Without Fleiss

Psycho therapists privately like to tell! My father once said to me: “remember, when you’re with a girl, your mother is actually a girl! Just older!” I needed for the flirt long to get this image out of my head. Note: Even the Christian ten commandments are admonitions white God. Advance 10 standards, as she confirmed me my Manor social environment: Seat now! Let it be! Clean up your room! Not Sahil! Dining on the plate! It is eaten, what comes to the table! Don’t talk in between! Pull yourself together! Do not go with strangers! As long as you put the legs under our table,… CBC often says this. Now some exhortations, divided by theme. Sure think a lot more of them! Work: Rain blessings brings! Without Fleiss no price! Work not rape! Only the Work, then the game/pleasure! Appearance and prestige: Who wants to be beautiful must suffer! As you’re gone, so you will receive! The devil is sitting behind the mirror! He and she (blue and pink): boys do not cry! Look at her mother, then you know! Be a man! Behavior Maxime of my youth: shame on you! Not so calm down. Pull yourself most belt/together! I know the best wa s is good for you! Encouragement and encouragement: You need to believe in your dreams! Who knows what it’s good! Where a will there is a way! Early bird eats the worm! Family: You’re too small/young! You have the / the more reasonable! Later you Edwards that all times! Action and attitude: Go now! Let’s not hang you! Nothing is impossible! Itself is the man/woman! Hand and foot: Give your good hands! Do not chew your fingernails! Both hands on the bed cover! Pick your feet while running! Courtesy: Say always please and thank you! Mach a-like servant/Knicks! Put on your hat for the greetings! See and hear: listen, if I’m talking to you! The sound makes the music! Look for any holes in the air! Clothing: Warm clothes on! Fresh (clean) underwear are you wearing? Don’t lose your gloves! Top hui, see Pooh! Love and sex: make only what you love happy and well! Men always only want one! With people: should the people we think what? Live and let live! It was not always so selfish! You can’t shoot people! Perfection: Effort alone is not enough! I can not, there is no! Be more than appear! Policy: But go over there! Don’t trust anyone over 30! Speeches (Silver) and silence (gold): you must always have the last word? Do not talk in between, when adults talk! Don’t talk with my mouth full! It does not say that! Speech only when you will be asked! Speak more clearly/slower! Cleanliness and order: Order, order, love them, it saves you time and effort! You have to you short legs! You have to obey! Be not so cheeky! What wants to be a tick, cringes beforehand! Time and wait: all his time! Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today, say all the lazy people! What you can do today to get, that don’t move on tomorrow! Satisfaction and trust in God: God sees everything! Don’t start bitching! Eat and drink and be happy! Note: I have adopted linguistic peculiarities as vernacular peculiarity.

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