Month: June 2012

Maurcio Painting

This research, objective to elucidate some concepts of parody, intertextualidade, dialogismo carnavalizao, as well as (reverse speed) knowing some of the parodies of ' ' Song of the Exlio' ' of Gonalves Days, and also of the painting of Leonardo Of the Vinci, ' ' Mona Lisa' '. to leave of some theoreticians as: Coast, Stam, Bakhthin, Fvero and Freire, will be possible to understand the concepts that will be studied, in the poetry and the painting. The first part of this work, will bring brief concepts for these analyses, as the ideas of the mentioned authors already above. Soon, in the second part, the analysis of the Song of the Exile, as well as, some of its parodies. In the third part, &#039 will approach some conceptions of the painting; ' Mona Lisa' ' of Of the Vinci with some parodies as of Botero, Maurcio de Souza, Duchamp, and From there, thus showing some of the ideas that these paintings transmit in them.