Month: June 2015

Civil Protection

It is Maite Huerta, candidate for L L’alfas del Pi. The popular candidate ensures says that volunteer accompanying the disabled was apoderada del PSOE and not a member of Civil protection. He claims that the Socialist militant had touched the envelope and coerced the woman who was preparing to vote. The candidate of the PP in L Alfas del Pi (Alicante), Maite Huerta, denied Wednesday that would prevent vote in a Norwegian disabled because the person of Civil protection which accompanied her had touched the envelope containing the ballot paper, as it appears in a video of the Radio Television of this locality collected during the election day on Sunday. Huerta has responded to the controversy by making it was one apoderada del PSOE and not a member of Civil protection. The facts, collected in a video recording by Radio Television of Alfaz – which has been hung on Youtube-, occurred last Sunday during the election day, when a citizen of Norwegian origin in a wheelchair attended college Raco albir in Alfaz del Pi l. In the video you can see how a woman in a wheelchair enters the electoral college aided by two people with Civil protective vests. Women gives the envelope to one of his companions so that you insert into the URN, whereupon Huerta replica does not vote, not voting, you’ve touched it.

I have said that it does not vote. The Orchard version is that the person with a vest of Civil protection, to conceal his identity, is a representative of the PSOE who tried to manipulate the will of the Norwegian citizen. The PP candidate, also accuses the grouping of Civil protection of illegally providing vest to the representative, that identifies as Gunilla Herrero. Maite Huerta ensures that he rebuked Herrero by having played with the hand the envelope of the Norwegian citizen, and he shouted: No vote, no vote!, to the surprise of the members of the polling station. As detailed, the alleged voluntary ranked number 12 of the Socialist candidacy and illegally carrying a vest of Protection Civil given the back to hide the shirt of the PSOE wearing and its accreditation of Lossing. Absolute majority throughout the election day, according to the popular candidate, the members of security drew attention repeatedly to the agent Socialist for attempting to coerce and manipulate the free will of citizens in choosing the ballot. With this, trying to guarantee with every right that collects the law, that the vote on this disabled citizen be free and not under pressure and manipulation of a presumed volunteer.

The popular candidate has also ensured that the President of the polling station stated, after what happened, that he had no knowledge that this lady was a person of the candidacy of the PSOE, and that, to carry a Civil Protection vest, he thought that he was a volunteer for the grouping. The President also, stated as maintains Maite Huerta, of having known, had not stopped it being present at the vote and accompany the Norwegian citizen at all times. The PSOE won with a majority absolute and loose the municipal elections by about 1,300 votes. The Socialists obtained 3.097 and the popular Orchard 1751. Source of the news: A candidate of the PP in Alicante tried to prevent voting in a disabled

University Granell

Years later say us Granell: such research on the rationality – logificante, in no way effort the logic-was a vital first step – by the way – for my future Musings, which were culminating in the vicinity humana, subtitled: Foundation of the Ethiologia. Manuel Granell Muniz was born in Oviedo on June 18, 1906 and died in Caracas on November 13, 1993. He began his university studies at the Faculty of Sciences of Oviedo, for then, in 1925, study at the school of architecture of Madrid. It fails in exams and feel attraction to philosophy. Advised by his father he studied law at the University of Oviedo and graduated in 1929, year in which travelled to Paris and his step in Hendaye, visited to Unamuno, exiled by the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera.

The following year, he began his studies at the Faculty of philosophy and letters of the University of Madrid, where he had as teachers to Garcia Morente, Ortega y Gasset and Jose Gaos, in 1936, he earned a degree. He collaborated in the Revista de Occidente. In January 1937 was Professor of the Instituto de Elche, in the same year, he married Pilar Gaos. At the end of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco, he undertook his material exile. In January 1939 he told us Granell – crossed to foot the Pyrenees by just the Muga step call the same day as the rest of the Eastern army and under the observation of the Francoist aircraft. At Saint Laurent, first French village I expected my wife, accompanied by her parents, who had crossed the border to foot two days earlier. I could so I immediately dress in civilian clothes, which, together with my teacher card, helped me to escape the concentration camps and the second world war broke out. Suddenly, everything is complicated.

Weiss Foundation

“As the Internet is increasingly becoming the medium of learning and more and more Internet-based classes are held the world ethos Foundation also has the multilingual Internet learning platform, A global ethic now” developed, basic ethos of religion informs the users of all ages about the and sensitized to ethical questions. Way be demonstrated that such ethical responsibility in difficult fields, how politics and economics can be perceived. With the funds of the gypsum-Weiss Foundation will be teaching materials developed to the usage of the learning platform, and teacher training courses offered to. About the Foundation World ethos programmatic basis of the global ethic Foundation provides the Declaration toward a global ethic”, the was passed in 1993 by the Parliament of world religions in Chicago. In terms of content this includes the principle of humanity, the golden rule”of reciprocity, the commitment to non-violence, justice, truthfulness and the partnership between men and women. The global ethic Foundation is the task committed, to spread these elementary ethical values and to sensitize the public. The work of the Foundation aims to raise awareness of the need for common values and to strengthen intercultural and interreligious competence at all levels of society.

Through the plaster School Foundation, the plaster School Foundation is a firmly established institution in Baden-Wurttemberg since its inception 45 years ago. Still, socially-relevant values such as fairness, sustainability, a responsible approach with existing resources and growth are at the heart of their eligibility criteria. Especially in times of scarce public resources the Foundation looks to their task, the public service in the context of public interest promote. The plaster Schule Foundation supports the development of new approaches for the design of social coexistence, which are required by global challenges such as climate change, nutrition and mobility. Here, the plaster-Weiss Foundation makes just as strong as in the promotion of applied research, which contributes to the development of new technologies.