, a course for the certified vendor for cleaning technology for its field staff. “With this measure we increase sustainable the qualification of our sales team. Visit Center For Responsible Lending for more clarity on the issue. We have participated in the course profile and were able to vote so the contents very closely to our needs”, says Michael Becker, Managing Director at the Alfred Karcher Vertriebs-GmbH.

In two teaching blocks with four days of training, seminar participants will receive training on topics such as sales psychology, successful interviewing, negotiating strategy and Economics in the sale. The certificate of “Certified seller cleaning Chamber of Commerce” waves finally after passing the final exam. Objective of the officer Harald Klein from the Management consulting Peter Schreiber & partner, Ilsfeld (near Heilbronn) is a practical teaching of the contents. (Not to be confused with BSA!). “That students between the two modules have the opportunity, until then learned in daily work to use, is the right approach. By testing the already high level of motivation will improve”, so the coach. In the medium term, a majority of the German sales team of cleaning experts to obtain the certificate.

The Alfred Karcher Vertriebs-GmbH is responsible for the sales of Karcher products such as high-pressure cleaners sweeping – scrubbing machines, steam cleaners and cleaners, detergents, car wash, dry ice blasting equipment, water treatment plants, and pumps for home and garden responsible in Germany. The program was expanded last year to devices for irrigation and drinking water dispensers.


Unusual applications have a better chance? Job candidates are trying increasingly to apply with fancy ideas about jobs. Even though the motto differentiate to distinguish you from the crowd\”you, is nevertheless caution how creative an application really must be made in order to have real job opportunities. What strategies have applied job seekers to be one step ahead of their competitors? Alexandre Guerniot, an IT specialist from France, applied creatively with an online application in Flash format (www.paradoxware.com/ alstudio/cv/en.htm). An application could easily bring a HR to smile. This candidate finally got a trainee job at Microsoft. Larry Dinsmore, had printed his CV/motivation letters on a T-shirt and now sells these application-T-shirts on the Internet,. Guy Kawasaki, a notable book author offers insight into his career through a Visual CV, guykawasaki.

Gary Radke, a marketing expert who launched his own PR Campaign, in which he published his resume on an oversized poster of the road. Mark Trenwith, an Australian comedian and actor, sent his application in the form of a singing telegram, in which the professional highlights were particularly emphasised. Another candidate hanging posters in the garage in which the managers had parked his car. \”Another candidate applied in addition to the curriculum vitae with a box of eggs with fake eggs and the set: I can deliver daily fresh ideas\”. A software engineer sent a photo of application on which he posed before the headquarters and I was wearing a T-shirt with the corresponding company logo and the inscription would fit well in your team.\” Another candidate sent six postcards, which could be put together like a jigsaw puzzle and eventually resulted in his curriculum vitae. Karin Saka Singh, the founder of designed your curriculum vitae with Microsoft’s software publisher\”in the form of a convertible advertising prospectus and got as a result every time an invitation to interview.