Tupperware Bowl

If the artworks but 1-2 hours at 50 degrees in the oven, you are definitely on the right track. Warning: The oven is too hot, the salt dough bubbles or gets even cracks. Who has only an oven where you not can set such low temperatures, which leaves just the oven door a crack. Because salt dough is time sensitive (as regards the jaws) you should plan a better more time something. But it is worth! It is important that the forms at the counter tapping hollow sound, then they are done. A shame but if the artworks from salt dough break down. Salt dough in other colors coloring can be the salt dough with cocoa, Curry, paprika powder, instead of water cooled, brewed coffee take with food colors or Plakafarben. Everything well knead until the ingredients are evenly distributed.

Or you painted the finished salt dough figures / buildings with water color, Acrylic paint, or Plakafarbe. Because of the used salt in the dough, the finished characters/objects are however sensitive to water. Appropriate are therefore acrylic paints and acrylic paint. Then works are coated twice with lacquer. Salt dough you have left and you run out of ideas? You can keep remnants of the salt dough in airtight container in the refrigerator for a long time. Or the salt dough in a Tupperware Bowl place a damp kitchen paper on top and covered with the lid closed. So the salt dough holds up to 2 weeks and you can implement the next idea on another day. Just try it out. You are probably addicted. Smart look at – for a still more beautiful garden year! ANI – gartentipps24.de

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