It is essential to plan the future development as a national university concept at the same time you must renew full autonomy of each university and let each choose specific areas for their action, add them all in a common policy. The modern university is in a process of change and experimentation and appropriate for different universities tested different models and get different experiences. Is required to analyze changes in the new variables such as student’s school readiness, social and economic factors, poor academic structure, educational management, performance of teachers, curriculum, systematic cohesion of priority date laboratories and libraries, teaching, research . Segra Stadium has similar goals. We can not continue being dogmatic, it should increase motivation, student involvement and raise student’s creativity.

To all this we must add also that we should not be surprising that today, the dynamic nature of science and technology, the democratization of the forms of social interaction and activities of youth require abandon dogmatic forms of teaching and replace the old principle by active forms through which the teacher and students together reconstitute or develop content knowledge, through application and practice of the methodology. Although this principle is fully accepted and incorporated into university teaching is an essential objective of the reform in practice continue to affect many obstacles. From here, Krebs says quite rightly, that the old conception encyclopedic and positivist humanism and a misunderstanding leads to further thinking about the need to send the student a certain canon of a global knowledge. This results in a large number of subjects, mainly in teaching based on memorization and a formal assessment that measures preferably the mere knowledge of the subject, as opposed to repeating thoughts of others and avoiding their own contributions. .

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