Month: January 2016

Satellite Television

If using a modem connection to the Internet, you're tired of frequent disconnections, the impossibility of time to dial your ISP, and the terribly slow speeds, or you do not like high rates for traffic in a dedicated access to the network, the services of our company for you. We offer installation, connection and configuration of high-speed satellite Internet anywhere in Moscow and Moscow region, whether vacation home or an office in the city center. Qualified experts will provide full technical support purchases – from help in choosing the necessary equipment to-night advice after installation, you Satellite Internet. We are – professionals with years of experience and guarantee fast, the speed and quality of its services. Satellite Internet has many advantages compared to wireline means of communication and opens up opportunities not available to them. No one provider of leased lines can not boast of such flexibility in the choice of tariff plans as a satellite, where, depending on time of day, speed data and the volume of incoming traffic a subscriber can choose the most convenient tariff.

Lower than in any other form of connection fees to reduce traffic on the Internet monthly expenses of your company or family. Satellite Internet does not depend on land lines, and communication breaks or technical failures he will not get any service provider and, most importantly, no binding to a specific geographic location and, therefore, the signal can be sustained as a the center of Moscow and the Urals. If you want to access the World Wide Web of a country house or villa, then as a modem and a dedicated connection are saved, but satellite internet is easy to solve this problem. Irrespective of the location you will get stable and high-speed connection, up to 5 megabytes per second, but not all owners of leased lines have the same speed. Another advantage of installing a satellite Internet the ability to view satellite TV, with its many channels, high definition and picture quality and stereo sound. If you need a reliable, high-speed, and with inexpensive Internet access, independent of distance from the city or infrastructure development, then you should definitely consider buying a set of satellite equipment. Combining the power of a fruitful and exciting entertainment Satellite Internet today is unprecedented. Our company will give you all the information required on the equipment, satellites, tariffs and conditions online, and for a short time to deliver, install and configure all necessary equipment. In search of quality service, contact the professionals!

Vision Diagnostics

Our eyes are the only body with the optically transparent tissue called the optical media of the eye. Thanks to them, the light rays pass into the eye and we get to see. Distinguish objects, light, color, millions of colors – is a huge gift to man. But, unfortunately, there are many eye diseases that prevent to see the world fully. Ophthalmology Clinic "Svit ZORU" – leading ophthalmological clinic in Kiev, which offers professional help for diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. Ophthalmology Clinic 'Svit ZORU' is one of four companies holding the Swiss Porcelain Group. diagnosis of and to identify virtually all diseases of the eye.

Diagnosis of complete consulting a doctor who prescribe the necessary treatment. Basic services ophthalmic clinic "Svit ZORU": epicanthus Selection ochkovKontaktnye lenses include a huge variety of ocular pathology ophthalmologic clinic's World ZORU priority for a selected two areas: Paediatric ophthalmology retinal disease Surveys take a short time (40-50 minutes) and are completely painless. Ophthalmologists clinic's World ZORU once again draw your attention that the preventive diagnosis of view – this is the best prevention diseases, and recommend that: Young people who do not have any problems with vision or no hereditary risk factors, undergo eye examination every 3-5 years, 40-64 let.Lyudyam – every 2-4 goda.Esli as you are 65 or more – then Diagnosis requires an eye every one or two years. However, in the latter case, the frequency of checks depends on the individual, and therefore a recommendation of your ophthalmologist.