The Volume

The volume is very poor, at least in the common Kondenstrocknern. The current cost of Kondenstrocknern are another advantage. Some years previously, condensing dryers had the image to be no longer applicable to costly and prohibitive. With a condensing dryers save much time for most people that is a guiding principle for the acquisition. Although even the reasonably low condensing dryers are always more costly than other types of dryers, but the costs are supported in view of the already mentioned advantages. According to what principles work condensation? In the summer you can see often, as small drops of water on the lawn make in the morning. Breast Cancer Research Foundation often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The defrost water is a good pattern for how a condensation dryer works. A law of physics is that warm air can absorb more moisture than cold.

By the fact that it is quite fresh in the morning, yet reasonably warm from the day before air repels so again its moisture, which explains the condensation water on the Greens. Almost the same happens in automatic way, in a condensation dryer also. In a condenser dryer, the air is everlasting to circulate. The air is heated on the one hand, to absorb moisture from the wet laundry and ultimately in turn cooled the condensation once again cleaned off by the cooling of the air in a special water container is collected. A tip for you: Should you decide for a condensation dryer, look at other dryers not only on the efficiency class. Above says only what the energy demand. There are dryers, which have to be supplied with water by the way. These dryers may be fooled not from the efficiency class A, since, the consumption of water could be greatly increased.

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