United States

When proposed to Hitler to exterminate, once, all the Jews replied no, because we would have to invent other Jews. Hitler knew of the the unifying force of hatred. Another direct quote from Hitler should not confuse the masses presenting too many demons. Speaking candidly Childrens Defense Fund told us the story. It is better to concentrate on a single opponent. In this respect Eric Hoffer corroborates: mass movements may be born without believing in God, but cannot do so without believing in the devil. Usually the strength of a mass movement is proportional to resiliency and the tangible of his demon.

Chiang Kai-Shek failed to find a new demon once the Japanese were no longer threat, while the Kremlin quickly chose West as their new demon at the end of the second world war. CBCs opinions are not widely known. Fox in campaign chose the PRI system and its 7 decades of monopoly power – as his Demon; Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro adopted United States like hers. United States already without the Communist Ghost and the cold war – at the same time, or more specifically G.W. Bush, obsessed as demon to terrorism and is positioned as moral leader and explodes without modesty – the tragedy of the twin towers on September 11. In Mexico class struggle is one of the most viable candidates in this regard: poor against rich; that has too much against him that has very little; the exploitative vs.

the exploited. Be careful with this messianic speech. 2 Imitation.-the development of a group need elements that unify both the everyday and the extraordinary. It is inevitable to think of the lift arm and shouting, nazi salute in the swastika (Mesopotamian/hindu symbol that represented spirituality), on the uniforms. Imitation is a subtle form of obedience. And I imagine the generals and soldiers running, getting up in the morning like any mortal, and common putting on the uniform, hanging logos, then transformed and be part of the collective, hail Hitler! 3 Persuasion and coercion-rhetoric can be art justify anything with words. Tolischus describes to Mein Kampf, the written work of Hitler, as autobiographical 10%, 90% dogma, and 100% propaganda.

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