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The Children

Very well, Dawkins, until where I can understand, these certezas me seem necessary for a reasonable chaining of the quarrel? if we want to surpass ' ' timidez' ' of the literal interpretation, without if losing in ' ' liberalidade' ' that it makes impracticable the symbolic interpretation. I believe, therefore, that to recommence itself for the guilt? having these certezas in mind, we can walk with security in the search of a better science of the events, in the salvation and the creation – before and after the sin. when treating, here, of the guilt, we have that to leave of side the guilt that elapses of the damages effectively caused to the next one – in the prospectivo exercise of the adult life; this guilt, despite really it is related to the sin and it has the counterpoint of the conviction, would be better studied in another chance – therefore, beyond the individual relation with God, if it will have to include, also, aspects of collective reach or social, that, at the moment, run away from our interest. The concern that we have, now, will be with the idea that in attributes individual guilt to them, in relation the God and as soon as we are born, for the inheritance of a sin ' ' original' ' committed, in the past, for an ancestral common human being. (3) the guilt in Adam I do not agree that the Writing says that I have that to inherit some guilt for the lack of Adam or, in relation the God, has that to be guilty, also, for the sins that I commit. if do not have that to inherit, nor we and nor the children – born or for being born, any guilt for the lack of Adam, who importance would have it in the history of the humanity? In the letter to the Romans if it says that, by means of one only man, the sin entered in the world and, for the sin, the death, and thus the death passed to all the men, because all had sinned.

Defray Departmental

For the cost accounting, with departamentalizao it is the method most efficient in the appropriations of the indirect costs to the products. The departments are divided in services and production, the production costs will be the addition of the costs of the two departments. The function of production department this directly in the elaboration of the products, this receives benefits from the departments of services that must be incorporated the production. Each department corresponds to a cost center, where the incurred expenses are accumulated, that will be transferred to the products. Controlling the costs for departments it is much more easy to inside analyze and to control the executed activities of the company.

The production sectors are divided in departments, the costs of the department will be appropriate to the activities and the appropriation of the costs of the activities to the products. The indirect costs, maintenance, depreciation, electric energy, supervision of plant and other costs of manufacture will be distributed to the diverse products on the basis of the time of hours machines that each one leads to be made. Although the totals of hours machines of each product, exist the possibility enter the products to pass for more departments, then to attribute to the hours machines for each department that the product passed. To analyze the expenses with the indirect costs of production, total of each department to divide for the moment machines to have the average for the moment machine. To finish to effect the appropriation of the indirect costs of adjusted form, the total of hours machines of each department to multiply for the average that will have the cost of each product.

Farads Parallel

The unit of capacity is the Farad (f) and can be defined as the storage of one Coulomb on the difference of potential of 1 Volt. Types of actuais Condensing condensers Stop beyond the condenser of Leyden, Currently, the condensers can be classified in electrostatic and electrolytic. The first ones can be fixed or changeable. The fixtures can be of dielectric of paper, plastic film, ceramics, glass, mica. The 0 variable can be of dielectric of air, plastic film, ceramic. Condenser of Plates Parallel bars the capacity of a condenser of plates parallel bars constituted by two identical plain electrodes in area, separate at a distance the constant d, is approximately mathematically is equal: Where: C – capacity in Farads 0- is the electrostatic permissividade of the vacuum or free space r – is the dielectric constant or relative permissividade of the used insulator.

Association of Condensers the condensers can be associates in parallel series or. In the association in series, the chain is equal in all the condensers, however the tension is divided of an inversely proportional form to the capacity. As it can below be seen in the figure: It matters to emphasize that In the association in parallel, all the condensers receive the same tension however the chain is divided enters they in the reason directa of the capacity. Below, parallel configuration reveals to it and the form as if it can calculate the capacity equivalent of parallel the capacitive circuit in Application of the condendensadores the condensers are used in circuits of filtering to diminish the undulation (ripple) So used in the devices sound equalisers, others in receivers of radio to eliminate noises, others in columns of sound to separate to the signals for the diverse altifalantes in agreement its frequency (acute, average, serious). Nos receiving of radio condensing air 0 variable are used to syntonize the station desired for variation of the frequency of oscillation of the condenser with a bobbin.