Month: February 2013

Creative Lab

So he dips the true creativity, it is necessary to set aside what is known and embark on a journey of discovery. In other words, the best artistic minds are capable of thinking outside the molds. But if you just want to experiment with photography, illustration or graphic design, may not be necessary to change your mental schemas. While you can enjoy what you’re doing, it’s the only thing that matters. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, even those with a small creative spark may have a real creative laboratory at his home, incorporating some simple tools. Are you a lover of photography? That’s great. Get a camera multi-megapixel and everything that portrays time in the back yard of your House. Even the most basic digital camera comes equipped with a menu of configuration options that will allow you to change the shutter speed and color, for example.

With a camera multi-megapixel you can make fantastic close-ups of flowers and animals in any time of the year. If you want to go a little further, then your best option is a single lens (SLR) reflex camera, that will allow you to have a better quality in depth of field and the viewing angle of the photograph, and because it is closer to the traditional film formats. While it is true that they are a little more expensive, the additional spending worth because they give you more chances of achieving your dream takes. You are passionate about the illustration? Once again, technology helps to reduce the gap between the physical and the virtual. Graphic tablets are peripherals that replicate the movement of the pencil on the paper. You draw with a stylus on the flat surface of the Tablet, and as if by magic, your creation appears on your computer screen.

Graphic tablets allow you to combine the naturalness of the sketches handmade with the infinite possibilities of graphic editing programs, allowing you to transform a simple sketch into a masterpiece. If your hobby is photography or the illustration, you will surely want to have physical copies of your work, and here is where comes into play printing color. With a printer photo inkjet won’t have never visit more photo lab, since you will get professional copies of your photographs with your home computer. And if you just want to get a draft of your artwork or photographs, a simple inkjet color printer will cover all your needs. Whatever your level of expertise, the wonders of modern technology can help your creativity flourish. Do and what better place to experience that in the comfort of your home?

Gothic Interior Design

Classic Gothic style in interior design has its origins in the Middle Ages, when all the architectural styles were influenced by the church, mostly Christian churches. Since this line arises more than once – for example, in the era of Queen Victoria and at the end of the last century in the subculture gotov. Although the history of Gothic architecture Gothic architecture is of European religious structures, it can also be found in universities, castles, public buildings and private homes. Such vivid examples of Gothic as the Parisian Notre Dame are the characteristic elements that are used today. These include pointed arches, tracery patterns, beam columns, nervyurnye vault and buttress an arch. Medieval architects used the advanced technology of construction, which have resulted in subtle stone walls that can withstand the enormous stained glass windows and intricate stone patterns. These new churches were bright and spacious facilities, culminating in the skies are bursting spikes.

In addition to stained glass windows, the most visible elements of the cathedral were icons and sculptures gargoyles. In the next century has been paid more attention to the architecture of residential buildings, tastes have changed towards the romance of the Middle Ages, resulting in the XVII-XIX centuries formed neo-gothic. This coincides with the sophisticated era Queen Victoria, when thanks to the new arrangements became much easier and faster to do patterns and carved elements. In North America, this area became known as "carpenter Gothic" because of the economical supply timber that will give a complex medieval gothic compositions cheap opulence. Gothic today Victorian Gothic and neo-gothic and are now used in modern construction, as well as interior design of apartments and other premises. Most frequently used features such as the pointed arches, fireplaces, stained-glass windows and wooden ceiling beams. Floors in the Gothic house are usually a strong surface – stone, tile or hardwood. To feel more comfortable in his castle, add to this warm carpet deep tones. For painting the walls, use bright colors such as ocher, purple, red, black, gold and dark green (a color, like a suit of Peter Pan). Medieval atmosphere can be enhanced even further by adding wood paneling on the walls or decorative items such as murals, optical illusions and Stencil with heraldic motifs. Adding luxurious tapestries and velvet curtains help create an atmosphere of magic, which many people associate the Gothic interior.

Finishing the Ceiling

After the plaster dries, sandpaper roughness cleaned in several stages – first rough, then all the more subtle, until a smooth surface. The next step is painting, which is conducted in 3-4 layers. At the same time causing each subsequent layer of paint is performed only after complete drying of the previous one. Thus, the significantly greater time work performance, and prior to the completion of finishing the ceiling can not proceed to any registration of the walls, nor to the laying of floor coverings. Like all of the surface, the ceiling needs periodic cleaning, and use waterproof paint makes opportunity to "walk" on it with a damp sponge.

However, such a "luxury" can afford to power once in six months, otherwise it can start peeling the coating. A few years later the surface will be painted again, and this means that once again will have to make furniture, and then wash the paint stains from windows, walls and floors. Even the use of plastic film does not protect the surface from paint or putty dust. Despite the fact that zapotolochnoe the space between the original ceiling and sheets of drywall can accommodate ducts climate systems or electrical wiring, it should be remembered that access to all of these communications will be hampered. And when need to replace their separate elements of the ceiling drywall have to redo that is re-pass all the stages: installation sheet, seam gluing, putty, scraping, priming, painting surface, plus the removal of old plasterboard. And finally, a very real situation that may occur as a residential home and in public buildings – flooding due to pipe breaks or leakage from the roof. Water rather quickly soaked plaster and out the front side of the ceiling, and predict, in this case the warp the surface, no one will be taken.

Stretch Ceilings

>> Art stretch ceilings is quite understandable desire of each to give your home personality. While whitewashing ceilings over. Was replaced by a period of new technologies, and with it came into our life interesting design solutions in the form of suspended ceilings. Artistic suspended ceilings – a rejection of the stamps and vivid manifestation of individual taste. Given that it is now especially appreciated an unusual approach to the arrangement homes, art suspended ceilings – is the best stretch ceilings among the available options. Before you choose a type of stretch ceiling, consider the style rooms and your desire for its design. Stretch ceilings have different colors, which are either heard in unison with the overall color scheme, a soloist from the crowd.

Feature suspended ceilings is that they provide almost unlimited opportunities for processing facilities. >> Art Stretch ceilings Stretch ceilings and photo printing and photo printing them – is a modern alternative proposal to the historical tradition of painting ceilings. Smooth surface ceiling as a canvas for painting, ready for any image. Stretch ceilings (photo printing) add imagery and colors of the interior. As a manufacturer, we offer original works, with an individual unique ornament. We do not only prepared the samples, although we have something to show.

Our experts are ready to offer new forms designed to suit your interior. Stretch ceilings and photocopying them – is the ability to inflict any image with the direction of Image Line. Picture of your child, loved the mountains and no less charming sunset, we can reconstruct in perfect quality. Often it is stretched ceilings and photocopying them set the tone for the interior. For example, suspended ceilings with well-chosen theme fresochnoy create an interior renaissance, and the selected in this perspective, furniture interior support in general. If we talk about stuff that is either dull, or glossy film to be coated photo printing on practically all subjects. >> Shiny Shiny Stretch ceilings Stretch ceilings are a feature. They visually "lift" the ceiling, creating the illusion volume of space. In addition, the glossy stretch ceiling throughout the room give a solemn expression. It is not necessary to use the classic white color for the ceiling. We offer different colors. Surprisingly, the modern trend contrasts affect the design of the entire premises. The combination of cold and warm tones can be considered glossy stretch ceiling as one of the stylish solutions for design. >> Matt suspended ceilings advantage that matte stretch ceilings, allowing them to become quite popular. Their ability to perfectly disguise minor blemishes and defects ceilings liking almost everything. This is understandable, it is difficult to make a perfect ceiling. Matt stretch ceiling – this is the best solution. Unwanted reflections and glare from the success of "extinguished" matte paintings, which allows the right to transfer semitone tissue regardless of the color of the interior.