Month: June 2013

Profitable Projects

Innovation is a high-risk activity. Between 80 and 95% of new products are failing in the market. Here, a structured approach that goes from the generation of original ideas until the release in a context of controlled risk entrepreneurs and managers know that, to survive, they must offer new customers. But innovation is a high-risk activity. According to the firm’s market AcuPoll research, between 80 and 95% of new products are failing.In this way, organizations are faced with a double challenge.

On the one hand, they need to generate creative ideas to survive. On the other hand, they should avoid that the project will fail in the implementation.In this article we present a method of innovation management that allows to generate conditions for the production of original ideas and implement them in a context of controlled risk.The model is relevant for entrepreneurs that they intend to launch a new project to market both large organizations innovation teams. 1) Creativity: the generation of new ideas Pablo Picasso said: every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction. Indeed, create required to destroy our conventional way of thinking. But we don’t need the genius of the great Picasso to forge an original idea.Creative thinking techniques are systematic and scheduled actions that individuals and groups can run deliberately aiming to generate novel approaches.Thus, the first step toward the launch of an innovative product consists of holding sessions of creativity which apply methods to encourage the generation of original ideas.Gutenberg devised the mechanism of their printing after observing how they worked the presses used in the manufacture of cheeses and oils. This revolutionary idea came from what are known as analog thinking. He was captured in an alien environment and then extrapolated to the own challenge solution.To find useful analogies, it is fundamental to expose us to new situations. For example, talking with other people areas and industries, investigating on the way in which face problems similar to ours.To do this, Google often organize lectures of different disciplines for their employees.

Creative Commons

For years they built and created a base from which, with its advanced technology flying saucers, attempt to invade and conquer Earth. The time has come. This hilarious sci-fi film is a co-production between Finland, Germany and Australia. With a budget of 6. 9 M, of which 6 have been achieved with classical methods of capitalization, grants from the Finnish Film Foundation, Eurimages, Hessen Film Invest Screen Queensland and pre-sales. The remaining 900,000 want them to cover via crowd funding.

This last week they began filming in Germany, they will then go to Australia where they will have a post of an entire year before arriving at theater screens in 2012. Your crowd funding system has a film online store, where you can, from seeing a sneak preview of a few minutes for 1, to buy t-shirts and merchandising for the film. In addition also you can convert inverter. They have a website ( where you can track through videos of the entire production. The second project is Spanish. Outlet already! At least in its conception, because there are people from many countries working on it.

The Cosmonaut is entitled and tells the story of a Russian cosmonaut who is given by lost in space. However, he has returned to Earth, but to his surprise is totally deserted, there is nobody. Produced by Riot Cinema Collective, as a project open, participatory and collaborative (under Creative Commons license), will premiere on the Internet though also have intention to brand new in theaters. The total budget of the film is of 860,000 and hope meet via crowd funding, investments, pre-sales and sponsorships. They also have a website ( in which all information about the film, can find from the business plan and the script, which can be downloaded to a calendar of all the steps and events that are organized to get funding. Forms of collaboration are endless, co-producer of the Cosmonaut can be from 2. They are two projects interesting, original and future. Behind them there are young people with eager and enthusiasm and I hope they get to bring their projects to fruition. However, above all, I hope that his movies have quality, it will be the only way that will prove that they are right and good movies can be alternative and independently. Everyone is so welcome. Optimistic the part until here. Original author and source of the article


Did you know that you have a genius of creativity living inside you, but you’ve chained him to a life in the darkness that you cannot let him leave? Yes, as in the story of Aladdin and his magic lamp you would only have to rub the lamp and there, against you, would your genius to grant all the wishes you both fool (well, almost all!) If you don’t believe it possible, then think twice: inside you there is a genius, and creative, in this article, I’ll tell you what to do to let it leave, how to rub the magic lamp using NLP. Some time ago that Fernando had been thinking that it was enough, that he had to quit smoking once and for all. Although each day was more difficult (socially speaking) smoking, had more desire to do it every day. I knew that I was poisoning her body little by little that earlier this month made the decision, gathered courage, and stopped smoking for 7 days. A whole week! It was quite an achievement, something that He had never obtained before. However, before a family setback (a discussion with his wife for financial matters), Fernando failed to keep the initial enthusiasm, and returned to the deadly habit. You can ask yourself what have to do with being more creative, to release my inner genius? Creativity has to do with everything that you do in your life, because, when you learn to be more creative / or to release tied genius who lives within you, find solutions that not even you would have thought of before.

For example, Fernando would have discovered 101 ways to handle his frustration, rather than going back to smoking. Being creative you can maintain throughout the year a positive attitude, living with enthusiasm all the time. Many times I queried by similar themes: Sofia, me is very difficult to maintain the initial enthusiasm and continue delivering the energy that requires such which project (or decision, or task) or have no creativity, and need it in my work (or my partner, or with my) children) the solution is not one that most creative o: you again when you do, you learn to get the juice from each experience and find many different ways to achieve unique solutions! You realize everything you could have done in your life using creativity, lateral thinking and, above all, of what you can achieve in the future! It is as if you put a new chip in the brain: learn to see life more colorful, more optimistically! Try it in you, and you’ll see that what I say could not be more true! What is creativity? (creativity definition) Good question!

Need Creative Ideas

There are hundreds of ideas that can be developed in the network and those ideas are waiting to be led by women, tenacious, competent, executives, professionals. The boom in these moments is writing book, give rights to someone to give away them and thus generate traffic, they write books to give away to others who leave their emails so that they teach them the secret of selling and at the same time you are told to make copies of this book to the teach others to sell this book more people doubling. All we are looking for the secret of something, everyone wants to pay for that you give us the secret of eternal youth, happiness, prosperity, love, money, everything what tell us that it is the secret that encourages us, everything you save us the time and effort that draws us, that secret is no longer so secret it doing a few to earn money in the Internet and meanwhile the others continue buying what the few call the secret of something creativity is lost, there are templates to make capture pages, templates for the web, template for all pages. Doing business on the Internet is becomes a repeat of all those who seem to have the key of the excited and even seems credible that does not speak of the lifestyle of the Internet, words, the same pictures, the same good games, House, yacht, aircraft, the money, the same appears in the templates, highlighted and in bold letters that according to connoisseurs they reach our subconscious and impel us to put our card to buy what they We sell. Already not distinction much between what it will be truth or an affiliate program, no longer is if truth is the author of something or the referral of something. And is not in disagreement with the affiliate programs even though I have my doubts of some, but really if I want to find more quality. Is that there are business opportunities in the network that are waiting for be led, and I see them in really creative specialized directories which promotes the restaurants or businesses that have had much development as boxes of fruit farmers take their home pages, or pages that they promote business sectors and where you can find everything you you want and need in a sector specific, and in pages that allow you to develop a website and at the same time offer you all the tools you need a business to grow within the network.