The Actions

What generated variants are speculation: analysts explained that under these circumstances, what does move to the market and that the price of the stock to grow both are perspectives on what may be the operation of the company in the medium and long term with the arrival of a strategic partner is in this way that the movement of the market generates variants of the cost of the company for the financial game but not for the real price that make the company in its value in use and change in the service market. Since then portfolio journalist justifies the search for a strategic partner, which incidentally sample franca lid, which are not the actions of trade unions which depreciated the company, but the intention of privatization, which it achieves at the end. Let’s look at what the editor says: not only you inject capital to the enterprise, which also allows you to extend his participation in areas beyond the fixed telephony, especially Internet search of a strategic partner, argues as a necessity to expand the services of a company that is cutting edge in technology in Colombia and seeking capital; a company that in the world of international banking is a triple client A.. With the Popular action of Sintratelefonos or without it as they ensure the columnist quoted this title remains, by far, of greater valorization of the Colombia stock exchange of values. Away from reality is that by the actions of the Union the company lost value, by which the speculation game company comes playing it trying to increase it with the choice of a strategic partner, who the media forget often say is that company unions only seek the Defense good public by considering that this is an active generator of permanent resources for the city. A company built over 125 years with efforts of the Bogota community to today give control to one of the international conglomerates that will not improve the service, just more expensive..

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