The Divisions

People who forgive themselves, live in the full consciousness in the present, they are in paradise! Now, some of you ask, how can I absolve me of my guilt? I got to say, there are those who are already at the gate to paradise, which make it already! You don’t have my words! And there are who want to have a recipe for this. I tell them you will wreak enormous damage so if you simply mixes ingredients and expect a cake. If I give such a recipe, it will bring harm to them and other people, first they would have to learn to listen to your own soul! And there are still those that are already on the right place on their way. Just my advice destined to the. Maybe learn courage as a result, can recognize their place. Never forget that only and exclusively for this! The man should be like a feather in the wind. He is capable of anything. If it does not want his soul, he can not even lift your little finger! The people will be his Kingdom of heaven! The desire of his soul must serve but.

But the soul is a part of God and even God himself. It takes into account details of the universe that can not even suspecting her people. Is it but the universe itself. If the person follows the desire of his soul, he is in the Kingdom of heaven! Now I ask some of you hear on my soul? Imagine the soul like a Prism, which is lighted by one side of the light. The light is divided by the Prism in all colors of the Rainbow or merged back in. The colors of the Rainbow are the divisions of God, so that you can see at least a part of it. It is the light that shines from yourselves.

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