Month: February 2012

Feast Dwarfs

He drew his 'Sunrise Ray' – and perfectly sharpened and polished sword blade glittered brilliantly in the dusk. Paladin Light adjusted snow-white coat, gold-plated helmet visor down and walked resolutely to the gates of the monastery apologists of Darkness, looking suspiciously at a banner hanging over them with the words 'Kingdom of the Good' – Welcome, dear guest bright! God be with us Welcome! – With a smile greeted Paladin porter-goblin, smoothly combed and dressed in a smart turquoise suit with buttons of blue gems. A goblin mask to hide face bunny. – A scimitar hiding behind? – Sarcastically asked the Paladin. – Suspicious what. And all in white – hurt the goblin growled, turning his back and showing the absence of weapons – a species? So hide your myasorez and goes to the castle. Merry.

Paladin suspiciously rolled his head from side to side, not notice anything that looks like an ambush, and moved into a brightly lit and decorated with colorful garlands and colored lanterns and colorful flower beds yard. He had only to appear there, like a flock of fun gomonyaschih dwarfs in red camisoles and purple caps, surrounded him and began vying to treat all sorts of sweets. – Caramel, or citron? – Twittering dwarfs – select, bright guest! Caramel or citron? – Feast or trick? – Asked suspiciously Paladin – Want to poison? – Yes, here's another! – Swelled dwarfs and several dwarf even shed tears of resentment, spreading over his face blush and mascara – What do you dirty guest, though bright! Come and sit without sweets! And the crowd moved toward the newcomer dwarfs followed by Paladin troll.

Sticky post Learning to Help Yourself

People are often trying to find ways to improve the quality of their lives. Even if they are not suffering per se, to enhance their existence is a big priority. So they have discovered the center where they can develop tools to help themselves. They learn to stop, to give themselves some time and to become more centered. And they feel better for it.
Guided visualization is an excellent tool for this. It helps people relax and refuel, physically, mentally and spiritually. It even helps people who are in pain to deal with it and – on some level – move past the pain. It can lower blood pressure, reduce the level of stress hormones in the blood and completely quiet the body and mind. It thereafter leads to a development of energy. Once refreshed, it is easier to deal with whatever conditions one has.
The center can also help one achieve their professional/academic goals. Through visualizing every detail of what is needed ahead of time, one can enhance their skills and increase performance levels. For example, a lawyer can visualize themselves in front of a jury and winning a case; a teacher can visualize kids yearning to learn, etc.