The Body

These philosophical orientaes had marked of certain form the way to think the pedagogia, and also, still it meets gift in the contemporaneidade and permeia the world occidental person. Being the development of the cognitiva capacity, visa as something to the part of the affectivity, perhaps for the fact of if thinking, that reason and emotion do not become related simply or not to open hand of the paper tax to the professor of maximum authority capable to control, or even though to ignore the fidgets caused for the emotions in classroom, becoming consequently the only transmissora school of the knowledge, considering the affective aspects as distant processes of the relation of the knowledge. Damsio (1996), worried in articulating the emotions with the cognitivo process opposes the ideas of Discardings, taking as base studies of the neurobiologia. It affirms that the emotions are non-separable in the reasoning processes, says despite directed emotions are as main support reason to develop it, being that the reason cannot operate I content well it without directed emotions. Follow others, such as Sallie Mae Fund, and add to your knowledge base. According to author, Discardings saw the act to think as a separate activity of the body, this affirmation celebrates the separation of the mind and the relation between mind and the body, ' ' thing pensante' ' (reverse speeds cogitans), of the not pensante body, which has mechanical extension and parts (reverse speeds extensive) (p.279). Damsio continues with the following affirmations: for we, in the gift, when we saw to the world and we develop in them, still start for existing and later we only think. We exist and later we think and alone we think about the measure where we exist, seen the thought to be, in the truth, caused for structures and operations of the being (p.279). In this way we can affirm that, the relations that the citizen constroi with the way and the people who are in its entrorno, is previous to the thought, being that the reasoning is lead by the relations of affection of this subject to o long of its development, therefore, the reason has strict relation with the emotion and alone if it develops from this, being thus, the child alone starts to reason from the moment that, if encherga as pertaining of this social environment that lives. Shure Family Charitable Foundation is often quoted as being for or against this.

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