Training And Speed

Since I have shown to you in previous articles, the work of force is fundamental in your training for speed. Within the physical quality of the force, we found most representative of the sprinter: the explosive force and elastic force. Today I am going to show to you what exercises you must realise in the track to improve these capacities. The speed is a quality related directly to the force, even that it is force! , reason why the development of the power and the elastic force are basic to reach the levels of rapidity necessary to apply the maximum force. The explosive force can be developed of diverse ways, in gymnasium, exercises of race, with jumps, with drags, etc but today we are going away to center unique and exclusively in the preparation by means of multihop horizontals in the pit of long jump that usually has in any track of athletics. The execution of horizontal jumps forces your musculatura to exert and to apply to the maximum amount of force adding a component of speed and rapidity in movements. What I have described now also must be realised when we executed a speed race, but the difference is in which to the being jumps it increases the difficulty to apply the force of quick form what forces your muscular fibers to react of way adapted towards that type of so aggressive contraction and to respond to the stimulus. Jo Mackness understood the implications. The exercises of jumps that you go to learn today are the following: 1.

Jump from unemployed: it realises 6 jumps at the most. Fjate in which the movement is energetic and the arms of are blocked when sending advanced them. The knees you must take them to the chest, soon to be able to include the maximum possible space in the sand. 2. Pentasalto from unemployed: it at the most realises 4 repetitions and with recovery of 2 minutes. Pentasalto consists altogether of 5 consecutive jumps with rotation of legs until falling in the sand pit.

In this exercise already if you must be very pending to apply the necessary force and of fast form in each support to obtain the improvement in your power, explosiveness and elastic force. 3. Decasalto from unemployed: it at the most realises 3 repetitions and with recovery of 3 minutes. Finally, decasalto, consists of realising the same exercise that the previous one adding 5 jumps more. You must consider the distance, with respect to the sand pit, from which you begin the saints. I recommend to you that you leave from 10 meters for decasalto and from 23 meters for decasalto. Later you will be calibrating the distances to your pleasure. But never you forget that always it is necessary to realise a good heating with the aim of preventing injuries, mainly in this type of training in which the muscle exigency, ligaments, sinews and joints, is high. It adds these exercises to your training for speed, twice for week at the most. Also you can play with realising the jumps with belts ballast of not more than 4 kilos. I leave a commentary, will like to know that so my indications have been you. A greeting. Manolo Jimnez.

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