Month: February 2014

Space Archaeology

In the frozen space a ship hangs between a red-dark planet and its esbranquiado yellow satellite, its format was as an egg that is jammed and one of two tips was cut by a parabola to fifth of its size, its color was of a metallic orange that reflected the light come of the moon a time that the sun was hidden by the planet. The ship had a length of 180 meters, its width reached 70 meters and with a thickness of 30 meters, it was not a ship great, mainly if compared with the load ships that reached 1200 meters of length, but very great for its crew that only consisted of two occupants. The command room was repleta of screens, and many panels, also had two chairs, quilted ivory color and, but what more it called the attention was a great screen that was the front of the two chairs, below of this screen had a panel, in the way of this panel a light orange starts together with to blink with intervals of two seconds this light a noise similar to the racket that a buzzer only produces that more acute. In a room with a oval table of little more than a meter and way, the two members of the crew of that ship, eat a fruit whom they had probably taken off of the crosspiece that was with many colorful fruits postada in the center of the table. One of them possua a meter and eighty of height, was humanide, its eyes was all blue with a black point of one centimeter, a little above of its sobrancelhas little had a lump of more than one centimeter that went of a source to another one its hair nigrrimo formed a great contrast with its skin that was of an intense orange, its mouth was delicate and inside of it had many small teeth, the double of a human being the color of its lips was of an acute red, its wide nose great e, possua two great nostrils; its friend possua a meter and seventy, and for being of same species possua the same characteristics, except the eyes that where it had a black point, in this the point was brown.

ADSL Offers

The ADSL offers in Spain in recent days has revealed a report by the European Union about a list of countries with the most expensive Internet connection, which positions to Spain in fifth place in the list, only preceded by Finland, Greece, Belgium and Ireland according to the ADSL news these days. Although Spain has dropped from third place to fifth, the outcome of the study has brought with it a new slap on the wrist to providers ADSL Spaniards who have been keeping the prices is the same line during the past three years. Given the international situation and the growing use of Web-related services including the dizzying rise of the popularity of the mobile Internet and the proliferation of sales terminals with Internet access. The market has been able to react in the comparative ADSL and has endeavoured to bring to user the use of these services so that fits better into the pockets and expectations of the Spaniards. Offers ADSL in Spain have risen in recent months to offer a greater coverage, accessibility and a budget that is becoming more affordable for anyone who wants to enjoy a connection. At the same time that has been observed a fall in prices and have emerged very interesting offers of recruitment packages, there has been an increase in the speed of upload that brings us more to European guidelines. Although Spain a stretch is to make the operators of the Basque country settings such as those made by Lithuania and Romania, which despite its difficult economic landscape have surprisingly cheaper fares. In Spain they are each time closer to Internet present a speed test optimum and is not an exclusive privilege of those who have a high budget and to become a service with universal access.