Month: February 2017


It allows: or To store to different spreadsheets in a single file or book. or To modify the data whenever it is necessary. or To present/display the data in different types from graphs. or To look for stored data previously. or To insert text and images.

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Puerto Rico

In addition, intellectuals become confusing news and rumors about the recent unjust execution of poet Federico Garcia Lorca. For this reason, and given the complexion that is taking the matter, Zenobia and Juan Ramon will be forced to an imminent autoexilio to Washington, although before the game they would leave few savings that still remains them to meet the needs of those children orphaned by war in abandonment. Before leaving, however, worried about the function that had contracted in Puerto Rico, about an anthology of his work: verse and prose for children, and survival in general, get interview with Manuel Azana and this appointed cultural attache of the Spanish Embassy in Washington. Zenobia and Juan Ramon moved to Valencia from here to Barcelona, then to Figueras, and on August 22 of 36 crossing the border by the Junquera, spend some days in Paris, where he observed the lack of interest of the French in the Spanish war and August 28 moving in the Aquitaine, from Cherbourg to New York, where resided Jose, a brother of Zenobia, director of the newspaper in Spanish language: La Prensa. The poet seeks international support for the Republican cause but in Washington fails to braces waiting to the second Spanish Republic and feels, while Americans are immersed in the campaign of re-election of Roosevelt. The March traveler of the couple continues and in September they will reach Puerto Rico, in November Santiago de Cuba, then the University of Coral Gables, Miami, and from there to the University of river stone. The human toll of Zenobia which would still come in time and in the form – would be something more than the final goodbye to an endearing love, companionship and Chamber activity, as the poet himself in different changes of title denotes his collection of poems, to include the first and the second from the last name of his beloved wife, Zenobia.

Global Heating

We are not here for alarming, or causing panic, but yes to help and to guide which measures they can be taken, in order to prevent the evil biggest. The people need to understand that we work for the good and that our north is the true love and the charity. We possess direct contact with our Father and, if God to want, will be capable to carry through the work which we are in considering. If she makes urgent the change of some attitudes in our society. It is very difficult to believe that the majority not yet perceives imminent the ambient danger in our lives, when each time more we are surrounded of ' ' strange natural events and imprevisveis' '.

Recently we had a meeting between the countries, where the Global Heating was argued. One more time what we saw they had been vacant promises on thing some. It seems that our governing alone are worried about financial questions, such which a blind person who not enxerga a handspan to the front of the nose. Moral, blind blind people ambient, blind spirituals. Although our work, of the study of the scientists, the spreading of more alarming ambient data each time, them makes of account that nothing is happening. The world is running potential risks to enter in a irreversible ambient chaos, and what we see they are the people worried about stock exchange, banks, with profits, at last with important, but not definitive material questions in our lives. If really the forecasts to happen that we repass, and that now great part of scientists are starting to confirm, we will have well superior problems that this financial crisis. Some bigger crises that this will come, as consequence of mazelas natural, the decline of production of foods, of storms, the rise of the temperatures, at last, of everything what already we inform In the last year we affirm that the Arctic could melt completely until the year of 2012, causing a great rise in the level of the oceans, beyond the ambient chaos that this would cause.

Bill Gates

Thus, the motivation for long become a magician, in our view, enough. Now a few thoughts on how the magic of action. Ideal option to make a surprise – you find out the most cherished dream of the object to which you are going to donate something, but in any case, not questioning anything at himself. Why? Surprise will not work! But to recreate the tales of surprise – is the key to success. In our time, the dreams of many people, mainly material and quite expensive.

And what do you do if your budget far from the status of Bill Gates? We'll give you some advice. The Council first – Get training and selection of gift in advance, ideally – for about a month before the New Year celebrations. The closer the celebration itself, the more fuss will at work, where it is imperative to deliver a huge number of reports, and at home, where you need to do spring cleaning "on the threshold of a new life" and purchase products for the festive table. In this environment, you'll dream, how to quickly get to the pillow and try to sleep off what already here thinking about the magic? If you do not know exactly what you are going to present, the council second – check out the many gifts catalogs online stores. This is a great saving of time and effort. So you've come to the time when necessary to reflect the essence of future presentations and its compliance with the future owner.

Silver Wedding

Turquoise wedding – celebrated after eighteen joint years. Typically, in these years, children coming of age, and turquoise – a symbol of beauty, fragility and tenderness of family life, not just spouses. On this anniversary of turquoise jewelry are presented. Porcelain wedding – celebrated Twenty years after the wedding. Dishes, presented in the first years of life together has broken (no doubt for good luck) and the hero of the day should help to replenish tea and coffee utensils .. On the 'china' wedding accepted donate coffee, tea or dinner service, depending on taste preferences and heroes of the occasion. Give porcelain set. Coffee, if couples like coffee, tea – if you prefer tea.

Or table – if they gluttonize or love to receive guests. Porcelain – is that from which a beautiful elegant cups do. Not to be confused with faience, from whom do obschepitovskie plates. Guests are treated to dishes from the new. Silver Wedding – the famous birthday. Twenty-five years of marriage. First anniversary.

The strength of the marriage is not dependent on any situations and accidents. The festive table is served from silver dishes and nickel silver (it can be candlesticks, cutlery, etc.). Guests give silver. Or silver-plated items. Family unit is noble, like silver. Its strength is independent of any or no chance. At the celebration gather all the relatives. You can on this date exchanging silver rings that can be worn with gold wedding. Or a husband gives his wife a ring. Guests are presented with silver or silver items.


To privatize and to transfer to the private sphere organized common wealth for the exercise of an activity, for example, Vale s.a., that was created with public resources to explore the ore of iron of the Brazilian subsoil. To equip is to inside occupy position of command of an organization in ways to keep it lined up with an ideology, for example, Vale s.a. that was privatized with public resources so that it exactly kept an ideological line in the case of government change. The companies of telecommunications dissolved of the Telebras had also suffered the same process from equipment. Today the Oi-Telemar is a private company under the command of the families Jereissati and Gutierrez.

But the resources for its operacionalizao are 80% public. In the Valley, the government withholds directly and indirectly 61% of the capital with right the vote, but it could not be put, because the necessity of 66% of the capital was provided in the statute of the privatization voter to approve structural changes in the direction of the company. The sales were only of command of the company, already the capital remained public, aiming at, evidently, to benefit ideological partners. The result of this mamata so far is the great delay of Brazil in expansion of the Internet and the siderurgical branch. It can be argued, however, that if these companies generate profits the country if benefits, therefore as bigger investor also receives most from the profits. The problem is that the ideology of the profit is blind for the interests of the country, is not imported in creating jobs in China, while one tero of the Brazilians lives in the misery.

The Brazilian state, institution that if says to belong to the people, must prioritize the improvement of the quality of life of the Brazilians, and its investments cannot so only obey the logic of the profit. It is the expansion of the industry and the services that creates the necessity of workmanship hand, in consequence it creates chance for the expansion of the education, and from there the improvement of the quality of life to the citizen. It seems that finally the PT, after eight years trying, will follow to impose some change in the planning of the Valley. Whereas the Oi-Telemar has much time comes licking the hand of the controllers of the party. The problem of this type of relation private-public is exactly the absence of control mechanism. Companies ‘ ‘ privada’ ‘ they can buy without licitations, they choose its suppliers freely and they pay the price that to want from there, and that it leaves much money for one obscuroduto that it goes to fortify groups financially ideological politicians and partners.

Program Green Card

Rules for participation are simple. The only and most important requirement for the party of Ukraine – the presence of the equivalent secondary education. To participate in the program must be in its own name to register the shape-form at the official website of the U.S. State Department from October 5 to November 3, 2010 The popularity of the program leads to various kinds of scams involving the lottery Green Card (DV-2012). Proposals from firms providing these services comes a lot. Most of them are fraught with 'pitfalls'. We have tried to collect all such cases, associated with participation in a lottery Green Card.

Official representatives of the Green Card Lottery There are companies that call themselves the official representatives of the U.S. State Department to receive applications in any of the regional centers, cities, etc., but this is not true, because no official representatives of the Green Card lottery does not exist! This was every year, clearly written in the instructions for participation in programme.Firmy to guarantee winning the lottery can be distinguished two main types: firms that manipulate the number of registered applications and those that simply collect money from people winning. Firms of the first type is mainly carried out the following trick: On your behalf to the Consular Center sent more than one statement, but, for example, 50. To do this, they change the spelling of your name and the name of the 50th different ways, or even 50 times the click button "register". Even if you win and so manipulation must be revealed in the interview at the U.S.