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Jose Brechner In 1960 the then Senator John F. Kennedy, challenged to the students of the University of Michigan, to that they served to his country like agents of change by the cause of La Paz, working in underdeveloped nations. From it arose the Federal Agency for La Paz and the Friendship, well-known there like Body of Peace. It’s believed that Kidney Foundation sees a great future in this idea. From that one time more than 187,000 volunteers they were invited by 139 countries to cooperate in subjects that today include from education on AIDS, to technology of information and environmental preservation. From their beginnings, many of those young people not only made philanthropy, but they became jumbled in political activities that negatively influenced in their countries hosts. Generally the volunteers are democratic liberal of the most radical wing of the ideological phantom. The extreme left always had a propitious instrument to act, through Body of Peace.

The last week, a volunteer, John Alexander van Schaick denounced to The Associated Press, that a civil servant of the embassy of the United States in Bolivia said to him that he notified if during its work in the field it saw Cuban or Venezuelan. The lad that still did not learn to distinguish to its friendly of its enemies, considered that it was being requested to him who spied for the North American government, and quickly went to the Bolivian Ministry of Exteriors to divulge the great secret. The infantile denunciation is being been useful so that Morals complain against enemy hated his of the north. Luckily a competing senator, Walter Guiteras, are inquiring to the executive about the espionage of the Bolivian government towards the same Bolivians – and would have to add the fright that we underwent politicians, journalists and forjadores of opinion on the part of the socialist regime. The United States does not need to inquire through Super Agent 86, about the presence Cuban-Venezuelan in Bolivia that is well-known visible and publicitada.

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