Month: November 2013

Pharmaceutical Arrangement

The phamacists protested closing their businesses by the non-payment of the regional Government, who owes 125 million to them Euros. The president of Castilla-La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal assures that " what aplicar&quot is derived from the sanctioning procedure;. The Council of Government of Castilla-La Mancha has decided to initiate the sanctioning procedures to the phamacists who this Thursday closed their pharmacies to demand the payment of the money that owes the Meeting to them of Communities, that ascends to 125 million Euros. Thus he has indicated it the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Maria Dolores de Cospedal, at the end of the Council of Government who has been celebrated this behind schedule in Ciudad Real, that has approved the beginning of the corresponding sanctioning procedures " to the associated ones that in yesterday they followed the closing of offices of pharmacies in Castilla-La Mancha ". Cospedal has justified the measurement because according to it has indicated: " what must make the Government is perform one’s duty and we have the obligation to enforce the Law ". There is addition: " we are going to begin sanctioning procedure and what it is derived from the sanctioning procedure will be applied, that is a contradictory file where hearing will occur them, as in force demands and guarantees the national law and the law in Castilla-La Mancha ". Learn more about this with Healthy Living.

In this sense, the advisor of Health, Jose Ignacio Echniz, has noticed that the autonomic Executive will apply " with all the firmness and yet the rigor, as it cannot be of another way like authority sanitaria" the national Law of Pharmacies, and the Law of Pharmaceutical Arrangement de Castilla-La Mancha approved by the previous autonomic Government in 2005. Echniz has advanced that stops its application " the pertinent diligences will be abrirn, through the pharmacy inspectors, to realise this procedure administrativo". Cospedal, in his first public appearance after its vacations, has said to the phamacists who seconded the closing (great part of the pharmacies of the provinces of Toledo, River basin, Ciudad Real and Guadalajara and some of Albacete, province this one that collectively decided not to add themselves to call), that " they are not possible to be obtained soluciones" through " blackmail, the force or presin". The regional president has asserted that the regional Government " lleg&quot is working since; in order to solve the problem of the non-payments to all the suppliers and it has remembered the phamacists who " they have solutions upon mesa". Rrido to the propose solution by some financial organizations of the region is had thus, that happens through the advance of the payment of the invoices without it entails patrimonial endorsement. " There are many have take refugen in the solutions negotiated by this Government, are others could them have welcomed tambin" there is this Cospedal, that has considered that the position assumed by these phamacists is " tremendously unjust for the rest of the population and the rest of titular companions of farmacias". In this sense, has been thankful to phamacists that abrieron this Thursday (556 pharmacies of a total of 1,274, which 221 was on duty, according to data of the Council) and are outstanding his " sensatez". Source of the news: The Government of CLM decides to sanction the phamacists who went to strike


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By chance the life would be restricted to the years that we transit for the planet? It does not fit to this text, of monographic matrix, to refute or to answer to this type of question, but to-somente to understand the points of the bringing suit. As Einstein, that adopted the speed of the light as being a universal constant (6), or Lavoisier, that affirmed that nothing it is lost or if it creates in the substance, but everything it is changedded (7), the first paragraph of the Manifesto speaks of laws which the man perpetual would be subordinated, that we can assume being they of the physics and metaphysics (8), so that the logic if makes gift. At the time of Impressionismo (9), a movement must have common date, place, participants and ideas; however in the one of the Versatilismo the spreading can be made through one frum of the Internet; the exposition of the works does not need to give itself in a museum, perhaps in a situated virtual gallery in hiperespao; the musicians do not need nor to leave its countries to formulate compositions international or to make joint writings. The proper Manifesto does not obtain to define the limits of what it considers or it announces, therefore the author notifies that the term Universe, inserted in the body of the message, can have its agreement modified with elapsing of the time, being implied that the possible alterations, reductions or magnifyings, are waited and welcome.