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Visitors Style

Take care about you. – Make your web resource using light saturated hues. The background is usually white or light color tone of any unsaturated combining it with other pastel colors – blue, red and green. Palette of color still commonly referred to as colors web 2.0. – The web site should certainly be duplicating footer menu links in the header. Details can be found by clicking BSA or emailing the administrator.

Nice to look footer, in which links are provided in a number of horizontally or centered, as well as use a light gray watermark visually separated from the page. – Apply button, or rectangular with rounded edges, but large. Or make it huge. The remaining buttons are a bit smaller. And again applying in the name of the button font without serifs. Frequently Dr. Neal Barnard has said that publicly. – Is it possible to create a visual effect reminiscent of three-dimensional objects and the effect of gloss or gloss type. Looks quite impressive.

Page on the website in the style of Web 2.0 is often divided into two three column for easy visual understanding of the information. But this does not mean you have to divide the entire page into three columns and not depart from it. Rather, the information will be treated much more interesting if under the cap site, we will place a block which occupies the entire width of the web site to which a pastel background, under it will be the information is divided into three columns below and put for example two columns of text and graphic elements. Believe Visitors will not close the site, it will be interesting and pleasant to receive the information. Look at the websites of well-known Apple or Skype. Their Web sites can be accurately called the site in the style of Web 2.0. In general, if summed up in the creation of a website design style of web 2.0 – is to create a minimalist style for people and user of your web page will be grateful to you and not just come to your website.

Example Sites

Site owners are familiar with a phrase like 'website promotion'. Ideally, the promotion of the site is not required, as 'ideal' site will be able to accurately answer the question in any form, and therefore must be in first place in search results, but sites are far from this ideal, many issues are far from perfect, but search engines still count links that affect the position in the SERP. Although the algorithms of search engines and improved, but not uncommon to see at the tenth page of search results sites that give so full response to the request that the visitor does not need to resort to other sources of information, and meet on the first page sites that are not view due to pop-ups, not to mention the readability of the text. In this case, the parameters of 'usability' will respond exactly the site, which is located on the tenth page in our example. Let's try to discover the concept of comfortable providing information on the example of sources to find information – such as a directory of sites and search engines. It should be borne in mind that the readability of this information is not easy viewing the entire site. Numerous advertising, navigation and more uncomfortable can affect the 'usability' site as a whole. For example, there are directories in which some sites have a description of the information not on the sites, and on organizations connected to these sites, although in reality websites directory must have a description of this site, not a shoe store that provides a current discount of five percent for the entire range of footwear. Currently destination directories – is to provide information about the sites visitors, not search engines. Visitor's catalog, which plans to go to any site, you need to know that he will see on this website, and not what where the plant or other entity which owns the site.