Month: July 2017

Special Health

Services of the statutory health insurance statutory health insurance benefits are regulated 20 SGB V. The benefits of the statutory health insurance lays flat rate for all insured persons. Individual agreements are not possible. However, the legally insured has the ability to hedge in addition certain risks with a supplementary health insurance. Many statutory health insurance companies here work together with partners from the private health insurance and offer this supplementary insurance to its members. Of course additional costs the public member. Health insurance exchange in the statutory health insurance who is not satisfied with its statutory health insurance, has the possibility to change the health insurance fund. The prerequisite for this is that at least an 18-month membership in the existing health insurance.

Here, the notice period is two months. Learn more about this with BSA. If you want to join a new health insurance company for the 1, the termination as of 30 Sept. with the previous health insurance must be. The notice must be received to the previous checkout to 31.07. The statutory health insurance, which should make a so-called supplementary contribution, there is however a Special right of termination. The 18-month membership is no longer necessary.

The private Krankenversicherung (PKV) all workers whose earning last year has exceeded the year work remuneration (49.950 in 2010) and is expected to again exceed this in 2011 (49.500), have the possibility of a private health insurance to join. Still, self-employed and freelance can choose whether they are private or statutory sick would insure. Cost of the car the individual contributions to the car are contrary to the statutory health insurance income. The individual contribution is here depends on several factors. This includes: age sex occupation health elected tariff (E.g. with 1 bed room, chief physician treatment, etc.) The contributions to the car are thus dependent on the personal conditions and the desired services. Since here but significant differences between the private health insurance, always a more extensive is advisable Comparison of the provider.

Amateur Audience

Many Amateur writers write for the sake of creative writing. While pleasure staff can create large amounts of irrelevant content, they do nothing to improve prospects for business, improve the world, or move your audience to act. Then, what is the purpose of writing large amounts of content, and how you can change your presentations? Professional writers always have a goal in mind with everything what they write: transform your audience. Great writers strive to help your audience see the topics dealing with other eyes and to act differently, changing the way they interact with the world.Anyone can throw words and form complete sentences, but if you want to really have impact through your writing, you must learn to write for the transformation. It is the difference between being merely informative or be convincing and persuasive.

There are three simple steps for creative writing of transformation: 1) writing for a specific audience. (2) Use the most appropriate framework. (3) Choose and run the type of transformation (there are three). 1) Write for a specific audience. If you want to reach your audience, is absolutely crucial to understand them, must leave your own perspective, and write in their perspective.

One of the first things I do with every piece I write is to identify my target audience, topics like age, gender, race / ethnicity, location, level of income, buying habits, hobbies, talents, interests, etcCuando know who I’m dealing with, adapt the message and customize it to make it resonate specifically in your environment. For example, words as revolutionary, cutting-edge, cool or fashionable likely that they resonate with a group of age between 18-25 years, while a group of between 60-70 years of age will probably have negative reactions to those words, and they prefer words as proven, safe and sensitive. (2) It uses the most appropriate framework. To the place, I mean, the medium used for convey your message, such as magazines, newspapers, books, commercials for radio and television, blogs, websites, etc, the place you choose is, in large part, determined by your audience.For example, if I’m writing a long article on monetary policy aimed at academics and economists, the best place is probably an academic journal.

GmbH Food

The 5th part of our information campaign on the subject of natural medicine posted on today the information portal around the theme of health today is today the 5th part of his series about healing with nature products on its homepage: already in the last episode it was bloating & diarrhea to the human stomach, namely to stomach pain. Today, we turn to an other evils, which can be very uncomfortable: bloating and diarrhea. Bloating caused by air or digestive gases, which stretch the stomach wall. Causes of bloating can be in addition to a variety of reasons: too wild or too abundant food, swell food or nutrition. Medical devices bring remedy on the basis of artichoke, basil, lemon balm or peppermint. Diarrhea can have many causes: spoiled food, food intolerance, viruses or fear are just a selection. A protective function of the body is actually the diarrhea, as quickly as possible to remove toxins. Due to high water loss must be drunk much diarrhea.

Yeast products help often with diarrhea complaints. Another remedy is also healing Earth (E.g. by Luvos). Prolonged discomfort, bloating as well as diarrhea can indicate a serious disease. In such a case, a self medication only under medical supervision is recommended. On Friday, 20.11, learn new and interesting things about the treatment of joint pain and rheumatism.

Underestimated Risk

Consumers should check whether they need a long-term care insurance the time care is some family on the ordeal. Yet financial concerns come to the emotionally difficult time. In the case the plaintiff while completed a long-term care insurance, but not thought, that in the event of an emergency, he is in the nursing home and his wife want to still live in the common house. Fixed costs remain. The average pension of women is currently just 500 euros.

Costs for housing must be paid more. Insurance, tax, petrol also continue to fall Furs car and workshop costs men and women should check and so on., whether the private insurance creates more quality for the care case: who sets it apart, know that is provided for emergencies, maintain the life’s work and the next is not financially exposed. On the other hand the assets can then be applied again targeted or used. There are different solutions. The contributions to a Long-term care insurance increase next year by up to 40% in men. Then, men and women of a year pay the same contribution.

With this Kostenangleich, it is clear that the main risk is the care for women. Because to be probably very old and in the last phase of life on assistance from foreign persons to be instructed, is significantly higher for women. Recommendation of consumer advocates who needs a long-term care insurance, should now complete, so consumer watchdogs on the subject of conversion to uni-sex rates of the insurance industry. This applies to men, because here the contributions increase extremely. It remains open: how consumers can assess his personal care risk is how much or whether the time of care represents a financial risk for him or his family members. Generalizations here use nothing, statements of advisors in the financial industry are rarely considered neutral”, but rather as a success say completion-oriented.